14 most common questions about crystal healing (finally addressed)

14 most common questions about crystal healing (finally addressed)

Every day, I receive numerous inquiries about crystal healing, reflecting the vast array of perspectives surrounding this practice.

However, the multitude of viewpoints often results in conflicting answers to the same questions, fostering confusion and misunderstandings.

This uncertainty can lead us to doubt the effectiveness of crystal healing altogether.
It's understandable to feel overwhelmed amidst the diverse interpretations, but rest assured, clarity can be found through understanding and compassion.

Within this article, you'll discover answers to the 14 most common questions frequently raised by my community.
By addressing these common questions, we aim to provide clarity and understanding, empowering individuals to navigate the world of crystal healing with confidence and insight.

How do crystals help heal?

Crystals, with their inherent vibrational properties, resonate with our energy fields, aligning with the frequencies of our chakra system.Each crystal is constituted by a unique frequency that serves as a catalyst for activating specific somatic areas of our body we call chakras, offering support in the form of vibrational resonance.

Identifying imbalances or limits within your chakras allows you to select crystals tailored to activate those areas. You can discern the most suitable crystal by observing how it interacts with your energy field or by intuitively interpreting its vibrational message.

It's important to note that the subtle frequencies of crystals do not impose upon your inner truth or willpower. Rather, they gently suggest ways to overcome limiting beliefs, find courage, and make choices aligned with your individual needs. Working with crystals isn't a passive healing process; it requires active engagement on your part.

What crystal do I need? How can I select the best crystal for me?

You have two options:

FIRST - Find your crystals your own by asking yourself, "what do I need to learn and overcome to make the next step in my life?".
You might find you have more than one thing to learn but take a few seconds to identify the one that seems the priority right now, not in the future.
Notice that your purpose should not be about "what you should have", or "what other people should think or do"; rather, it's all about YOU.

If your purpose is about:
find more vitality and protection and live the here-and-now moment > choose a crystal that activates the Root or Knees Chakra
• embrace joy and respect your needs > choose a crystal that activates the Sacral Chakra
• find more courage in being vulnerable>choose a crystal that activates the Solar Plexus
• melt old resentments and digest heavy emotions >choose a crystal that activates the Str Seed Chakra
• learn to find trust in other people and the future > choose a crystal that activates the Heart Chakra
• gain empathy with kids, animals and plants > choose a crystal that activates the Higher Heart Chakra
• show up as you are and claim your truth > choose a crystal that activates the Throat Chakra
• gain more creativity or improve concentration > choose a crystal that activates the Third Eye Chakra
• re-gain contact with your own inner guidance and stop allowing others to influence your choices > choose a crystal that activates the Crown
• find more courage to embrace something new in your life > choose a crystal that activates the Soul star Chakra.

As soon as you identify the energetic area you want to expand, you can pick the crystal that better supports you over the crystal that works on that specific area by reading their teachings and metaphysical properties.

Go over to THIS article to address some of the questions you might have and know the recommended stones for each Chakra.

- SECOND) If you want to be sure to work with the right crystals, the best way is to test how your own energy field works with crystals and select the frequency that better support your growth.
This is something that those who work in bioenergy can do for you, that you can do for yourself if you sense the energy of crystals. I can help you with that in my 1:1 session.
Go HERE to learn how it works.

I frequently feel stressed and anxious. Can I wear crystals?

By wearing the appropriate crystals, meaning those that helps to overcome your blocks and unbalancing, you can receive valuable support in alleviating anxiety and chronic stress.

Choosing the right crystals tailored to your needs is crucial. For anxiety relief, crystals that activate the back ray of the third eye chakra, such as selenite, White Jade, White Opal, or Scolecite, are particularly helpful. Additionally, incorporating crystals that encourage energy discharge in the Solar Plexus, such as Honey Calcite, Yellow Opal, or Tiger Eye, can enhance the healing process.

When selecting your crystals, listen to their energetic message and choose the ones that resonate with you most deeply.

It's important to recognize that everyone is unique, and there are no universal "crystal kits" or rules that apply to everyone. The best crystals for you are not determined by specific symptoms but by your individual needs. If you have any doubts or need personalized guidance, feel free to reach out to me via email or book a 1:1 consultation. CLICK HERE to find all the information.

Alternatively, if you're seeking suggestions for crystals to promote better sleep and relaxation at night, you can explore THIS ARTICLE.

What are the most powerful healing stones?

The most powerful healing stones are the one that best assists you in overcoming the challenges you're facing in this moment of your life. Their effectiveness is directly related to your own energetic state.

There're no "most powerful crystals" fo everyone, rather more supportive crystals for each individual.

Do crystals lose their energy?

Crystal frequencies are determined by their chemical composition, atomic structure, color, and density, qualities that have developed over millions of years and remain constant throughout a crystal's lifespan. The only variable factor is the additional information the crystal may accumulate over time.

This underscores the importance of cleansing your crystals before working with them. It's essential to preserve the natural and pure frequency of the crystal, as any external information can distort its energy and message, hindering your ability to receive their benefits.

If you need to learn about cleaning techniques, HERE'S SOMETHING FOR YOU to explore.

Should I recharge or program my crystals?

This question tends to spark considerable debate within the realm of crystal healing, with various perspectives offered.

From my personal experience, once you've pinpointed the crystal frequency that aligns with and nourishes your chakras, facilitating balance and the expression of their natural frequencies, there's little else to do but engage with it.

Crystals aren't akin to computers; they inherently possess all the qualities you require. It's crucial to ensure your crystals are cleansed, with any extraneous frequencies removed to maintain their natural state.

If you need to know how to remove additional frequencies, you might find something interesting HERE.

Should I start with the crystals I need, or is there a "starter kit" good for everyone?

No 'starter kit' is universally suitable because each individual's story—from their background and journey to their personal philosophy—is as unique as their frequency, shaped by the configuration of their chakra system and personal vibration. There has never been nor will there ever be someone exactly like you.

The frequency you require delivers precisely the message YOU need to facilitate growth and evolution. It's tailored to your individual journey, reflecting the intricacies of your path and how you deal with your energy flow.

Do you think the size of the crystal matters? Is a small crystal less effective than a big one?

The ideal size of crystals depends on their intended use.

When using crystals for personal healing, their size is not a significant factor. Whether it's a small Herkimer Diamond ring or a large statement necklace, the effectiveness of their teachings remains consistent as they work within our aura.

However, when using crystals to influence the environment, size does matter. Smaller crystals affect a smaller area, while overly large indoor crystals can generate excessive frequencies, potentially leading to energetic imbalances. It's important to note that giant druses or Amethysts showcased online or on social media aren't necessary for maintaining energetic balance.

When we look for the best crystal frequency, should we focus on the frequency that can better affect specific organs/emotions or the whole organism?

When seeking the right crystal, it's common to focus on finding a frequency that addresses specific issues such as anxiety, stress, or reigniting passion, improving focus, overcoming procrastination, and enhancing intuitive abilities.

However, crystals don't operate like allopathic medicine, targeting symptoms or isolated areas of the body. From my perspective, crystal therapy aligns more closely with homeopathy, recognizing symptoms as expressions of the whole body's need for balance and healing.

Rather than viewing symptoms as something to suppress, we see them as guiding lights toward healing.

Therefore, when selecting a crystal frequency, it's essential to observe how it interacts with the body's overall energy. If there's a sense of expansion across the entire field, it indicates that the frequency offers comprehensive support. Conversely, if there's a contraction in any part of the energy field, it suggests that the crystal may not be the best fit for us.

Which stone attracts money?

Contrary to some misconceptions, relying solely on crystals to attract wealth or instant success is likely to lead to disappointment. Crystals themselves do not possess the supernatural ability to guarantee lottery wins or skyrocket business ventures. Instead of fixating on the idea of acquiring more money, consider focusing on providing genuine value to those around you.

This is where crystals can truly lend support. Their power lies in enhancing your own abilities and mindset, not in providing external solutions. By working with crystals to cultivate your inner strength, clarity, and motivation, you can harness their energy to align with your goals and aspirations, enabling you to manifest success through your own actions and efforts.

How can I protect myself from negative/evil energy with crystals?

Embracing the principles of healing, I encourage you to reframe your inquiries to focus on introspection. Instead of asking, 'What external threats do I need protection from?' consider, 'What makes me feel threatened? What lessons do I need to learn to feel safe?'

It's not uncommon for individuals to perceive the need to shield their frequency from external forces they deem toxic, vampiric, or malevolent.

However, this perspective often stems from perception rather than reality and can serve to disempower us.

Despite this, many of us may still experience a profound sense of fear when encountering certain energies, individuals, or situations. The need for protection may arise from various underlying needs.

To address these, I've compiled a comprehensive guide outlining common protective needs and how crystals can assist with each aspect in THIS ARTICLE.

I'm Christian. Is it safe for me to wear crystals?

The reason we work with crystals has nothing to do with religion, mysticism, or occultism. We work with crystals because they physically spread an energetic frequency that perfectly interacts with our chakra system as humans.

No matter what you believe, if you're human and you have a soul-body, you can safely introduce crystals into your life if you feel they resonate with you or even just if you're curious to experiment with them.
The choice is up to you.
If you feel you need more to clarify your intentions, HERE you find what you need.

Can I put all my crystals together?

When we don't wear crystals, we can put them together on a small plate or a bowl, or we can store them in small drowners, depending on how many crystals we have.

We can definitely put them together. You just need to pay attention to the most delicate crystals and stones (such as Selenite or Calcite) that the hardest ones might damage.
I suggest storing the most delicate in a separate bowl or wrapping them with a soft natural cloth to protect them.

There are several ways to work with crystals. Which one is the most effective?

In my own experience, the best way to get the most effective result is by allowing your body to interact with their frequency as long as possible. That's why I encourage you to wear crystals throughout their entire day. Keeping your stones with you as they are as close as possible to your skin is very important. Keeping them in your bag might have a slight or any effect.
Rather, I encourage you to keep them in your bra (especially if you're at the beginning of your journey), or keep them in a small bag (also called a medicine bag or medicine pouch) you wear as a necklace or wear them as jewels.

Remember, the crystals you work with during the day may differ from those you choose to bring with you during the night inside the pillowcase.

Hope you found here the answers you were looking for. If you still have some doubts, start the conversation in the space for the comments below, I'll be glad to reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for being with me. 

Have. wonderful rest of the day,
All Love



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