4 Best Crystals to Sleep with for Guaranteed Good and Relaxing Nights

4 Best Crystals to Sleep with for Guaranteed Good and Relaxing Nights

Most insomnia, difficult sleeping cases are the consequence of mental and physical tension due to an excessive irradiance of the Third Eye Chakra's front side.


We stimulate the Third Eye front during the day when we analyze, work, read, or just watching tv or cellular phone. This irradiation stimulates the analytical mind to stay active and focused.


That's fine during the day, but when this frequency remains active also during the night, we may not be able to stop thinking, perpetuating mind chatting and muscle tensions. By doing that, relaxing mental and physical tension supporting resting and good sleep will be impossible.


That's why the most effective crystals that help find good sleep and relaxation are the ones that gently active the back of the Third Eye, where imagination, relaxation, and oneiric vision dwell.

Here are the best stones I suggest you sleep with during the night.
Find the one that resonates with you most, and place a pebble inside the pillowcase, keeping the stone as much as possible closed to your skin.

Pick the one you feel resonates with you most by reading their actions here below. Plus, if you have the chance go to the crystal shop near your home and connect yourself with each of them to find out which one creates more relaxation and peace.

White Jade is a great master in teaching how to release obsessive thoughts and calm mind rumination in order to let things go and liberate the mind.

White Jade is the stone that provides the highest and most "radical" frequency for calming the mind chatting.
Therefore it's recommended if you do not suffer from insomnia or severe sleep disorders.

White jade for good sleep

The signature vibe of Scolecite assists us in calming the invading thought, finding relaxation by melting anxiety, stress, and emotional and muscle tensions.

scolecite for good sleep

The frequency of Selenite assists us in creating a saving space between thoughts, gaining a serene place of peace and relaxation.
It helps not only restorative sleep but also to fall asleep.


Selenite for good sleep

Sleeping with Sunflower Quartz is a wonderful way to open a window to the unconscious mind and learn more about ourselves from there.
In fact, this crystal is a great facilitator in remembering dreams in detail, raising a calming and bright space of peace and relaxation during sleep.

Sunflower quartz for vivid dreams

+plus, if you're living a moment of stress in life because of unexpected events that bring apprehension and worries, add Manganocalcite as a cuddle to one of these. It will help in calming emotional thunderstorms, opening to relaxation and trust.

Crystal for calming and relaxation
Best stones for good sleep

additional recommendations for good sleep and a Restful night

If you're looking for having better sleep and more Restful nights, I highly recommend to


• Do not keep in your bedroom stimulating grounding stones like Black tourmaline, Black Kyanite, Hematite or Magnetite as big pieces. Black Septarian and Petrified Wood, even if grounding stones are soothing and calming so could be great.

For the bedroom, prefer crystals like Amethyst, Celestite, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Moonstone, as a cluster, druse or sphere.


Establish and respect a regular wake-sleep circle making sure to sleep at least 6-7 hours per night.


Eat and drink clean, especially in the evening. Give the necessary time for digestion to your body before laying down.


Stay away from mobile devices at least one hour before going to bed.

Thank you for spending your time with me by reading this article, if you have some questions or doubts, don't hesitate to write everything in the comment below, I'll reply personally as soon as possible.

Stay Bright and Free^^



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