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I'm Francesca Mancini,Crystals listener, therapist and Chief Visionary Officer at Giardinoblu.

My mission is to enhance authentic beauty and overall well-being. 

Everything I create is made to protect and raise your vibration because it bring the energy of Mother Earth.

I made Crystal jewelry that helps you to raise your vibe, trustfully walk on your authentic path and manifest your higher self to yourself and your family ." 

As a yogi, I started to experiment, explore and test the energy of Crystals on myself as a self recovering practice over a time of burnout and spiritual/mental bewilderment over 1999.
That journey completely shifted my energy and the vision I had about myself forever.


In 2003 I decided to share this experience with others by creating wearable tools for spiritual healing with Crystals and Stones and sell them all over the world by founding the brand Giardinoblu. At that time I worked as a graphic designer in Milan as full-time job, so growing my brand was a big dream.


I quitted my full-time job in 2016 to raise my own brand creating
I immediately started to work with people from all over the world helping them to free their self-healing abilities, finding their purposes, transform their emotional blocks and boundaries into invaluable gifts for themselves and people they love.


Today I'm keeping to experiment and study over the Crystal therapy and bioenergetic field overcoming clichés and awakening the power of body/consciousness to feel and heal itself.
Crystals help people to be happy and confident with themselves and others in this incarnation on Planet Earth. Working with Crystals and Gemstones means learning to use their vibe to create a new space for growing. Wearing Crystals is the way to maximize the result and get there faster.

My Core Values


I believe in the sensitive soul of all things, especially in this age full of noise and “soulless products”. 
Every Giardinoblu creature is handmade with a attentive, extreme care and physical energy, declaring deep uniqueness and highest quality.


No piece of jewelry could ever replace the more valuable treasure that you already have: your sincere smile, which you can generate at any given moment of your day.


I believe that excellent art and handicraft are able to generate a huge and tangible positive value. It’s like a kind of magic. Spreading these magic values worldwide, boosting the positive wave is my duty.


I work only with the best and kindest experts in the jewelry field in Milan. 
Over the years, these man and women established the standard of excellence in the jewelry manufacturing field.
Giardinoblu is by their side every day.

Stay unique and let your shine free because you're born to be the brave Warrior of Love.

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