Bioenergetic Crystal Healing

Bioenergetic Crystal Healing is the discipline that studies how Crystals and Stones affect the human body to harmonize the overall energetic and spiritual field.

Every individual is in complete and perfect resonance with the environment.
You are invited to become responsible for your emotional and physical well-being.


There is no direct link between the symptom and the therapy.
Instead, we work on the source of the unbalance that brings discomfort by reestablishing harmony and the natural irradiation of that specific frequency.


I’m Francesca Mancini,

founder of Giardinoblu and Bioenergy Therapist with more than ten years of experience in the world of Crystal Healing.

I started to experiment with the energy of Crystals on myself in 1999, as self recovering practice over a time of burnout and spiritual/mental bewilderment. This journey completely shifted my vision about the human body and the environment.

In 2003, I decided to share this experience with others by creating wearable tools for spiritual healing with natural Crystals and Stones, founding my brand Giardinoblu.
In 2016, I had quit my full-time job to create the online shop giardinoblu.com.
I started to work with people from all over the world, helping them to unlock their self-healing power, share their inner gifts and turn blocks and boundaries into wisdom.

Today a small group of experts handcrafts every Giardinoblu Healing Jewel here in Milan, and as Crystal therapist, I never stop working with people placing the emotional body, not the illness, at the center of every treatment.

My Core Values


I believe in the sensitive soul of all things, especially in this age full of noise and “soulless products”. 
Every Giardinoblu creature is handmade with a attentive, extreme care and physical energy, declaring deep uniqueness and highest quality.


No piece of jewelry could ever replace the more valuable treasure that you already have: your sincere smile, which you can generate at any given moment of your day.


I believe that excellent art and handicraft are able to generate a huge and tangible positive value. It’s like a kind of magic. Spreading these magic values worldwide, boosting the positive wave is my duty.


I work only with the best and kindest experts in the jewelry field in Milan. 
Over the years, these man and women established the standard of excellence in the jewelry manufacturing field.
Giardinoblu is by their side every day.

Stay Unique and Let Your Shine Free. You're Born to be the Brave Warrior of Love.