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Custom healing Crystal jewelry

What do you want to generate in your life?

Do you feel that something is trapping your inner gifts?

What’s your challenge?

They're juicy and not easy questions to answer, however they're crucial in your daily basis.


I believe there’s no life with no challenges.

The biological law of every healthy creature on the Planet is to progress.

Each advancement takes you into a new Land and most of the time, this experience makes you step out of your comfort zone leading you to a new Land. 

That’s a challenge!

The good thing is that you already have everything you need to face every challenge at best, +plus the Universe is by your side and wants to see your heart glad and fulfilled.

All the Universe needs is to remind you of a few crucial points, in order to better understand what you really want and make your vision real.


Here are the Universe's notes:

“Send a crystal clear message about what you want from me every day”

“Make sure that your intention, goal and purpose work together with consistent and persistent actions"

"Do your best to vibrate high, so I can see your dazzling aura bright in to the space and I won’t go wrong!”

Wearing Crystal healing jewelry can support you in all of these and I can help you bring life to unique, high quality and high vibe jewelry designed based on your own specific intentions, goals and purposes.

It will be a step by step journey that we’ll walk together

I can bring the Crystal jewel that really supports your unique journey towards healing to life if:

You already know your Crystal:

Do you already know what you need to support your journey towards healing? I’m be honored to searching for you the best piece of Crystal you need and creating a lightly and bright jewel for your growing.

You don’t know your Crystal:

Your purposes, goals, feelings that hold you back, things you would love to find again, gifts and blocks. They're just some of the ways we’ll walk together to find the Crystal that deep resonate with your aspiration for growing.

Ready to vibrate high and rock your purposes?

Crystals are living creatures. I believe that choosing the kind of Crystal you need, is not enough, quality and vibration are key.

Finding the best Crystal for you is a deep journey.


Opening the doors of your feelings and listening them is the fist step to find out the best Crystal for you together.

Every Crystal vibrates in a different way. Feeling its vibe and choosing the best one for you it’s my job.

My custom Crystal jewelry pieces have always:


Raw or smooth Crystals, not cut

I only use Crystals and stones that chose their own shape, not forced to be different as Mother Nature wanted. My Crystal and Stones are always raw.


Organic Signature Style

We can walk together along in this amazing journey only if your heart beats for my organic design. That means our visions are intimately connected already and I can create a jewel that really vibrates deeply in you.

Create the jewel that supports your day to day challenge

"Working with Francesca was an absolute dream. I had been wanting to transform a beloved herkimer diamond into a pendant and, after purchasing several jewelry pieces from Francesca and seeing the level of care she puts into her work, I knew she was the only I would entrust my gemstone to. 

Francesca loves gemstones and respects their energy, and that was very important to me when choosing someone. 

Francesca made the whole creation process simple. She first shared some designs and, once I liked them, I sent her my stone via courier. Once she had it, she got to work, showing me every step of the way, and seeking my approval before moving forward.

I loved how she kept me regularly informed of where we were in the process and listened to my observations. She was kind and courteous at every step of the way, and ended up creating a jewel I will treasure forever. 

I couldn't be happier with the necklace Francesca created for me. It's perfect in every way, and beams with positive energy."

Marcela Macias 
Photographer, Stylist & Visual Strategist, Marcela Macias Photography.


Ready to vibrate high and rock your purposes?

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