Crystals & Stones for Making Decisions Bringing Clarity and Confidence

Crystals & Stones for Making Decisions Bringing Clarity and Confidence

If you frequently see yourself struggling in making decisions and no matter if you try to let go of worries and doubts, you still find your thoughts running in a loop without seeing a way out, and you are looking for support that guides you to get out of this loop helping you in making choices, this article is for you.


In order to find out which is the best crystal for you, you need to know what prevents you from making decisions first. For some of us, it means accepting the risk of letting things go, having the courage to take action despite fears, or, again, getting clarity on what you actually want, just to make some examples.


This article is created with the purpose of making things simple, allowing you to get support in overcoming overthinking by identifying the stone that is more appropriate to support you in making decisions confidently and spontaneously.

As always, in order to provide a proper crystal remedy, you need to identify where the energy of manifestation has been blocked in your energetic field. Then you'll be able to find out the best crystal.

Clarify your own needs

If you struggle in making decisions because you have the feeling that you don't know what your needs and purposes are, so you let other people's opinions influence your choices, I suggest you working with Carnelian.

Carnelian assists you in letting doubts go promoting spontaneity and boosting the connection with your inner voices and gut intuition.

Stop worrying about other's people judgment

If you realize that your priority is that people around you approve of your choices because some voice inside of yourself says that this is the way to win their support and love, the right crystal for you could be Bronzite.

Bronzite is valid guidance to promoting alignment from the bottom and having the proper support to hold the courage to take action, especially if you need to recover from an enhancement or you need to find a way to say no.

Focus on priorities

If, most of the time, it's like you are lost in all the different possibilities of making this or that decision will open, and all the different emotions you feel mess up your purposes, bringing anxiety and chaos, Fluorite could be the best choice. Fluorite supports you in rationalizing, also assisting in prioritizing in case your decision involves a long time journey. 

To bring mental clarity

If you feel that you struggle to focus on the problems, getting confused and distracted, Danburite is the crystal I suggest you work with to align thoughts and make things easier. Danburite is also excellent as support for studying and learning.

To stop procrastinating

If your resistance to making decisions is rooted in owning the responsibility of your choices and taking action, the best stones for you could be Pyrite or Tiger Eye. These stones encourage you to accept the inevitable risk, embrace your vulnerability, stop procrastinating and show up. 

In order to work with these stones properly and effectively, make sure to be fully aware of your power and potential. If you struggle with low self-esteem, victimhood or people-pleasing, Tiger Eye and Pyrite might not be the best stones for you.

Own your own decisions

If you struggle in making decisions because you let others decide for you (for example, an authoritarian figure), you have the feeling that this person doesn't respect your personality fully, and this decreases your self-esteem in a vicious cycle, the best crystal for you could be Amethyst

In this case, you might also need to add a stone that works on the Sacral Chakra (whether you choose to work with Lepidolite or Amethyst) to support the reconstruction of the etheric field of the area where the source of your inner voice and gut intuition resides.

If you're new to working with crystals, in THIS SIMPLE GUIDE, you will find the best tips and strategies to introduce them in your healing journey and work with them effectively.


If you're not sure about what stops you from making decisions and you have doubts about identifying the best crystal for you, make sure to book the consultation that better suits your needs and see how it work >> HERE <<.

Hope this article gave you the information you were looking for. 
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