Crystal Guide for Newbies - Learning to Master Body's Energy Flow with Crystals

Crystal Guide for Newbies - Learning to Master Body's Energy Flow with Crystals

• You want to learn how to start your journey with crystals to support energetic healing 
• You want to learn to sense the energy of stones and Crystals
• You want to improve your sensitivity understanding non verbal communication
• You want to improve your energetic intelligence
• You want to start your journey as bioenergetic Crystal Therapist

At the beginning of my journey with Crystals, I thought that just a few exceptionally sensitive, expert, or veteran people could effectively sense crystals' energy. Everything we should do was buy their books and memorize each crystals' properties, resigning of having a very scarce comprehension of what these actually meant.

I started to feel myself a little bit frustrated because all I could actually do was repeat what other people said about Crystals, and most importantly, I had many questions that I could do not find satisfying answers to.

So I started to be a little bit confuse and doubtful about what Crystals and stones can effectively do for us. I started studying more and more from the most popular authors, but, to me, it was like something huge was missing, although I could not figure out what it was.

One day, I came across the  research of Stéphane Cardinaux and Regina Martino, who with a vast group of collaborators, in more than ten years of double-blinded tests, discovered that Crystals have a measurable electromagnetic field, and this field interacts with our own energetic field, repeating common patterns.
In other words, Crystals and stones, with their subtle energy, affect our energy in a way that everyone can sense because it's part of our biology.


Then, I started to investigate and experiment with my own and with a group of friends and therapists for years. Everything changed.
I had found that vital piece that was missed.

Crystals are not magic tools that only "the mystics" can understand. Instead, they are good for all of us because Crystals are natural beings of light, as we are.
That's why the best tool we have to sense crystals is our body. Not our mind, our visions or specific rituals done in a specific time, but our own body, always accessible.


Now you know that you can sense the energy of crystals and that you can use it to better understand your own energy and balance it.

But how to start?

Even if sensing stones is a skill you already have, it requires a little bit of practice before being able to managed it consciously and confidently.

The purpose is not learning (you're already capable). Instead, it's awake your own ability to feel.

This is how we become aware of our energy centers, raising our energetic intelligence with crystals.
And then, you'll also identify the best crystal remedies for other people.

What you need to do is training yourself in physical experiences with your stones, remaining open to every subtle sensation you feel, expecting nothing—just observing.

In this article you find a selection of stones I recommend to start with. I selected these stones for your first steps in the crystal healing journey because they provide a very precise frequency that stimulates only one energetic area. That way, you can focus your attention on one Chakra, then it will be a lot easier becoming more and more aware of how crystals work.

Learning to Master Body's Energy Flow with Crystals:

the groundwork

To prepare yourself to the practice your need a few minutes of quiet, with no distractions.

Before practicing, you can do out for a walk, do some yoga or stretching, to relax your body and mind, supporting your own natural energy flow.

Learning to Master Body's Energy Flow with Crystals:

the practice

Here's the stones you need:

Labradorite, Black Tourmaline - Knees Chakra - 
Jet Stone, Smoky Quartz - Root Chakra (1^ Chakra)
Sunstone, Brown Aragonite - Sacral Chakra (2^ Chakra) 
Citrine, Honey Calcite - Solar Plexus (3^ Chakra)
Nephrite Jade - Heart Seed Chakra -
Pink Kunzite, Pink Opal - Heart Chakra ( 4^ Chakra)
Turquoise - Higher Heart Chakra - 
Aquamarine, Blue Opal - Throat Chakra (5^Chakra)
White Jade, Fluorite - Third Eye (6^Chakra)
Amethyst, Lepidolite - Crown Chakra (7^ Chakra)
Cobaltocalcite - Soul Star Chakra.

Best Crystals for beginners

If you do not have all of them, I recommend you to get at least one stone per Chakra (in this list, you have two).

Ahead in this article you find some essentials on each stone and about the sensations they provide within the body.
They are not all feelings you may sense, instead just some possibilities.

The important thing now is focusing our attention on the energetic area every stone works on.

So, for example, if you're working with Aquamarine, you may sense tension, releasing, tingling or any other feelings at the level of your throat because the frequency of Aquamarine vibes to unlock the energy in that area.

By training yourself in sensing stones with this exercise mind that:
you are not in competition with anyone. This is something you do for yourself. No one judges you.
if you do not feel anything, that's absolutely normal at the beginning. Many of the best therapists (and friends) I know felt nothing at the beginning of their journey, but they didn't give up, and at some point, something clicked.
be honest with yourself, do not expect to perceive anything, just remain open and listen.


• Find a quiet place.

• Stay standing (identifying the activated areas will be a little bit easier that way) with your feet well placed on the ground and your shoulders straight. Takes a few conscious breaths saying to your body to finding in its center.

• When you're ready, take your stone in your hands and focus your attention and your presence on it.

Everyone has one's way of connecting one's frequency to the stone. If you're starting your journey with Crystals, you may have to discover your own unique way to do it if it does not come spontaneously the first time you try.

Now, listen to what happens within the area where the stone vibes.
Give yourself the permission to trust yourself, everything you sense is real.

Notice every subtle movement, tension, or release.

Explain these feelings is not actually easy, but do your best and take some notes before checking the ones I share here below.

If you feel nothing or feel any kind of sensation in an area that is not related to the stone, that's ok. That's why you're here.


Here below, you find my very essential notes about each stone of your kit. It may help to verify and compare your own sensations with the basic actions. But again, if what you sense is not included in what you find here below, that's amazing. Here you find only the primary feelings, and plus everyone senses stones slightly differently. 

Behind every sensation, the key is the energetic area, the Chakra. You're starting your journey with Crystals, right? So the most important step now is sensing the frequency of each stone working in the area related to it.

*NOTE: What you find here below are not the properties of stones instead the feelings that their frequency produce.

KNEES CHAKRA - Bordeaux Chakra

• Black Tourmaline: from behind feet, a flow of energy rise upwards, giving more stability and solidity to legs, enhancing its frequency until the below area of the back. Direction, verticality.
• Labradorite: Opens a wide space from knees downwards. Openness, multi-direction.

ROOT CHAKRA - 1^ Chakra

• Jet Stone: the pelvis and legs (from the knee upwards) find relaxation, stability, and balance. Reliving of legs.
• Smoky Quartz: Tingling in the thighs in the front, warm feet, head straight. Forward and vertical direction.


• Sunstone: light tingling on the lower pelvis in the front, joy, relaxation. Large radius opening forward, without pushing
• Brown Aragonite: support of the part between the lower back and the butt. Multi-directional opening with a sense of confidence, relaxation.


• Honey Calcite: gentle and progressive opening forward at the navel level. Kind invitation to the unknown.
• Citrine: intense forward opening at the navel level, encouraged by a forward thrust.


• Nephrite Jade: spiral movement at the level of the middle back, just above the kidneys. Multi-directional movement in a circle.

HEART CHAKRA - 4^ Chakra

• Pink Opal: Opening a sweet, wide, and progressive space behind the back at the level of the shoulder blades. Proposal to welcome the infinite beauty of the present.
• Pink Kunzite: straight back, the heart acquires new layers that strengthen it. Verticality, firmness in kindness.


Turquoise: warmth in the thymus gland' area, between the heart and throat. Subtle tingling to the shoulders and arms.


• Blu Opal: slowly opens a large space in the back of the neck, relaxation of the ears and hearing.
• Aquamarine: opening forward with encouragement to action in the throat, firmness, and freshness.


• White Jade: relaxation of the muscles surrounding the skull, especially in the back and behind the eyes.
• Fluorite: relaxation at the level of the temples.

CROWN CHAKRA - 7^ Chakra

• Amethyst: opening at the level of the cranial fontanel, relaxation of the muscles of the skull starting from the top.
• Lepidolite: relaxation of the skull's muscles, its internal structures, and of face, up to the shoulders.


Cobalto Calcite: straightening of the spine. Breathing wider, clearer vision. Opening a space above the head.

Mind that the key is practicing, like everything we learn in life.
You'll see that the more you practice, the more you'll trust your senses, and the more you trust your senses, the more you'll be able to bring these sensations to the conscious mind spontaneously and be aware of them.


• When I connect my attention to Black Tourmaline, the only thing I feel is a kind of headache! Why?

When I connect my attention to Black Tourmaline, the only thing I feel is a kind of headache! Why?
When an energetic area is deficient in our energetic system, we tend to engage the one that we generally use more frequently, which generally exceeds, to decode the message.

Because of our culture of focusing on details, logic, and mechanical vision, the irradiation of the Third Eye (at the level of eyebrows) exceeds on the front in most of us in the modern western world.
That's why you feel Black Tourmaline on your head. If so, working for a few time with one of the stones that assist us in balancing the third eye front like Whit Jade, Scolecite, Selenite, or White Opal will help tremendously to balance this area. Then you'll come back to Black Tourmaline and you'll see that your perception will change drastically.


• After a few times that I work with my stones, I keep feeling nothing with any of them. Do you have any further suggestions?
Sure, first, do not doubt your senses. Mind that crystals spread subtle frequencies, so what you'll feel is subtle sensations, so remain open.
Second, with the crystal in your hand, do not try to visualize, imagine, or think. Just perceive the energetic space around your body. Feel how it's dense and rich.
This energy includes the energetic space of your crystal because it's on your hand. Drive your attention in the area where your energy overlaps the energetic field of your stone. Stay there and be opened to the senses.
Third, practicing with other people in a group power up our perception drastically. It's tremendously helpful, especially at the beginning.

Do you have any other questions or doubts about how to start your journey with crystals? Write everything in the comment and I'll be back to you very soon. 

Thank you for spending your time here, hope it was helpful and inspiring,

Stay Bright and fierce



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  • ClassySassyShopper : October 13, 2021

    Love love this 🙏🏻 And everything on the blog. Trying to build my collection during the pandemic has meant often purchasing crystals online. Am I the only one who has asked abt trying to get a sense of a stone through a screen? Sometimes I do feel as though this is possible…any tips? Many thanks ❤️

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