The Essential Guide About How to Wear Crystals for Energetic Healing

The Essential Guide About How to Wear Crystals for Energetic Healing

If you're here, you love Crystals, and you're fascinated by their colors, energy, and light.  But may you're wondering if they're really something more of that.

Can they actually support our healing journey?

If so, how you can get the best from working with crystals and stones?


If you're navigating online looking for accurate answers to these questions, this article is for you!

Over this article, you're going to find out:
• The best ways to work with Crystals and Stones
• How Crystals and Stones Work
• How to get the best and fast result by working with Crystals
• How to wear Crystals
• How to cleanse Crystals and why
• The key rule of intention and presence
• Common questions answered
• About diamonds.


So let's dive in!

THE BEST WAYs TO WORK WITH CRYSTALS for energetic-spiritual healing


Everything in life is a vibration that resonates at different frequenciesAs you experience it yourself, the entire material world is nothing but vibration of various underlying fields. 

Crystals and stones spread a subtle vibration mainly created by the combination of 

• Chemical composition, 
• Crystalline structure, 
• Color, 
• Hardness. 


The frequency that every crystal and stone spreads is distinctive and unique; the reasons they're so effective are their main energetic qualities: stability and clarity.

Crystal vibes are so stable (it doesn't change over time) and clear (they activate specific areas of our chakra system) to be one of the primary tools for every energetic healing work.  

Through its frequency, crystals support the connection between consciousness and the body, etheric the etheric and the physical part of the self, stimulating the healthy function of Chakras, encouraging the integration of energy blocks due to trauma or education, and then promoting the natural expression of the Self.


There are many ways to work with crystals, and I think this is one of the beauties of introducing them into our life; they inspire us to be creative!
We can meditate with them, bring them on the mat during our yoga sessions, use them in therapy sessions, and more!
All these methods are all effective and useful.


However, only one way allows us to enjoy their frequency for the longest time possible, giving ourselves more time to integrate the knowledge inherent in the crystal frequency. It's to wear them.

You can wear your Crystals as jewels or in a small pouch with a soft cord that you wear as a necklace throughout your day, and then take them off during the night.

You can consciously connect yourself to your Crystals in every moment, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


When you are living a challenging moment, just connect your intention with your Crystals’ energy, remaining open to their lesson.

Be fully there, without expectations or judgment.

The more you consciously work with your crystals, the more you will see the results.



As we said, crystals spread at a subtle frequency, so the more we keep them close to our skin, the better. 
If you keep your crystals in your bag with the purpose of getting some benefit from them, you might be disappointed.
That's why wearing them as jewels or pebbles is the most practical and effective way. 


As an alternative, we can keep them in your bra, minding to pay attention to when you take your clothes off.
Having crystals on some specific areas of our body is not the priority. 
For example, wearing Rose Quartz as a necklace that reaches the heart's level (because Rose Quartz works to stimulate the healthy function of the heart chakra) is not strictly necessary to take all the benefits from the crystal.

Instead of choosing the length of your necklace or the finger for your rings based on "what you should do," consider what is most comfortable for you first.
This approach allows you to consistently wear your crystals and then have the privilege to work with them in time.


Accordingly with modern physics and science, we know that everything physical stores memories in the form of frequencies, ourselves included.

What makes Crystals so unique is that these frequencies remain stable within their structure, meaning they do not transform frequencies as we do.

Everything you need to work with Crystals is their natural signature vibe (which is the message in the form of frequency) that your Stone or Crystal spreads.

Before working with Crystals, you need to make sure to remove everything that doesn’t belong to their natural frequency, this is what we do when we cleanse crystals. If not, you may have very poor results, or new blocks might be fostered.

the 5 most effective methods to cleanse crystals


Rinse the Crystal under running water, asking it to expel unclean and dirty energy.
Do that until you feel your Crystal is clear.
If that resonates with you, when you rinse your Crystal under the water, visualize a ray of white light that aligns with its natural information.



This is the most effective technique and my favorite one. It’s the same technique I use before shipping every Giardinoblu Healing Jewel.
Feel free to use Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls; any tone or size works great.
The sound combined with your intention removes the frequencies that don’t belong to the natural structure of your Crystal.
You can also use Reiki or sound with every stone without restrictions.



Exposing the crystals to incense or burning smoke is also an excellent way to purify them. It’s always a great idea to burn incense to purify not only your Crystals but the environment and your own aura. Use this method only if it resonates with you.



If you have a private garden, you can find a quiet place there to bury your stones for 24 hours or more. Make sure to somehow mark the spot to successfully unearth your stones.


Use the method you feel more connected to who you are among the ones here above. Consider the ritual as completed when you feel your crystal is clear.



If you’re not familiar with subtle energies and you cannot feel when your Crystal is cleansed, a Shungite plate will do the job for you.

Put your Crystals on a plate made of Shungite. The vital energy of this unique stone will re-establish the alignment and the coherence of the energetic structure of your Crystals usually within eight hours.

If you want to know more about purifying and cleaning Crystals and Stones, you will find everything you need >>HERE<<.

The key rule of intention & presence

Let's define "Intention". 

Accordingly to Wikipedia, "Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the futureIntention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought".

And again, Dr. Wayne Dyer defines intention as the father of motivation. "It's all about allowing" he says.

Whatever method you choose to cleanse your Crystals, it is just a "tool"; the key factor is your intention that requires your presence and attention.

So, whatever method you choose, make sure to be fully presentIf not, you will not have any results. 

Trust your intuition, feel the "pollution", meaning the information that don't belong to the natural structure of the crystal, that goes away from your Crystals until they're radiant and free again.

Keep working with your Crystal remedy until you feel you can independently deliver its information, purpose, and message.

If, at some point in your journey, it looks as if your Crystals don't spread the same energy they did in the beginning, and you still need to work with them because you still need their assistance to deliver their message, it's just because your Crystals need to be cleaned. 
Just provide to cleanse them and enjoy your journey with Crystal again.

Additional strategies to support the transformation

In addition to that, having a regular sleep-wake cycle (sleeping at least 7 hours per night) and establishing healthy pleasures (eating and drinking clean) are fundamental to manifesting your real potential.


Remember, spiritual healing is a life journey. Don’t be too rigid with yourself. Allow yourself to learn, enjoying every moment.

Progress is the goal, not perfection.

common questions answered


There's no right number for everyone; everything is about the stones you're wearing and what you need. However, if you're working with Crystals for healing, I recommend not wearing more than three crystals, especially if you're at the beginning of your journey with them.

The overall frequency of more than three crystals is so complicated that the energetic body struggles to identify the messages and learn from them; if so, you'll have very poor results or none.



During the night and the day, the state of consciousness is different and has to be different to maintain our physical and emotional bodies in balance.

 We have a vigilant state of consciousness during the day, meaning we need to be present in the 3D world; it allows us to be fully awake, accomplish tasks, make plans, and so on.

During the night, the subconscious and unconscious mind need to emerge to find rest and good sleep. In this phase, receiving the message we get during the day might cause disturbed sleep or insomnia (especially working with stones that awaken the first and third chakra).

In order to support good sleep and relaxation, we need to raise the frequency of the back side of the third eye, which means releasing tensions and quieting the analytical-rational mind.

If you want to work with crystals during the night, I encourage you to check this article >>HERE<<



In Crystal healing, we use the frequencies of crystals as support to melt blocks and imbalances.

These blocks could manifest as limiting beliefs, resentments, emotional trauma, self-sabotaging thoughts, low self-esteem, anxiety, sense of vulnerability and so on.

The best way to activate crystals is to bring their frequency back to their natural coherence; that way, we can work with their pure and genuine, harmonic frequency.

When we work with crystals that had been programmed by infusing intentions and purposes into them, we don't only work with the "pure intentions", rather also with the overall frequency of who programmed the crystal, meaning with his/her blocks and unbalancing. 

That way, most of the time, we find ourselves working not only with the genuine vibration of crystals but rather with the memory of blocks and unbalancing of someone else as well, and this not goes to foster our own energetic balance.


I find out the best crystals for my clients by testing more than two hundred crystals for them and what I sew from then years of experience is that this is the only way that allows us to experience a harmonic and supportive message. There's no rational thoughts that can replace or improve the work that Mother Nature did over millions of years. 

When we figure out the frequency (in the form of crystals) that can support the shift, we only need to cleanse our crystal/crystals, and we're ready to work with them.


If you want more details about this topic, check this article >>HERE<<

additional note: diamonds

Diamonds are amazing stones, the brightest of the entire Crystal Kingdom.

They’re so popular today, and we love to wear them every day, all day long, as rings or necklaces.


However, the fact is that Diamond carries the highest frequency for the Third Eye front, which is an area that already exceeds in radiance in 90% of the population of western society today. Therefore, from an energetic perspective, wearing diamonds every day means fostering unbalancing and blocks for most of us.

Expanding the Third Eye front (which is already unbalanced) may raise illusions (the opposite of intuition), incrementing bad sleep, restlessness, physical weakness, stress, anxiety, headache, and the will of wanting to control everything.


If you're experiencing one of these discomforts, I encourage you to wear your Diamonds occasionally, not every day and take them off during the night.

Plus, jewels with diamonds frequently pass from generation to generation. If so, they might carry a lot of memories; make sure to cleanse them carefully before wearing them.

Thank you so much for spending your time here, I hope you found the answer you were looking for.
If you still have questions or doubts about how to wear Crystals for healing, write your note in the comment section below this article and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Until then, I send you love and bright waves wherever you are on this amazing planet.


All Love


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