Best Crystals for developing Intuition

Best Crystals for developing Intuition

Embracing our Intuition and learning to develop this gift is part of the foundation of the humans existence. Intuition is not about "wowoo" or abstract hippy kind of concepts. Instead, it is the capacity that guides humans (and all the animals) to the right move every time they need it.


In ancient times, Intuition guided humans to safer shelters as far as possible from predators. To date, in the same way, it shows us the way to walk, seeing beyond the visible.

Intuition is a form of complex intelligence that is part of human biology because inherent in the body's physiology.

Intuition is the ability to understand something naturally, without the need for reasoning.
It's the ability to instantly know what's metter most regardless of the complexity of the situation, notions, or data.


Awakening Intuition is not about using magic or spell. It's a practical ability rooted in our own wholeness of being.

stone sto awaken intuition

Over this age, saturated by information and data, full of distractions and messages designed to draining out our attention and energy, Intuition is the inner compass that allows us to stick to our values and purposes, avoiding manipulation, emotional and energetic weakness and chaos.


But there's so much more.

We apply Intuition, on a multitude of different levels. Any level is more important than others; we can talk about different levels because of the frequencies that these different kinds of intuitions require.


These levels are all connected by the quantum field, the eternal present moment.

Our body is the vessel that allows us to surf among the different levels of reality to which Intuition gives access.


When we maintain a full connection with our body, we open up the door of Intuition, recognizing and listening to the messages that sensations and feelings deliver to the consciousness.
At this level, by paying attention to our intuition, we bring to the consciousness what our body and our soul need, and we can also learn more about situations, people, and events. To get access to this territory, we use empathy and physical knowledge, and it may involve physical sensations, emotional feelings, or energetic feelings. We call this kind of Intuition Clairsentient. 

This level is the closest one to the energy of the Earth.

Here are the particularly helpful stones that open up and intensify physical sensitivity, Clairsentient.

• Fire Agate - 

Experiencing the energy of this stone is a jow for the physical body and the creative mind. Fire Agate encourages Intuition's wakening by supporting the connection with the senses and raising enjoyment and openness to the outer world.


• Astrophyllite - 

With its extremely interesting action, Astrophyllitye supports the simultaneous activation of body sensitivity (sacral chakra) and creative thought, assisting us in spontaneously express our intuitions and inspirations.


• Rutilated Quartz - 

Rutilated Quartz teaches how integrating rational experiences into our body is the only way to not just knowing something but learning from it. Rutilated Quartz teaches us how to see with the body.

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Pure Vision

Then, on an upper level, we have the territory of creativity, art, and pure vision. This is the land we step into every time we start a new project, we face some significant change in life, or we are investigating the territory of Clairvoyance and Remote viewing.


We project ourselves, or someone else, in the future or in the past. The message comes in the form of a flash mental images or scenes and is often symbolic or metaphorical. That's what we call Clairvoyance.
Remote viewing (also called telesthesia or remote sensing) is the ability to see at a distance by using extrasensory perception.

Here are the crystals that assist us in awakening the intuition of pure vision.

• Dumortierite - 

The frequency of Dumortierite allows dreams and memories to emerge by quieting the analytical mind and opening up to the unconscious and symbolic.


• Nobile Opal - 

Nobile Opal assists us in facilitating the activation of the visionary space through the unconscious mind. Nobile Opal supports inner visions strongly encouraging the awakening of creativity, inspiration and assisting us in navigating new and uncommon territories.


• Tanzanite - 

Tanzanite is a powerful activator of unconscious vision. Its high vibration works to open the back side of the Third Eye, discharging our creative, visionary and artistic potentials.
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• Clear Quartz - 

Clear Quartz is one of the greatest catalysts of pure vision. It works intensely to open the flow on the front of the Third Eye. Before consistently work with Clear Quartz make sure to have a well-balanced energetic system or a third eye back fully opened and radiant as well. If not, working with this crystal may bring illusions overtime.  

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Psychic Abilities

Intuition is a physical and natural capacity we all have.
However, most of us need to cultivate and nurture this gift in order to get access to advanced pieces of knowledge. If you want to cultivate your Intuition by learning to accept your psychic abilities without fear, crystals are an excellent tool to integrate into your journey.
Here are the best stones to start with.

• Thunderegg -

The energetic message of this stone allows us to easily experiment and learn the simplicity of the magic and the magic of simplicity. The information of Thunderegg is either connected with the Third Eye Chakra and the lower ones, particularly to the Sacral Chakra. It shows us how to explore our supernatural abilities removing the fear that comes from the unknown by remaining connected with the body's frequencies. 


• Blue Tiger Eye (Hawk's eye) -

The signature vibe of Blue Tiger Eye shifts the perspective which with we perceive ourselves, the outer world, and circumstances. This stone drastically elevates the viewpoint showing how to observe all around us from a wider and global perspective, teaching us how to really see.

• Mystic Merlinite - 

The black areas in basalt assist us in remaining grounding by focusing the work at the level of the feet. That way, we access the infinite energy that comes from mother Earth maintaining stability and security in the present moment. The purple areas stimulate the Crown and Stellar Gateway areas providing an open connection with the cosmos energies. This makes Mystic Merlinite an excellent stone, especially if you are starting to work on astral projections or divinations, or also if you want to refresh your energy taking advantage of the openness of both higher and Earth planes. 


• Black Moonstone - 

The frequency of Black Moonstone helps us recognize and connect ourselves with our inner guidance providing all the information we need to awake our Intuition. Black Moonstone is a wonderful guide if you're moving your first steps into the subtle world.


• Nuummite - 

If you desire to go beyond Intuition exploring wider spaces of consciousness, Nummite is a beautiful stone to bring with you. Nuummite assists us in seeing into the darkness of the past, taking with us colorful flashlights to remove fear and anxiety of the unknown.

Activation of Ancestral & Unconscious Memories

When you accepted your sensitive abilities and you're solid and serene in this new state of consciousness, you're ready to move a step ahead by learning to unlock unconscious memories. 

 • Black Jade - 
The frequency of Black jade guides us to discover our unconscious past memories, which may relate to dreams or karmic memories. Black Jade helps in seeing and revealing our unexpected talents and it's extremely helpful in maintaining the focus on our purpose melting confusing and disturbing energies.


• Seraphynite - 
With Seraphynite, we learn to open ourselves to subtle visions by remaining at the center of the Heart. Its message allows us to connect our consciousness to the higher frequencies maintaining a solid presence in the center of our soul.

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• Hypersthene -
The dense frequency of this stone leading us to dive into the black of memories. It promotes transgenerational cosmic recalls, navigating into the darkness of the past.


• Black Septarian - 
Black Septarian leads us into the deepest of the Earth and within us. It provides an open connection with transgenerational memories in a peaceful, serene and dense atmosphere. Black Septarian is also wonderful to gain emotional stability and a more appropriate energetic posture starting from the foundation.


Extrasensory Abilities (Getting Access to the Quantum Field)

When we had fully embraced and accepted our ability to see beyond without fear, we're ready to sharping our expertise even further by cultivating extrasensory perceptions like mediumship (communicate with spirits), precognition, and premonition (perceive future events). If you're on this path, crystals can definitely support you in learning more in a short period of time. 

I recommend working with these energetic entities, connected with the higher frequencies of Stellar Gateway and above, when your energetic field is well balanced, especially over the first three Chakras. Working with the higher frequencies without having a balanced base may cause to some blocks and unbalances, sometimes critical, around the first, second, and third chakra. This may be manifested as emotional and psychical disorders like excessive blood pressure, anxiety, depression, but also Stendhal and Gerusalemme Syndromes. 

Here are some stones I suggest to work with

• Lybian Glass - 
This natural glass takes us on the highest planes without providing a specific direction. The outcome is the perception of an opened and vast energetic landscape transcending the physical matter and the analytical mind's control. Lybian Glass is a master in any exploration of the invisible realm overcoming the limitation of the spirit.


• Moldavite - 

Working with Moldavite we learn to integrate the multidimensional frequencies of the Heart. It opens up to ancestral communication, facilitating the quantum field experience.
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• Kammererite - 
Kemmererite promotes communication with ancestral planes and assists us in showing one's psychic abilities. It helps in elevating the consciousness overcoming the limitation of time and space. Kammererite is wonderful guidance, especially for healers who work at a distance.


• Naujaite - 
The signature vibe of this rare stone leads us to explore and navigate the complexity of one's frequency flow. 

Thank you for stopping by and being here with me. Hope this article was helpful and inspiring for you. 

Some of the stones you find in this article are not on the shop, but it doesn't mean they're not available! 
I realize bespoke jewels every day and they come at the same price range of the online collection and shipping is always free worldwide.
If you want some information about specific stones and you want to see the available pieces we have, don't hesitate to send an email to, or feel free to DM me directly on Instagram, I'll get back to you personally soon.

If you have some questions, or want to share your experience on how you work with stones and crystals to awaken your intuition, make sure to share everything below, your insight will help and inspire many people in the community.

Have a wonderful and grateful rest of your day!


All Love

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