7 Best Crystal Combos to Reset After Bitter Conflicts

7 Best Crystal Combos to Reset After Bitter Conflicts



We love to mindfully deal with our own emotions to improve overall health, relationships, and energetic intelligence.

However, it does not mean that we do not experience uncomfortable emotions along the way.
Difficult, Painful or Distressing emotions are not negative themselves.
They simply deliver messages that lead us out of our comfort zone, and because of that, when integrated, they're the ones with the highest transformative potential.

There’s nothing wrong with experiencing anger, frustration, disappointment, or resentment when we’re open to receiving their messages.Crystals are exceptional in showing how working with energy to learn from our own emotions, even when they're unpleasant.

What actually happens to your body arguing

When we have an intense discussion, especially when the topic meant a lot to us, the heartbeats increase in rate as blood pressure, we breathe quicker than normal and our chest can go tight.

During an argument, tensions and stress activate the part of the brain that releases cortisol.
This hormone induces more pressure, which affects about every system increasing skin issues, and diabetes, causing diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome, predisposing to ulcers, and bringing muscle contractions, causing pain and tightness for several days.

Arguing intensely can cause activation of our fight or flight response.
It was designed to help us through catastrophic circumstances, preparing our body to react to something in our environment that we need to get away from.

When this system is active, we feel like we are under attack. We might be more argumentative or defensive, stepping into a disorientating psychological state.
This state prevents us from seeing things clearly, so the resolution of conflicts becomes far and far.

crystals for arguing recovery

You feel drained

The process of disputing is stressful.
And like other stressful situations, it can make you physically exhausted, cause headaches, gastrointestinal problems, muscle aches, and more.s

If we constantly put our bodies under the stress of fighting, these effects will add up.

What actually happens to your Energetic System during intense debates

Let's take a step back: what does bring all of these physical sensations and changes in the system's behavior?
The cause is a repentine and significant shift of the energetic field.

During intense debates, our energetic field manifests a temporary radical change that involves the entire chakra system, the vertical, and the horizontal axis.

We say a person is "out of phase" if the etheric grid is not aligned with the physical body. We talk of a "centered" person if the two axes intersect at the navel.
The normal state of the human being must obviously be aligned and centered.

Main chakras involved during conflicts

ROOT CHAKRA - Reduction of 1^ Chakra irradiation.
Because of the fight or flight reaction, stress and pressure rise. We feel less safe, we tend to lost our sense of balancing and presence in the now moment.

SOLAR PLEXUS - 3^ Chakra
Ofter intense arguing arises because we cannot reclaim our position correctly. Doubts are many, and we're afraid of being forced to do something we don't want; then we choose to attack as a reaction to this insecurity.

In this case, the Solar Plexus's backside decreases in radiance while the front protrudes, creating unbalance.

The reduction of this area's frequency is significant because of all the challenging emotions we experience during a conflict. We may be overwhelmed by emotions, we try to retain anger or explode in rude debating. Plus, after the conflict, we may judge our emotions, and accepting them is very challenging, or the sense of anger persists, creating a significant tight at the level of the stomach.

HEART CHAKRA - 4^ Chakra
As the primary area specialized in reporting the sense of being loved, forgiveness, and other people's acceptance, this area reduces its radiance significantly in both directions.

As a response to heavy emotions, we unconsciously close the channel of empathy to protect ourselves. However, when it happens, a positive resolution of the discussion is actually unlikely.

Explaining our position may be challenging during a conflict, especially when we stopped listening in order to protect ourselves. Listen and Say are both energetic actions demanded in this area.

THIRD EYE - 6^Chakra
As we said, we lost the ability to see things clearly during a debate, and we also may lose contact with our intuition. We're confused and stressed by the dense energy that a conflict rises; this is the consequence of reducing Third Eye's frequency in both directions.

recovering from a Bitter conflict

After a conflict, the psychological effects we may experience include decreased self-esteem, self-efficacy, feelings of loss or abandonment, grief and loss, and even depression. 


Recovering emotionally, energetically, and physically is very important after an argument, like after any other stressful situation. Giving yourself permission to slow down is key.

Self-care includes:
Breathing meditation.
Walking away
Taking a time out
Talking to someone you trust
Getting some fresh air and taking a walk
Going to the gym

There's one thing that all of these have in common: they're all mindful practices.
They require the acknowledgment of our emotional and energetic state, meaning our presence, to be effective.

In fact, as the neuroscience Joseph Le Doux and his colleagues have shown, the only way to consciously access the emotional brain is through self-awareness.
Neuroscience shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience learning to befriend what's going on inside of us.

A conscious and appropriate Crystal healing practice supports us walking throughout this way.

7 best Crystal combinations to reset after bitter conflicts

As you sew, arguing involves the energetic shift of different areas depending on how your body deals with the frequencies that contrast rises.
Generally speaking, working with more than three stones at a time is not recommended, especially if you're at the beginning of your journey with crystals, so we need to identify our own priorities.


In this article you find several best Crystal combinations to reestablish energetic balance after a conflict, a fight or a debate, but how you can find our which one is the best for you?

Step one: connect the feeling you're experiencing after the conflict.
Step two: consult the keywords of every combo that you find below and feel which one resonates with your emotional needs better. 

• Chiastolite + Pistacchio Opal +Green jadeite

Draining residues of impulsive rage,
Emotional alignment,
Unlock tension due to resentment and old toxic patterns.

• Aegirine+Lepidolite+Pink Kunzite

Finding solidity in one's own mission and values,
Establishing self-sovereignty freeing from external influences,
Finding a place of calm and comfort.

• Lava+Purpurite+ Jasper Kambaba

Reestablishing a solid center in the inner side of the Heart,
Draining emotional toxins liberating space for renewal
Declaring one's emotional freedom.

• Atlantisite+Emerald+Labradorite

Releasing of tensions reestablishing healthy energy flow,
Opening to the natural healing frequencies of the Heart,
Lighted grounding supporting free of the consciousness,
Freeing from the family conditioning.

• Silicate Wood + Rose Quartz + Lemon MagnesiTE

Reestablishing the flow of emotional knots,
especially related to the family line,
Finding strength after a weakening.

• Pietrsite + Purple Opal

Freedom to act - Reestablishing your own territory,
Finding calm after the thunderstorm,
Self-independence self-esteem and responsibility.

• Jet Stone + ManganocALCITE

Reliving emotional thunderstorm, 
Coming back to the present moment, 
You're loved and safe.


When you had identified the crystal remedy that supports you at best, I recommend wearing the crystals all day long, taking them off during the night.

You can wear your crystals as jewels, in a pouch or in your bra, as you prefer, the key thing is that they're close to your skin and that you work with consistency.

>>In this article you find the answers to many questions you may have about how to wear crystals for healing and get the best result.


Hope this article was helpful and inspiring for you. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask in the comment section below, I'll be happy to answer as soon as possible.

Thank you for spending your time here,

Have a wonderful and grateful rest of your day,
All Love


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