8 Crystal Combinations to Win the Fear of Collective Shadow

8 Crystal Combinations to Win the Fear of Collective Shadow

Many courageously chose to see the collective shadow unveiling itself starting from Genuary 2020; then, they're in the process of re-writing their own story and the story of those who came before them. They're in transformation.

While what we thought was the truth is crumbling, our belief system is evolving; and our energetic system is as well. 


Over the massive and global awakening journey, we're going through the process of dismissing beliefs and pieces of information we had integrated into our body consciousness - from education, society, and media - for the moment we are born. We're going through the process of dismissing the illusion and revealing a more empowered and accurate narrative of the Univeral reality.


It's as if you lived with your eyes closed for your entire life and now, out of a sudden, you're opening them widely. You're grateful for that moment, still, it's not always a pleasant experience, and a sense of disorientation, loneliness, fear, anger, and anxiety might come up from time to time. This is normal and necessary at this point of the journey, especially because you've just leaped.


You know you're an energetic-emotional being and feeling everything is part of your experience. 

However, all of these pieces of information may overwhelm your nervous system leading you to think there is no way out, so you find yourself stuck, unable to think clearly or make meaningful decisions.

a few points to consider over this first part of the massive awakening you're going trough

• The impetuous emotional force you're experiencing is not meant to control nor damage you. Fear, anxiety, and despair control people because of people's choices, not because they provide no options. Fear, restlessly, and stress don't come to rule your life. Instead, they bring precious messages you can use to build your present and future.
Listen to what they say and the message of action that they bring.

• You're an emotional being designed to receive, transform and release energy in the form of actions, emotions, and communication in various forms. 
You're designed to face this challenge, and you chose to be here over this unique moment of history to get to the other side of this wild river, even if now it looks impossible.

• Being gentle with yourself is a non-negotiable condition to navigate this journey. Take your time to allow these dense energies to go throughout your body. Be patient, and then come back and make your choice.


the ancestral force of salvation & action

Fear is one of the most complex and potent consciousness we may experience. 
It may push us to prompt and explosive actions that keep us living, but it may also be the trigger that drives us towards senseless and harmful actions.

All the different grades of fear rise as an energy force from the base of the spine. This area starts to develop from the third month we are born. 

It's the First Chakra.

This area is directly connected to the energy of the Earth by legs (Knees Chakra); this is the channel we use to "plug to" the life force that comes directly from the Earth, feeding our body consciousness as much as we need. That way, we can physically sustain our bodies and walk throughout life.


So what happens when we experience fear?

The energy of fear, which is very intense, fills the base of our spine and legs to give us the necessary energy to fight or flee from a potentially dangerous situation. 
Originally, it gives us the energy to save our lives by running away from predators or fighting.
The moment we use this "energy charge of fear" by taking action, our body discharges its energy, then finds rest and comes back to balance again.

what happens if we have no place to run to, or we are too small to compete?

This sounds like today's scenario, right?
We're witnessing the world changing dramatically, but we know that salvation is not provided by actively escaping or fighting an external physical enemy. 

We keep receiving the charge from fear (that may raise feelings like impatience, anxiety, despair, or stress), but we have no place to discharge it

Then, the energy that comes from this emotion doesn't go anywhere. It is stuck in the body, compromising the emotional and energetic stability of the entire system. 


When energy is stuck in one or more areas of our body, it generates blocks (that could be in excess or deficient), and as far as this block occurs, over time, it might manifest itself as physical pain, illness, or disease.
This is the experience we have of fear that brings chronic anxiety and muscular tension and that potentially leads us to make unwise choices and to fear life itself.

In the last case, we experience a double block in the Root Chakra (where dwells our sense of living) and the Stellar Gateway (where we learn about ourselves as transcendental beings and what death is). 

This double block is really common when we reject what is real; then, we deny our own transformation, which means rejecting life.


When this happens, the typical symptoms are physical pain, especially in the back, belly, stomach, and head, muscle tension, and high blood. However, they also could be related to skin problems, intolerance, depression, and insomnia.

Here are some crystal frequencies that you can introduce into your life to contribute to finding the center again.

8 Crystal Combinations to Win the Fear of Collective Shadow

Fear is a feeling that may arise from different energetic needs.
You should find your own energetic need in order to find out the crystals that assist you at best.

Before explore the crystal combinations list below, ask yourself, 

What do I need to take the next step in life?

and then, check the messages brought by the frequencies here below:

You need to overcome anxiety and emotional paralysis caused by overthinking:

White jade and Jet Stone.

You frequently find yourself craving past times, you feel in a trap unable to imagine a positive future:

Fossil Wood and Cobaltocalcite

You use to find yourself physically weak and depleted, so you need to awake your natural emotional and physical energy flow


Worries, doubts and tensions blow away your trust in the future, so you need to learn how to meet them to find your own place of peace

Raspberry Quartz

You feel discouraged and without choice or, you need to claim your own inner power and raise your self-esteem finding new strength to take action and affirm your own space of power again


you need to standing in front of the thunderstorm remaining stable and flexible


You need to drain tension by living in the present and learning their sacred connection with your own body and Mother Earth

Mahogany Obsidian

You need to find strength and courage to overcome sorrow and emotional fragility, bringing warmth and vital energy into the body

Almandine Garnet

May you think that all of the crystals are great for you. However, I invite you to choose your crystal, or the combination of twos, based on which is your own specific priority right now.

Wear them as pebbles of jewels for one month at least and then notice the shift in frequency.

If you want to learn more about how to wear Crystals for healing make sure to check the Essential Guide to wear Crystals >>>

Are you unsure about the Crystal you need?

In this article you found some of the energy needs that fear raises and some possible crystal remedy.
It doesn't necessary mean you find the perfect frequency for YOU among the ones that are shared.

Consider that the best way to find out the best crystal for you is to know how your energy field (which is unique in the Universe) directly interacts with the frequency of stones.
That's because when we look for the crystal we need based on its properties, we're operating at a conscious level, and many aspects of the self are inaccessible from this place.

On the opposite, nothing can be hidden from the energetic body. That's why it's only by witnessing how it reacts we're sure to know the frequency in the form of crystals that actually support your body-consciousness.


I'be been assisting awesome humans who wants to learn more from their Chakra system and how they can expand and balance their field for years. If you think I could help you too, find out how a personal consultation with me works and pick the package that suits your needs most >>HERE<<

Additional simple strategies you can use daily to unlock energy blocks in the body

Here're some easy-to-implement ideas you can consider to facilitate discharge of the energy of fear (also manifested as anxiety, muscular tension, a sense of loneliness, sadness, despair) from the body finding clarity, calm and focus  

Walk in nature encourages your body to discharge the stuck energy and recharge with fresh energy. It also supports breathing, so oxygen finds support in getting to muscles, tissues, and organs, improving mental and emotional clarity, allowing you to come back to the self and act from a place of sovereignty and serenity.

• Find a moment when anybody can interrupt you to play the music that cheers you up. Move your body guided by the music and have fun.

Sleep at least seven hours per night.

Shut down your computer, and put your phone on silent mode at least two hours before going to bed.

Connect with people who are happy to hear your genuine voice, your thoughts and your perspectives.

Be responsible for everything your body absorbs, set boundaries and discipline yourself if needed.

Avoid overcharging your emotional systems with news, images or any content that doesn't help.

Eat real food, and drink a lot of water.

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