5 Most Effective Methods to Cleanse Crystals & Healing Jewels

5 Most Effective Methods to Cleanse Crystals & Healing Jewels

According to modern physics and science, we understand that everything material is actually frequency, and it might store additional information in the form of frequencies. This is why cleansing practices are crucial when using crystals for spiritual healing.

Cleansing essentially involves removing any frequencies that do not align with the natural and genuine structure of the stones. All you need to effectively work with crystals is to connect with their natural and pure signature vibes, which are the messages conveyed in the form of frequencies.

Failing to remove these residual frequencies can lead to poor results in our practice or even introduce additional blocks and imbalance. It's important to approach crystal healing with care and attention to ensure the best outcomes.

5 Most Effective Methods to Cleanse Crystals & Healing Jewels

How do Crystals gain pollution within their structure over time?

Crystals and gemstones have the remarkable ability to retain frequencies that may not align with their inherent composition in various ways:

Mental programs or intentions infused by humans: It's essential to recognize that Mother Earth crafted these crystals over millennia. Do we truly believe our rational thoughts can enhance their perfection and wisdom? If we seek to support our personal journeys through crystal work, we must connect with stones that offer frequencies conducive to balancing our emotional fields, rather than confining ourselves to rigid rational goals. Remember, crystal healing is rooted in physical frequencies, not superstition.
An often overlooked aspect of programming is that it carries not only pure intentions but also the imbalances and blocks of those who programmed the crystal.

Other unintentionally infused frequencies in the form of emotions: This phenomenon is particularly common with heirloom jewelry passed down through generations, carrying the accumulated joy, pain, and drama of numerous lives.

Prolonged storage in closed spaces without exposure to air or biological elements: Crystals stored for years in containers or boxes can accumulate significant amounts of stagnant energy. That's why I always advise cleansing newly acquired crystals promptly.

Various methods can be employed to realign crystals with their natural frequencies, effectively eliminating any "additional" information trapped within their crystalline structures.

5 Most Effective Methods to Cleanse Crystals & Healing Jewels


Rinse the jewel or Crystal under running water. 

When you rinse your Crystal under the water, visualize a ray of white light that works to align the natural information of the Crystal.

>>> Pay attention to the stones that need a different cleaning method, check the graphic below if you have some doubts.

Chrystals that have to avoid water and sun


The essence of every cleansing practice revolves around purging the frequencies that stray from the innate nature of crystals. Employing frequencies in various forms emerges as the most effective and swift means of achieving this cleansing.

This method is universally applicable to any stone, without limitations or restrictions. It serves as the cornerstone technique I employ before dispatching any Giardinoblu Jewel, ensuring each piece resonates with its purest essence.


Here are the techniques you can use to cleanse your crystals by using frequencies

Reiki: if you're familiar with leading energy through hands, you can use Reiki to realign and cleanse your crystals.

Sound: put your crystal or your jewel inside a Crystal or a Tibetan Bowl, every tone or size is great, on a small piece of fabric. Then, activate the bowl by making it sounds. Just a few minutes are usually enough to realign your stone.


Exposing the jewelry to incense or burning smoke is another excellent method for purifying them. I personally opt for this approach, particularly when dealing with more than four pieces at once. Healing Jewelry has an affinity for White Sage, Palo Santo, and incense, so choose whichever resonates most with you, as your jewelry will respond in kind.

Burning incense not only purifies your jewelry but also cleanses the surrounding environment and your own aura, making it a wonderful practice for overall well-being.

smudge is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse crystals

If you have access to a private garden, consider finding a peaceful spot to bury your stones for 24 hours or longer. Remember to mark the location appropriately so you can easily retrieve your stones when the time comes. This method allows the stones to reconnect with the earth's energies, revitalizing them in a serene and natural environment.


If you're not accustomed to sensing subtle energies or unsure when your Crystal is cleansed, using a Shungite plate can be incredibly helpful.

Simply place your Crystal or jewelry on a Shungite plate for 24 hours. The potent energy of this remarkable stone will work to realign and restore the energetic structure of your Crystal or jewelry, ensuring it's cleansed and revitalized.

The "how" is nothing without your full intention & presence

The way you use to cleanse your Crystals or Healing Jewellery is just a "the tool", your intention and presence are the key.

Whatever technique you choose, make sure to be fully present during the ritual connecting your intuition to your Crystal, if not you don't have any result.

Trust your body and visualize the pollution that goes away from your Crystal until it's radiant and free again. 

Jewels need more time in comparison with Crystals because metal tends to store energy as well.

Make sure to choose the ritual that is more connected with your culture and sensitive, fell free to combine different rituals if you feel it's necessary.

Hope this article gave you the answers you was looking for, if not, write your question or your doubts is the comment section below, I'll be glad to get back personally as soon as possible.




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