5 Most Effective Methods to Cleanse Crystals & Healing Jewels

5 Most Effective Methods to Cleanse Crystals & Healing Jewels

Accordingly with modern physic and science, we know that everything material stores memories in the form of frequencies.
What that makes Crystals so unique is that they're able to store frequencies much longer than anything else, t
hat's why cleansing practice is so key if you use Crystals for spiritual healing.

Essentially, cleansing means removing all of the frequencies that don't belong to the natural being of the stones.

Everything you need to work with Crystals is the natural and pure signature vibe (which is the message in the form of frequency) that your Stone or Crystal spread.


If you don't remove all of these residual frequencies, you get very poor results from your practice, or you may also gain additional blocks end unbalancing. 

5 Most Effective Methods to Cleanse Crystals & Healing Jewels

How do Crystals gain pollution within their structure over time?

Crystals and Gemstones can includes frequencies within their structure in different ways:


• Mental programs or intentions instilled by humans. 
Mind that Mother Earth created your Crystals in miles of years, do you really think your rational thoughts can "improve" its perfection and wisdom?
If you want to support your personal journey by working with Crystals you need to work with the Stone that provides the right frequency to balance your emotional field, not that close your future in "the box of rational goals". Mind that Crystal healing is a practice based on physical frequency, not superstitions.

***Un underestimated fact about programming:
Mental program (infusing purposes into an object) carries with it not just the "pure intention" but also the unbalancing and blocks of who programmed that crystal. 

The great Geobiology Regina Martino identified, over several experiments, the characteristics of the energy field of who programmed crystals by sensing the frequency of a crystal programmed by him/her.


• Any other frequency in the form of emotions that someone infused within your crystal unintentionally. This happens especially with jewels that come from generation to generation. They gain all the joy, pain, and drama of many lives.


When Crystals remain for years and years within closed spaces without air or any biological element, they can store a significant amount of dirty energy. These stones usually come from Companies that use to store them in containers or boxes for a very long time. That's why I always recommend cleansing crystals right after buying them.

You can use different methods when your crystals need to find their natural alignment eliminating all these "parasite" information imprisoned within their crystalline structures.

5 Most Effective Methods to Cleanse Crystals & Healing Jewels


Rinse the jewel or Crystal under running water. 

When you rinse your Crystal under the water, visualize a ray of white light that works to align the natural information of the Crystal.

>>> Pay attention to the stones that need a different cleaning method, check the graphic below if you have some doubts.

Chrystals that have to avoid water and sun

We said that the purpose of every cleansing practice is removing all of these frequencies that don't belong to the nature of crystals.
That's why removing these energies by using frequency (in different forms) is the best way to cleanse every crystal or stone effectively and rapidly.

You can use this method with any stone without restrictions.

It's the technique I use before shipping any Giardinoblu Jewel.

Here are the techniques you can use to cleanse your crystals by using frequencies

Reiki: if you're familiar with leading energy through hands, you can use Reiki to realign and cleanse your crystals.

Sound: put your crystal or your jewel inside a Crystal or a Tibetan Bowls on a small piece of fabric; every tone or size is great. Then, activate the bowl by making it sounds. Just a few minutes are usually enough to realign your stone.

Exposing the jewelry into incense or burning smoke is also an excellent way to purify them.
I choose this way, especially for more than 4 pieces.

Healing Jewelry love White Sage, Palo Santo and incense as well so choose what you love the most and your jewel love it too. 

It's always a great idea burning incense to purify not only your jewelry but the environment and your own aura. 

smudge is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse crystals

If you have a private garden, you can find a quiet place there to bury your stones for 24 hours or more. Make sure to put the necessary signs to successfully unearth your stones.

If you're not familiar with subtle energies and you can't feel when your Crystal is cleansed, a Shungite plate will do the job for you.

Put your Crystal or your jewel on a plate made with Shungite for 24 hours, the vital energy of this unique stone will re-establish the alignment and the coherence of the energetic structure of your Crystal or jewel.

The "how" is nothing without your full intention & presence

The way you use to cleanse your Crystals or Healing Jewellery is just a "the tool", your intention and presence are the key.

Whatever technique you choose, make sure to be fully present during the ritual connecting your intuition to your Crystal, if not you don't have any result.

Trust your body and visualize the pollution that goes away from your Crystal until it's radiant and free again. 

Jewels need more time in comparison with Crystals because metal tends to store energy as well.

Make sure to choose the ritual that is more connected with your culture and sensitive, fell free to combine different rituals if you feel it's necessary.

Hope this article gave you the answers you was looking for, if not, write your question or your doubts is the comment section below, I'll be glad to get back personally as soon as possible.




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