Crystal for Procrastination: How to Wear Pyrite to Get a Natural Energy Boost

Crystal for Procrastination Pyrite

There are many crystals and stones you work with to overcome procrastination habits, laziness, and low energy, promoting motivation, vitality, and focus.

In this article, I show you how to shake all your lethargic moments instilling vitality from the inside by working with one of the most powerful stones that supports you in taking action: Pyrite.

The name Pyrite means "flint," in fact, since Stone Age, this stone was used to light the fire. 

Knew as the stone that stores the Sun, Pyrite was also used for a long time as a talisman and therapeutic amulet, with the purpose of warming the body.

Ancient humans were not wrong; today, we work with Pyrite for similar intents. Nowadays, we know that Pyrite is able to support us in awakening our inner fire keeping the focus on ration thoughts like no others, and it's an excellent boost for everything related to action and activity.

Best Ways to overcome procrastination & lazynes


wearing Pyrite as a jewel

Wearing Pyrite a necklace is powerful to support mental focus and pragmatic choices actively

The best way to work with crystals and stones is by wearing them all day long. This way, you allow their frequency to interact with your own frequency giving yourself the necessary time to identify and integrate the energetic message that came from them. 

If you want to integrate Pyrite into your daily healing journey, you can wear it, like every stone, as a jewel or keep a pebble in your bra or in a small pouch as you prefer. 

No matter where you wear the crystal (if as a ring or necklace), it will provide its message to the Chakra system.

Let's take a look on what we get in specific from the energetic message of Pyrite

increase your reputation through actions and decision making skills
raise your self-esteem by creating something helpful for others
• manage a multitude of actionable tasks
• maximize your productivity skills
prove your ability in business and personal life through actions and decision-making skills
steady your authority as leader of your group.

As I said, working with crystals means consciously including them in your own energy field.
This is enough to integrate their energetic message and work with their frequency. However, if symbolism and a more meaningful way to keep them on specific parts of the body resonates with you, here are some inspirations.

Wear Pyrite as a Ring on the Middle Finger if you want to

• discover hidden aspects of yourself and find the courage to consciously integrate them in your own truth.

Wear Pyrite as a Ring on thumb if you want to

increase will
• support you in changing your attitude, create new habits by shifting your perspective.

Wear Pyrite as a Ring on the Ring Finger if you want to

• share your authentic self with actions, also when people don't expect that to you
• supports creative actions
• sustain you in accomplishing the multitude of tasks you have to achieve.

Crystal for Procrastination: How to Wear Pyrite to Get a Natural Energy Boost

How Pyrite works to awake your own inner fire

Here's how pyrite allows your own vitality free to flourish

The energetic message of Pyrite works primarily to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra, however, it also affects the Solar Plexus Chakra.

THE solar plexus CHAKRA:


When the second chakra (feel the feelings) is free from blocks, and the energy can flows through it, you're ready to fully embrace the experience you get from the Solar Plexus. 

Here consciousness comes in; then, we can transform instinct into intentional action. 

This is the territory where Pyrite is a master in assisting you to turn inertia into voluntary and conscious choices.

Pyrite helps you to leave the land of passiveness and old paradigms to transform habits and mindset, creating a new path for transformation.

The fire of Pyrite wakes you up by lighting up your consciousness in understanding the power of taking action by transforming energy into strength, increasing vitality, and overcoming fatigue.

The Fire, the natural element of Solar plexus and also of Pyrite, can alchemize everything giving you the ability to see and act with new eyes and energy.

Pyrite is a powerful support in overcoming procrastination, even when it arises from a melancholy and despairing feeling. That is what makes Pyrite one of the masters in overcoming procrastination and promoting action.

THE sacral CHAKRA:

actives & connects

It is not a coincidence that, as one of the stones of action, Pyrite, starts to vibe from the chakra of connection.

In fact, the spark of your fire starts to bright below the naval and above the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis, in your Sacral Chakra. 

Here's not the primary area where Pyrite works, but here is where your fire actually starts to blaze.

Sacral Chakra is the door to your emotions and feelingsthe key to logging into old memories that your rational mind may have rejected.

Here is where you can unlock blocks that come from guilt. 

As a mineral of the sulfide class, Pyrite contributes to bringing to light old truths we tend to forget and remain unspoken or unclear aspects of our story.

That's why working with Pyrite requires a high will to dive deeper into your own mystery accepting the fact that the first stage to change and melt what blocks your happiness is knowing yourself better without hiding anything.

Working with Pyrite opens the door of "what is right for you" by turning the key in the lock of the Sacral Chakra.

Pyrite is a powerful shielding stone, so it tends to accumulate energy pollution inside their body to defend you. Make sure to cleanse your Pyrite talisman frequently and as soon as you feel it needs. 
Check THIS ARTICLE if you want some clarifications on how to do it.

These Pyrites have further specific properties in addition to the qualities I already mentioned.

Necklaces and ring with Rainbow Pyrite
The Rainbow Pyrite talisman collection (natural and no treated stones)

PYRITE IN QUARTZ: helps to tap into talents abilities unlocking potential and stimulating the flow of ideas.

RAINBOW PYRITE: strongly supports everything requires creativity, it leads you to see the things from an uncommon perspective to figure out the best solution for you.

PYRITE IN MAGNESITE: it mitigate the exciting effect of Pyrite. It brings a calming effect to the emotions supporting in tolerating stress and pressure.

FEATHR PYRITE: brings the whole body into harmony instilling confidence and stamina to succeed.

IRIDESCENT PYRITE SUN: rare blue-green stone helps to focus your intuition and go through multi-dimensions while remaining fully present.

Hope this article is helpful, inspiring and useful for you. If you have some questions or I can help you to clarify some details don't hesitate to write your questions and comments here below ;)




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