Crystal Talisman & Amulet | How they Work to Transform Your Life & Raise the Best of Yourself

Crystal Talisman & Amulet | How they Work to Transform Your Life & Raise the Best of Yourself

Pliny the Elder defined for the first time what "amulet" is in his Natural History.
It was 77-78 d.C.
This world comes from the Latin amulētum, which means "an object that protects a person from trouble."


In fact, the modern name of this tool comes to us from Ancient Romans, even if its origin is actually much older.

Prehistoric wearable objects embodying fertility and animals have been found near some of the oldest known human remains.
Archaeologists have also unearthed shells, claws, teeth, and crystalline solids dating to 25,000 b.c.e.

Amulets and talismans come to the modern age carrying precisely the same power, and today their popularity is increasing.
People wear them to attract what they need, protect themselves or manifest what they want.

But do they actually work, or wearing them is just a bizarre practice based on superstitions?

Shortly, the answer is YES they work, and this has nothing to do with supernatural concepts.

Much of the power of amulets is based on scientific fact, not on obscure stories. Everything is real, natural and tangible that's why humans have always been wearing them from the beginning of their life on this planet.
If something is not already proven by theorems or rules, it doesn't mean it's not real.


In fact, in this case, we can easily demonstrate that wearing Amulets and Talisman help us to achieve our goals and stay focused on what matter most.
How? Find your Amulet and wear it on day to day basis making sure to be conscious of its power and to create a vibrant connection with it.
I show you how here below, but before here's a quick reminder about what amulets and talisman are.


A Talisman is a wearable object, often a specific gemstone or crystal, that has the ability to guide you towards the way of expansion and raising.

Talisman is a great support to enhance your energy and extend your vibe in order to amplify specific abilities and realize/attract what you need and want in life.

The power of Talisman:

focus on what you need

As a powerful focuser, each talisman has the ability to leads your thoughts in the right direction.
Controlling what you think it's vital to promote the right steps and create new habits that build the future you desire.
It helps you to avoid distractions and helps to pursue meaningful actions in order to manifest your purposes.

Amplify the Universal Life Force

Universal Life Energy is the perpetual flow of Energy, the Power of physical and mental vibrations.
Universal Life Energy is both unmanifested and manifested, reason and result, cause and effect.
It's eternal and infinite. Talisman makes the consciousness about Universal life energy clearer in your mind and body bringing a renewed sense of connection with the universe and everything around.

WHAT IS A Amulet

Amulets are special Talismans that have the ability to shield the auric body protecting from the negative and everything doesn't serve you to progress and grow. 

The power of Amulet:

Amulet has the ability to protect and defend you.

Only Gemstones and Crystals with the energy frequencies that work for protecting us can become Amulets.
Black Tourmaline, Jet Stone, Garney, Shungite, Herkimer Quartz can become powerful Amulets.

The power of Amulets and Talisman are not in themselves, meaning wearing them is not enough to accomplish your purposes, you also need to unlock their power with your own energy, intentions, and actions.

Plus, Amulets have no direct effect on the goal, instead, they affect on you, increasing confidence, self-esteem supporting you to focus on your goals avoiding unproductive thoughts.
Whatever you believe it's a fact that these amulets work, then the more your personal believe is high, the more their can enhance your power, charisma, and vitality.

Talisman constant reminds to your subconscious what you want to accomplish in life, growing the influence of positive thought, image projection, and visualization.

How Amulets & Talismans work

As you know Amulets and Talismans are nothing to do with fashion, they require a completely different approach to actually work.


Amulets and Talismans spread a completely different energy and have much more power than fashion jewelry.
I created an article to better show you why, you find it here.

Amulets & Talismans work through 4 key factors:

vibrant connection

Your Talisman enhances the connection you have with the invisible environment, and also with past and future.
That means that it's a huge support to clearly see and feel the tangible connection between you and Universal Forces.

That's why Talisman and Amulets are potent tools that raise your intuition, and mindfulness giving you the ability to be more conscious about yourself and what you're determined to achieve in life.


The metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones are one of the first and vital points you should consider creating an Amulet that works.
If you don't have a specific method to find the gemstone that helps you in this critical time of your journey read this.

Essentially you should choose the crystal (or even a combination of more) that vibes higher to sustain the purpose that you're asking from yourself.
What do you need to learn, which attitude or mindset do you need to master to better pursue your intentions and goals?
Crystals and Gemstones are tremendously helpful in these process because their energy perfectly interacts with human physical and etheric body.


If you want to know more about how to know the Crystals you need, check this article.


Choosing the crystal that better support you means declaring your intentions and purposes to the Universe, but is not enough if you wanna reach your vision.
When you wear your amulet you should have your intention crystal clear in your mind.
So your Talisman will be much more than a nice thing to wear, instead become a constant reminder of your goal.


Another key thing that makes the difference in manifestation when you work with Crystals Talisman is practicing the necessary rituals to establish a connection with your Amulet. The goal here is establishing a friendship
This practice includes:
taking care of it
• thank your Talisman at the and of each day

Talismans and Amulets have a long history you can use their powers to attract, that which you desire protect that which you value, and transform your life.

They should not to be the only force to attract what you want if you really want to transform your life.
Mind that your actions enhance the power of your amulets, and the power of your Amulets raises through your actions.

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