How to Charge and Activate Jewelry for Healing

How to Charge and Activate Jewelry for Healing

This article is the third part of a serie, so if you don't know how to clean and cleanse healing jewelry in an effective way, make sure to read the previous post and implement the ritual you find before going through this.


Now that your crystals are clean, you may think that they need to be charged or activated before working with them. 


However, some texts in the geobiology field show that "activation and charging" are not something about rituals instead, they're more related with mindset.


What does it mean?

After cleansing your Crystals the next step is not infusing energy. If so, we should come back to the previous step and cleanse the crystal again!

Mind that we already worked to remove the frequencies that don't belong to the natural structure of crystal and now your crystal is physically ready to work with you.
If you didn't do that yet, check this article and come back.


ABOUT CHARGING & ACTIVATION: this age we tend to led everything to technology, but Crystals are much more then computers.
Crystals are not machines, they don't need to be charged or activated, because the best for both is getting the access to their natural energy.
The purpose of Crystal Healing is using the natural frequencies of Crystals and Gemstones to bring your own energy field (Chakra System) back to balance.
You can find the frequency that perfectly supports you among hundreds of crystals and gemstones. So, why we (as humans) should add something different to the natural frequency of crystals?


Crystal Healing is an intentional practice. 
You can't say you're working with Crystals properly just because they're physically with you, or you did all the rituals you find online or on books. It's not enough to get results or find support from Crystals.

Best Charging & Activation are Intention & Consciousness

When you work with crystals and stones, intention is key, a passive job made or empty gestures don't work. Your Crystals needs your own presence and intention.

So everything you need to do when you wear your crystal every morning, is being conscious about that gesture. Be there, even if for just a few seconds.

This is the best way to consciously inform your body and mind that they can get access to a special support during the entire day and you can ask to connect to che energy of your crystals every moment of you day.


Or, if you meditate with Crystals make sure to know the properties and messages of the stones you're working with. This raise the energy of your practice significantly.

See you next week with the final post of this serie: How to Program your jewelry for Healing.


All Love,



  • Brucehoupe: May 13, 2020

    thank you for the link

  • FRANCESCA MANCINI: May 02, 2018

    Hi Cecil^^ thanks for sharing your heart with the world! Your attitude and sensitivity is a beautiful and rare gift!
    Botanic science proved that plants and flowers grow better when they’re with other plants or trees and when someone takes care of them not just with water and manure but also with energy and speaking.
    Is there a mysterious language in everything in nature and I think that some people can listen and understand it more than others.
    I’m honored you share your attitude on this blog!
    Please, dive deeper into the superpower you have Cecil! I’m sure you can discover even more :)
    I can only recommend verifying everything you listen from your rock, trees and sky and consult them to get an opinion, not an imperative. Mind that we’re all responsible for our life and future <3
    All Love

  • Cecil Osborne: May 02, 2018

    Thank you for the information. I have a question and I hope it it not too strange. I have been collecting since a very young age. I have always been attracted to “rocks”. I talk to them and sometimes they seem to answer back.
    I also talk to trees, the sky, the sea and so on. I think sometime that I may be just crazy or whatever. Am I crazy? It seems ok to me but I have to be careful as not to do this in public as to appear “crazy”. I would love your input on this subject. Thank you. Cecil

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