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Jewelry Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Easy Guide to Clean Silver, Gold, Bronze and with Pearls Jewelry

+ plus: Best products to buy online and use at Home

When you buy a jewel, you know that you’ll have to take care of it, mainly because of oxidation.

What is oxidation?

Oxidation is a chemical and natural reaction happening with most of the metals (except gold, platinum and aluminium). The dark patina that we all know, born when metal and oxygen meet each other.

+plus there are a lot of factors that can change and dull the surface of your jewelry like soap, cream or sweat.

Best practices to keep your jewelry shiny and bright

Don't use Soap

Don’t wash your jewel with aggressive soap. Store your rings away when you wash your hands, and wear them when skin is dry.

Don't use perfume

Don’t use perfume on your jewels.

Avoid Humidity

If you going to relax in a sauna or Turkish bath put your jewelry in a place away from humidity.

Don't use cream

Don’t use cream or oil on your jewel.

Want your jewels to shine and glossy over time?

Choose the best method for you, accordingly with your expectations and needs

Take care of your jewelry at home by using specific products

Here below you find some products that I really recommend to polish and clean your jewels at best.

Home Remedies to Clean Jewelry

Find out the method that works perfectly for you further on this page.

Talk to a skilled goldsmith

When your jewelry is made of precious stones and metal, consider to talk to a skilled goldsmith to avoid any damage.

Take care of your jewelry at home with specific products

This is my favorite way to taking care of my jewelry. There are several great products available online at various price ranges. In general, they are all affordable and quite durable. 
It's the best way if you wanna get very nice results, sometimes astonishing, in just a few minutes from home. 

I tested many kinds of products and Brands, here're what we use and I really recommend:

Fast & Easy: Anti Tarnish Polishing Clothes for Silver, Gold, Bronze and Brass

Hagerty Silve Cloth

Silver & Gold Polishing Cloths

Goddards Long Term Silver Cloth



Best Effect: Silver, Gold, Bronze and Brass Cleaners

Pearl Caring

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

First, pay attention to every diy jewelry cleaning method that you find online. Before try any homemade strategy, make sure to trust the people who post the article or video. 

In particular, I strongly recommend to avoid:

TOOTHPASTE, you risk to dull stones, especially precious stones

TOO HARD BRUSHES or abrasive, there would be the risk of scratching the metal or stones.

aggressive SOAP, you risk dulling your jewel.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner for Bronze and Silver:

How you can do if your jewellery seems dull or sed?
What you need:

• a cup of hot water (avoid it in other cases)

plain cotton or linen fabric (I personally love the second one);


• a tiny saucer.


How to do:

  1.  Put a small quantity of bicarbonate on the small dish. You need a tiny mound of it;

  2. Take your jewelry, dive it in to the water for about 30 seconds and take it out;

  3. Take your jewelry and dive it into your tiny mountain of bicarbonate;

  4. Take the soft fabric. Wrap a small part of it on one of your fingers, quite tight;

  5. Take your jewelry again and rub it with your finger on shiny surfaces. Make sure you don’t rub inside the grooves, because if you’ll do that you’ll take off the nice dark tone;

  6. Repeat from step 3 until you are satisfied;

  7. Gently rinse your jewelry with warm water;

  8. Dry it with the clean section of your fabric, insisting on the shiny areas.


Homemade Jewelry Cleaner for Gold and Rose Gold:

What can you do if your jewelry seems reddish or lost luster?

Here's what you need:

• a cup of hot water (avoid it in other cases)

• a soft toothbrush


plain cotton or linen fabric ( I love the second one)


How to do:

  1. Dive your jewelry in hot water with a small quantity of bicarbonate for about 30 seconds;

  2. Wet the brush lightly with hot water, and rub the bristles on the bicarbonate powder;

  3. Now take your jewel;

  4. Rub and scrub the bristles of the brush with bicarbonate on your jewelry, trying to cover the whole surface in different directions. Repeat the process from point one three or four times. Imagine you’re doing a real beauty treatment;

  5. Gently rinse your jewelry with warm water;

  6. Dry it by wiping it with a cloth in plain cotton or linen insisting on the smooth parts.

Essential Cleaning & Caring Guide for Pearls:

Pearls are delicate gems, so please avoid contact with acidic substances such as
perfume, detergents, alcohol, vinegar, fruit juices.


It’s also important to avoid contact with other elements such as:

Hairspray: wear your jewel after hairdressing

Chlorine: pay special attention to pool or spa environments. Leave your jewel some place secure if you’re in doubt.

Sweat: avoid wearing pearls for too long during very hot days is a good practice.


Pearls risk losing their brightness because of the excessive acidity they absorb.

If you wear your pearl jewelry pretty often, it’s best to keep them hydrated and shiny. Store them away from hot or direct light.


Daily caring:

1) Take few minuted to gently wipe your pearl jewelry with a wet cloth. It removes impurities on surface

2) Put your pearl jewelry on a dry cloth to dry

3) Keep your jewelry in a soft bag or in a solo-case to avoid direct contact with other jewelry that can scratch it.


Periodical caring:

About three times per year make an intense care ritual, simple steps for long time results:

1) dampen a soft cloth (natural fibers such as cotton or linen is better) with a few drops of olive oil or sandalwood;

2) gently rub the pearls, also close to the nodes;

3) goes over the surface with a soft and dry cloth.

This treatment keep longer the luster of pearls and maintains hydration over time.
If your jewelry needs a more thorough cleaning, contact a qualified expert, your jeweler can help you surely.


Pearls Rethread:

You should be usually rethread your jewel every two years.
If you wear your jewelry several times per week only, you should proceed with a new threading every year.


Make sure that the jeweler make a knot between each pearl larger more than 4 mm.

This give additional strength to jewel, distribute the weight of the beads, avoid rubbing and remove the risk of losing pearls after a wire breakage.

Do you have questions or something is not so clear?

Send me a message, I'm glad to help!



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