Jewelry Cleaning Guide

The Easy Guide to Clean Silver & Bronze Jewelry

+ plus: best products to buy to keep your jewels always shining and bright

When you buy a jewel, you know that you’ll have to take care of it, mainly because of oxidation.

What is oxidation?

Oxidation is a chemical and natural reaction happening with most of the metals (except for gold, platinum and aluminium). The dark patina that we all know, born when metal and oxygen meet each other.

+plus, a few factors can dull the surface of your jewelry, like soap, cream, or sweat.

Best practices to prevent jewelry tarnishing and dull

Don't use Soap

Don’t wash your jewel with aggressive soap. Taking off your rings when you wash your hands, and wear them again when skin is dry, is a good habit.

Don't use perfume

Don’t use perfume on your jewels.

Avoid Humidity

If you going to relax in a sauna or Turkish bath put your jewelry in a place away from humidity.

Don't use cream

Don’t use cream or oil on your jewel.

Pay attention to some homemade methods you find online. Before trying any of these, make sure to trust the people who post the article or video.

In particular, I strongly recommend avoiding using:
• TOOTHPASTE, you risk damaging the stones,
• HARD BRUSHES or abrasive. You might scratch the metal or stones.
• AGGRESSIVE SOAPS, the metal might reacts by becoming opaque.

How to take care of your jewelry at home

Consider that oxidation changes over time and can be related to humidity of air, menses, or other factors that might vary the acidity of your epidermis.
Polishing your jewelry quite frequently and keeping your skin dry can reduce this chemical reaction.
The best way to take care of your jewelry more frequently is to rub the metal with a leather cloth without any product. 

When you want to give your jewel extra care, I recommend using high-quality anti-tarnishing products, like the ones here below for bronze or silver polishing. I'm not an affiliate of these brands, I just have been using them for years on my jewels with great results.
In specific, if you're looking for a product to take care of your Giardinoblu jewels, I recommend you Hagerty, copper brass and bronze polish.


There are several good products available online at various price ranges. They're the best way if you want to take back your jewels at their original brightness in just a few minutes from home. 

Best home treatments for Silver and Bronze

Put just a few drops on a tissue and rub the metal for a few seconds. Rinse and brush (I use an old toothbrush) for a few seconds.Your jewel will looks as new.

Fast & Easy: Anti Tarnish Polishing Clothes for Silver, Gold, Bronze and Brass

Hagerty Silve Cloth

Silver & Gold Polishing Cloths

Goddards Long Term Silver Cloth



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