Should Christians Actually Use Crystals & Stones for Energetic Healing?

Should Christians Actually Use Crystals & Stones for Energetic Healing?

I frequently receive questions from you guys related to Christianity and Crystals. Many of you are fascinated by Crystals but not sure if you can work with them because of your faith, or others want to use them, but some family members do not approve.


All of you guys live a unique situation and have a unique story. Nobody can give you the answers but yourself.
This article doesn't want to bring you to walk some way or another. 

The purpose here is to provide tangible elements you can evaluate to make the best decision for you.


• What actually are Crystals, Gemstones, Rocks, and Minerals?
• Do Crystals have healing power?
• Are Crystals related to the occult? 
• Are Crystals related to holy scriptures?
• Do you need to believe in the healing power of Crystals?
• How crystals help us? 
• Does using crystals mean deny God?

What actually are Crystals, Gemstones, Rocks, and Minerals?

Minerals or Crystals are inorganic solid constituted by one or more chemical elements. 

They have specific chemical compositions, and the atoms are organized in periodic structures (crystal lattice). Minerals' chemical properties are always the same (except for slight variations) no matter the area of origin. 
Crystalline structure is always the same for the same kind of Crystal, independently of where it had formed.

For Example, Rose Quartz always has a rhombohedral lattice structure, and its composition is still silica, oxygen, and manganese.


Rocks are the essential components of Earth's Crust. They are fused, cemented, or joined minerals aggregated in grains.


For the most part, gemstones are minerals admired for their beauty and preciousness. They're minerals with a patterned crystalline structure and a consistent chemical composition.

Topaz, Garnet, Aquamarine, and Nobile Opal, for example, are minerals and also gems. 

Can Christians Use Crystals?

Do Crystals have healing powers?

If you're asking yourself this or you have heard that Crystals have healing powers, I totally get your skepticism or doubts. I had the same doubts when I started my journey with Crystals because I many people said that Crystals have the power to heal physical and mental diseases, such a highly delicate field, right. 

Pay attention when you hear these kinds of messages because Crystals cannot replace any medical treatment and cannot heal physical, psychological, or mental disease.

Are Crystals related to the occult? 

You may sew, especially online, images that put spells and magicians in relation to Crystals. You may also hear some people use stones to attract love, gain guidance for life decisions, or bring luck.

The fact is that Crystals are natural formations created by nature, as everything on the planet, ourselves included. They are not magic, not tools for spells at all. 

Crystals are part of God's infinite beauty, such as sky and earth (they're a physical part of it). 

Does using crystals mean deny God?

Crystals carry the natural beauty and love of the world created by God.

You don’t need a high priest because Jesus Christ is your High Priest. 

Crystals, like all creation, are a gift from God. So as you can recognize God in flower, you can see the manifestation of God in Crystal. God is the creator; replacing his sovereignty with Crystals doesn't make any sense. 

What I try to clarify is the misconception that many people have about crystals. They think that crystals bring fortune, or are able to change events, so we should be in some ways "devoted to them" for this.  This conviction creates a lot of chaos leading many people out of their center, and their light.
Our devotion, as Christians, is only towards God for the life he ​​gave us and for always showing us the way to walk.

Are Crystals and holy scriptures related?

Crystals and Gemstones are tremendously present in holy scriptures because of the simple fact that ancients use them to declare their values, purposes, and wisdom. The mentioned stones are several, here're the passages that show the most popular ones:


Amethyst is the twelfth and last stone of the foundation of the New Jerusalem. It is the third stone in the third row of the rational, representing the tribe of Issachar (Ex., xxviii, 19; xxxix, 12); the Septuagint enumerates it among the riches of the King of Tyre (Ezech., xxviii, 13). 


Topaz is the second stone of the rational (Ex., xxviii, 17; xxxix, 19), representing Simeon; also the second stone in Ezech., xxviii, 13; the ninth foundation stone of the celestial Jerusalem (Apoc., xxi, 20) and also mentioned in Job, xxviii, 19.


Carnelian is the first stone of the breastplate (Ex., xxviii, 17; xxxix, 10) representing Ruben. It's also the first among the stones of the King of Tyre (Ezech., xxviii, 13); the sixth foundation stone of the celestial city (Apoc., xxi, 19). Also found in Noah's story.


Diamond, (Ezech., iii, 9; Zach., vii, 12; Jer, xvii 1). In the last citation, Jeremiah informs us of a diamond usage "The sin of Juda is written with a pen of iron, with the point of a diamond". 


Emerald (Ex., xxviii, 17; xxxix, 10), representing the tribe of Levi; it is the ninth stone in Ezech., xxviii,13, and the fourth foundation stone of the celestial Jerusalem (Apoc., xxi, 19). The same stone is also mentioned in Tob., xiii, 16 (Vulg. 21); Jud., x, 21 (Vulg. 19); and in the Greek text of Ecclus., xxxii, 8, but there is no indication of it in the Manuscript B. of the Hebrew text, found in the Genizah of Cairo in 1896.


Sapphire (Ex., xxviii, 19; xxxix, 13), it represented the tribe of Issachar. It is the seventh stone in Ezech.; it is also the second foundation stone of the celestial Jerusalem (Apoc., xxi, 19).


Gemstones are also present in a beautiful passage about Aaron's Breastplate:

“Then, with great skill and care, make a chest piece to be worn for seeking a decision from God.
Make it to match the ephod, using finely woven linen embroidered with gold and with blue, purple, and scarlet thread.
Make the chest piece of a single piece of cloth folded to form a pouch nine inches square. 

Mount four rows of gemstones on it. The first row will contain a red carnelian, a peridot, and an emerald.
The second row will contain a turquoise, a blue lapis lazuli, and a white moonstone. The third row will contain an orange jacinth, an agate, and a purple amethyst.
The fourth row will contain a blue-green beryl, an onyx, and a green jasper.
All these stones will be set in gold filigree. Each stone will represent one of the twelve sons of Israel, and the name of that tribe will be engraved on it like a seal."

It was made according to the design given by God to Moses. This breastplate was important because it was how God revealed His plan to His people.

How crystals help us? 

Crystals, because of their chemical and physical properties, spread a frequency, like everything on the planet, ourselves included. The interesting fact is that Crystals and stones' frequencies are stable and consistent in time. That's why we use their frequency so effectively to balance and raise our own frequency.

If you want to find out more, check this article >> 

Do you need to believe in the healing power of Crystals?

Do you need to believe in the healing power of Crystals?

Crystal healing is not a religion or faith; instead, it's a practice. You don't need to believe in their power to experience their energy.
You just have to try, remaining open, with a little bit of skepticism, so you can better make this experience really unique and personal.

Everything that you need to do with crystals (if they want to approach them) is experiencing their frequency by following a proper method (there are many scams out there).

Conclusions & Recommendations

If you think that Crystals are not your things, please fallow your heart and your soul. Stop looking for answers online! The answer is already in your heart, do not use or work with them. 


Otherwise if you're inspired by crystals, consider that many of my clients reported that crystals, in association with other practices as reiki, have increased their connection to God, giving them a deeper comprehension of many of Jesus' parables in the Bible.
However, integrating crystals in your journey towards light has to be a personal choice. No one can say what you have to do, but yourself.


Hope this article provided the information and unpacked the topics you needed, if not, share your doubts and questions here below, I'll personally reply at soon as possible.


All Love



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