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Best Crystals & Stones for Protection: The True Story

Posted on April 17 2019

Best Crystals & Stones for Protection: The True Story
Protect you and your family from negative energy
• Protect you from "energy vampires"
• Handle empathy in a better and healthy way
• Don't feel yourself as the victim of situations
• Be more balanced and less emotional vulnerable
• Protect your energy field from electromagnetic waves.

I constantly receive messages from people who ask me about the best crystals and stones they should wear for protecting themselves, and their family, from negative energy.

This is the consequence of many cultural, social and historical factors of the age in which we live, the need of protection comes from there.

Best Crystals & Stones for Protection

The culture of marketing says that you still need something to be safe and protected. In other words you still need to look for something outside of yourself to find healing and balancing.

The story of "stability, safety & prosperity" reveals the true state of humanity: constant transformation.

Many people in the western world lost historical traditions, cultures and rituals of their Countries, they're our cultural roots and part of our social identity.

We forgot to develop intuition, so now analytical thinking seems to be the only way to analyze and build a prosperous future.

How to protect yourself from negative energy on a day to day basis?

The first thing to do is to STOP looking for some Crystal for protection because you can't change the events or close yourself in any energy-cage, that's a superstition.

Plus, it's an unhealthy purpose itself. You deserve and you can get much more than this.

 Here's why:

• Looking for something that shields you from what life has to offer makes you weak and weak, so the need for protection will be never enough. Instead, you need to work on reinforcing your emotional structure and expand it.


• Protection requires some kind of contraction and closure, the opposite goals of every healing therapy, Crystal Healing included. The real goal here is, again, expand and reinforce. At that point, you don't feel the need for protection anymore. And plus, you will be solid, aligned, positive, and radiant, ready to manifest your higher self.


• As you know, words carry information not just as "neutral" meaning, but also in the form of frequencies that go deeper affecting emotions and then your radiance. Looking for "protection" has a negative impact because it carries the idea that you fear of something. Fear is the most debilitating and common virus of the modern world, and the first thing you need to keep away from yourself if you want to grow. 

When you allow the fear to take control of your choices, your energy field reduces its radiance instantly. The more you have fear, the more your consciousness and your soul becomes weak. 

So, what I strongly recommend is replacing the limited purpose of "protection" with the radiant goal of "expansion&densification".

If you find yourself  emotional drained, too much sensitive or emotional unstable, keep in mind that answer is ALWAYS within you and it's related with what you need to expand or balance in your own emotioal field.


Again, recommend working on emotionally reinforcing yourselves, instead of thinking "you need a magic pill" to protect you and your family.

The truth is that there is not a stone (or a few) that is good for everyone because everything is related to how individual, cultural, social and historical factors interact with you and which reality bring.

You can identify the Crystals that effectively support you by recognizing which of these emotional profiles is more related with your situation.
Please mind that Crystals don't give you more energy. Instead they work by creating new spaces, freeing and transforming stagnant energy there are within your body.That's why you feel that sense of relising when you find the right Crystal remedy.


*ps. What you find here below are the most common reasons why people feel they need protection. If your situation is different make sure to book your Crystal Consultation so I can assist you personally.


and high sensitivity in general

If you're hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves, sounds, but also colors, smells you're always stressed and anxious, you sometimes probably suffer from muscular tensions and migraines.

If so, you should immediately start reestablishing a deeper connection with your Roots (First Chakra) with Chiastolite, Garnet, Hematite, Jet Stone, Smoky Quartz or Staurolite.
GO THERE to immediately find the best Crystals for you.

However, it is possible that the First Chakra is not the only emotional area you should work on. If you already worked on your Root but you didn't solve your issue, you also need to work on your Bordeaux Chakra by wearing Turritella Agate, Silicified Wood, Labradorite, Meteorite, Magnetite, Black Obsidian, Black Garnet, Black Septarian, Stromatolite, Tektite or Black Tourmaline.
Find out the best talismans for you HERE.



If you suffer from physical and emotional weakness your Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras exceed, and Bordeaux, Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus are blocked or weak.

You are able to receive the energy from the Universe (etheric feed) but your physical body can't handle the flowing through the body.

In other words, this energy stagnates anding up to weakening the whole body/consciousness.

If you are in this position, first and foremost you should work with stones and crystals that teach you the way to your deep root, here you find the crystals I really recommend to wear for at least one month to see the energy shifting.


If you feel that other people can influence your decisions most of the time, your intimacy is excessively vulnerable and you need to reinforce your own personal territory.
You should immediately work on the Solar Plexus Chakra to defend and reinforce your motivation, self-esteem, freedom to act, responsibility, your ego, and position by wearing Yellow Apatite, Bronzite, Citrine, Heliodor, Tiger Eye, Pyrite, Pietersite or Honey Calcite.

Find out HERE the healing jewel that is perfect for you.

you're the victim

If you frequently find yourselves as the victim of situations or others don't fully respect your will, dignity and integrity, you should start to work on re-establishing an healthy connection with your physical body, discovering your sensuality, your physical body and what you love.

You probably need to create a more healthy relationship with food and with the sense of pleasure.

You could also need to live your sexuality more naturally, without prohibitions or, at the opposite, compulsive behaviors.
You need to work immediately on re-establishing the energy flow of your Sacral Chakra back with Brown Aragonite, Amber, Cacholong, Fire Opal, Tantalite, Hematoid Quartz. Here're the Crystals that work for you.

conflict with authority

When someone in your life effects on your dignity prejudicing your self-esteem or shattering your joy for life, I strongly encourage you to start to work to gain the strength to free yourself from him (most common), or her establishing a deeper connection with your consciousness.

If a strict education or fundamentalist religion created a limiting- believe patter (also unconsciously) that restricts your decision-making skill, if somebody else usually decided for you, you didn't have the opportunity to learn from yourself.
This created an open door that gets the direct access to your consciousness. Charismatic people, and everyone wanna control your actions and energy can walk that way to take advantage on you. 

If you find yourself in this position make sure to work on reinforcing your Crown Chakra re-establishing your inner guidance and your identity.
I recommend working with Amethyst, Charoite, Tiffany Stone, Kammererite, Lepidolite, Purple Scapolite, Purple Opal by wearing them as jewels or taking them with you as much as possible close to your skin. 
FIND OUT HERE the stones that are coherent with your needs.

protection from electromagnetic waves

From 2000 the number of technology devices increased exponentially.
Cellular phones, cordless systems and computers started to belong to our daily life even more and today we live immersed by these artificial frequencies.
These microwaves are not biocompatible, so your body needs to work constantly to fix these toxic pieces of information.

This requires stability and an additional source of energy.
When the first Chakra is well balanced, you can fix this information in real time. If not, your energy field needs more and more energy to do the work day by day.

That's why even more people suffer from chronic fatigue, and more and more children are hyperactive.


Walking in nature is a great way to cleanse your energetic field from electromagnetic waves, and of course, many crystals and stones that work on grounding are excellent to turn toxic information into something that your body can easily utilize.

However, most of these crystals and stones end up to emit the same toxic energy as soon as they're saturated so we need to clean them frequently.
The only stone that doesn't store energy, then doesn't turn it into toxic is Shungite.
In addition to that Shungite has also other properties that make it unique in Chrystal Kingdom.


In 2009 Regina Martino and Christel Barbier published a book where they shared the results of a considerable number of scientific tests that they made measuring how stones work to protect our energy field from electromagnetic waves.

These texts show that Shungite is the only stone that doesn't charge negative energy so you don't need to clean it.

Unique Properties of Shungite

There are a few type of Shungite:

• TYPE I, Silver Shungite (Elite Shungite), with 98% of carbon and the maximum quantities of fullerenes

• TYPE II, Black Shungite, with 64% of carbon 

• TYPE III, with 30%of carbon.


Scientific experiments showed that fullerenes give to Shungite these unique properties:

• Shungite helps the body to instantly fix all the artificial informations that comes from the environment. 

• It neutralizes the impact of electromagnetic waves

• Shungite opens the access to the first Chakra (the energy of life) 

• Shungite has the ability to densify the energy field

• Shungite doesn't store negative energy.


We'll talk about each of these properties in one of the next posts on blog.

If you wanna dive deeper into Shungite healing properties I strongly recommend to read the book "Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification" by Regina Martino.
In this book, the author shows the outcome of scientific tests with different types and shapes of Shungite. 

It will amaze you.

This article is based on the most recent researches in Bioenergy Healing field from the books La Voie des Pierres et des Cristaux and  Shungite, Regina Martino.


As always , hope this article was helpful for you. I know there's so much more about "protection" we can discuss, so feel free to write your questions and notes below and I'll be glad to reply or dive deeper with a new article.


All Love

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