5 Secret Laws of Attraction: The Truth About Manifesting with Crystals

5 Secret Laws of Attraction: The Truth About Manifesting with Crystals

Crystal healing is a holistic therapy that taps into the energetic energy of crystals and how they affect the overall balance of body, mind, and spirit.

The main principle of Crystal Healing is that both our bodies and crystals contain the same minerals like silicon dioxide. 

That's why, we're naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals transmit, reflect and store. 

Do you wanna know more about how Crystals actually heal and support your whole body? I wrote an article for you. >> HERE<<


The different minerals, structures, and colors of crystals affect the body in subtle frequency on the energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

When crystals are placed directly on your body, they have a powerful effect that support healing and sustain balancing.

The main misconception about Crystal Healing

Some people think crystals work like a magic wand, and they allow you to manifest what you want without evolving in any other actions or efforts.

The truth is, there is no ‘magic’ behind crystal healing. 

Crystals need your physical and mental commitment to be active and helpful. 

You have to be actively involved in your own spiritual journey to benefit from the frequency of Crystals.

Every goal is a result

Every goal in life requires effort, consistency, and courage and Crystal Kingdom doesn't provide any escape from this law. 

For example, when we have a headache, we take an aspirin and we feel better in a few minutes. It's a kind of miracle!
However, the dark side is that we blind the symptoms, not the cause of illness. That's why, in these cases, reliving is temporary in most of the cases.

Crystal Healing is Transformation, not covering

Understanding and treating the causes of unbalance require time and commitment, but it's the only way towards real transformation and healing.


Crystals work to transform, not cover. 

That's why, if you want to achieve results by working with Crystals, you have to respect some important laws.

Healing is just for people who want to discover their real potential and free themselves from what doesn't belong to their inner truth.

Spiritual Healing is just for modern warriors.

5 Secret Laws of Attraction:

the Truth About Crystal Healing and Manifesting with Crystals


Wearing crystals or meditating with them is not enough to manifest what you want in life. You definitely should work consistently in aligning your purposes with actions.

Example: If you want to lose weight, you have to take a walk every day, eat clean, and stay open to the vision of your new "you". There is where Dravite helps to stimulate your metabolism, increasing your motivation to stay on track and establishing healthier habits. 

When you wear Dravite as a helper to establish a healthier diet, and you choose to have a cheeseburger + Coke for lunch, you don't prove to yourself and the Universe that you want to reach your goal. Instead, you use the Crystal as a front to lie to yourself. You don't actually want to change, and you know that.

When you don't want to change, Crystals can do anything for you.


Crystals naturally absorb energy around them that's why you should cleanse them regularly.
There are several ways to do it, the one that I always recommend is by using sound.

Sound is perfect for every stone and is extremely effective. You can also wash them under running water (not recommended for Chalcopyrite, Malachite, Angelite, Azurite, Cerusite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Ulexite and Vanadinite).

Go there to know everything about cleansing Crystals and Stones.



When you're looking for the best crystals for your journey, you find hundreds of articles online about them.

You may lose the track comparing the properties of all these different crystals trying to figure out which one is the best for you.
Choosing carefully is a great move, however, make sure don't take everything you read as a "cold list" of properties like when we read the ingredients or drawbacks of medicine.


Every crystal is a world you have to live, not a Planet to watch with the telescope.


Especially if you're starting to work with Crystals, I really recommend to ask for a private consultation with your favorite Crystal Therapist or Crystal Expert. She/he will figure out the crystal that vibes to support your spirit by listening to your goals, and understanding which is the area you should balance.


Often the crystals that call our heart, are the ones we don't actually need.
They're the reflection of our comfort zone, not what you need for overcoming your limitations supporting consciously transformation. Overcoming our boundaries exploring new territories is necessary when we work to growh.


Many people choose crystals knowing just their properties, but there's so much more. Consider taking a few minutes to align your vibe with the vibrations of the Crystals and choose the best for by listening.

This process could be a little bit complicated, when you buy crystals online.
You buy Amethyst, Quartz or Citrine and they choose for you the specimens.


I think it's not the adequate approach.

The level of energy of each specific crystal can really make the difference when we integrate crystals in our spiritual journey.

Here's an example of how you can choose the gemstone that vibe higher for you after you completing your order on giardinoblu.com.

This is exactly the reason I wanted to make this process easier for everyone who wants to wear giardinoblu jewels.
In fact, on giardinblu.com you can see exactly the crystal you'll wear on the product page when the jewel is a unique piece. Or, for every one of a kind jewel, I send you some pictures with different crystals, so you can choose exactly the one that vibe higher for you.


Then, I'm sure to create the healing jewel that vibes to illuminate your own specific journey effectively.


Crystals are living creatures.

When we decide to make them the light that illuminates our spiritual path we open the heart creating a friendship with them.

As in every friendship happens, the attitude is more important than actions.
Being conscious about the huge gift that you have from this friendship is key.


Having an attitude of gratitude is very important to the process. Being grateful to your jewel in advance is very powerful and is a major element that will bring you on the right way to manifest what is good for you.



Feeling gratitude every day for the things you already have, strengthens the action that helps those things that you do not have yet to manifest.


Being grateful afterward for every little step to the manifestation of what you desired, once it has come into existence, is very important.
The manifesting process is a journey towards growing and learning made of hundreds of tiny steps, it's not something that happens out of the blue. Celebrating every small success and every moment you're proud of yourself puts you on the right track to manifest your highest goal.


Once you have manifested your purposes, look back and embrace the fact that the process was the necessary way to make to goal real.

Hope this article was helpful and inspiring for you. Mind that each tiny step is like a seed of gold towards your higher self.


When you live every day as an opportunity for growth, everything starts to flourish. Not because it's easy, but because we begin to design our life, instead let our soul at the mercy of events.


With all Love,


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