How Can Crystals Actually Heal and Support Me?

How Can Crystals Actually Heal and Support Me?

Crystals and gemstones are living creatures that have been growing on our Earth since the beginning of time. All the most ancient cultures and Animistic indigenous around the world have always had an instinctive, holistic sense of nature and the spiritual universe.

The knowledge of these old people comes from experimenting and body learning. They didn't have any technical knowledge. They just observed. 


So why should we keep doing something that old civilizations did? We live in a completely different society. Our uses and our culture are completely different.


That is true. 

That's why I recommend experimenting with the energy of Crystals on your own and being critical of what you read in books or online; that's what I have done since the beginning of my own journey with Crystals.

How can we really test the energy of Crystals? 

Should I believe that they have some properties just because someone told me?

and again, 

Should I use crystals as "silencers" of unpleasant emotions, or for what?


...a had many questions like these ones, and nobody could reply, satisfying not just my mind but also my belly and intuition.

Always something was missed.


So I kept studying, and here's what I found.


Everything in life is a vibration that resonates at different frequencies.

As you experience it yourself, you know that the entire material world is nothing but a vibration; it's just a vibration of various underlying fields.


At every scale, everything vibrates, ourselves included.


Crystals and stones spread a subtle frequency created by the combination of their 

• chemical composition, 

• crystalline structure, 

• color, 

• hardness. 


The frequency that every type of crystals and stones spreads is distinctive and unique. 


 But why do we use crystals as a compendium of our own healing journey? 

Another important characteristic of Crystal frequency is stability

It means that the frequency that crystals and stones spread don't change over time, like their own vibration does, for example.

When a frequency is stable, it stimulates one or more specific areas of our energetic field, which we call Chakras.

In crystal healing, we use crystal frequency as support to stimulate the healthy function of Chakras and then encourage the natural flow of the energy throughout the body.

That way, we promote the healthy functions of organs, tissues, and systems and then the free and genuine expression of the self.


Bioenergetic Crystal Healing

Bioenergy Crystal healing is the discipline that helps us to know how Crystals and stones affect the human energetic-emotional field to support overall balance and the expression of the self.

Every being has an energy field that includes the Chakra system, Meridians, and the physical body.

Bioenergy discoveries and studies invite every individual to become responsible for her/his health stateand its purpose is to figure out the reason for unbalancing, illness, or discomfort, not silencing the symptoms.

There's not a direct link between illness and symptoms. Instead, we should identify the unbalanced frequencies that bring that discomfort or prevent us from doing the next step by observing the state of the Chakra system. 

Every Chakra is a unique place of consciouses that vibes with a specific frequency, accordingly to the light spectrum; that's why each area (Chakra) spreads a different frequency in color.

Everything we experience in life affects the state of the energy field. In fact, we can't have a "static balance" instead of a "dynamic balance," which is the intrinsic property of growing and being.

After several years of studies, between 2006 and 2007, a group of researchers conducted by Regina Martino, Stephan Cardinaux, Christel Barbier, David Buffault implemented a protocol based on the effects of some crystals and stones on the human energy field.

They made a double-mask (also called double-blind) analysis on a huge number of stones and crystals, trying to figure out if the human body interacts with stones by recognizing common patterns and senses or not.

At the and of the research, they found that every stone has a unique frequency that they define as a "signature vibe" that interacts with our own energy fieldcontributing to shifting its frequency.


Studying and practicing this method, I am able to figure out the best stones for my clients by 

First: identifying the Chakras that need to be healed and balanced

Second: overlaying the frequencies of some crystals to the frequency of the body

Third: identifying the best crystal frequency that can support harmony and balance and promote overall well-being. 


This is the most effective way to work with crystals for energetic-emotional healing; crystal frequency works beyond rational definitions. That's why, even if we know the energetic message brought by a crystal, listening to how the energetic field deals with its frequency is so recommended before working with crystals.


And again, we usually work with crystals to get support in achieving our purposes, right? 

However, what we call purposes are just what we define by words and by using our own experiences and languages. 

Most of the time, we can't rationally figure out what we really need to support balancing or what we actually need to manifest what we want. We usually tell ourselves a lot of stories, especially because we use the mind much more than the body, so we tend to rationalize most of the time.

“You are not the voice in your mind, but the one who is aware of it.”

Our energy system tells much more than what we can rationalize. 

That's why I always try to identify what my clients mean with "I wanna be more creative", "I need to be more confident when I talk to people", or "other people constantly drain my energy and I need protection," and so on.


>> If you have some questions or doubts about Bioenergy healing, please share them in the comment below, so I can reply or make a new article to better unwrap the topic.

Now, just a couple of important notes before leaving.


Crystals are tuned for a sacred purpose: equilibrating the Earth’s auric field and acting as a bridge between the Universal mind and Earth’s intelligence. 

Quartz crystals are very sensitive to environmental energy. They pick up energy and “information” from the environment. 

In the course of being mined and passed from hand to hand during their journey from their natural habitat to your home, crystals can retain beneficial and harmful energetic information in the form of human intent and emotions.

In their journey, crystals are handled by those who may not be aware of or who may not be respectful of their nature. 

In these cases, crystals may absorb energies that don't belong to its natural formation.

That's why I really recommend carefully clean all of your Crystals and Healing Jewels before wearing them. If you are not familiar with cleansing methods, you can easily find the best for you in THIS ARTICLE


There is a lot of justified skepticism about crystal healing, mainly because most sellers tell "what people want to hear," even if that means providing false hopes and promises.

First, let me share that Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical care, and they're not magic tools. 

Crystals need our intention and commitment to shift energy and transform lives. They're empowering tools for enhancing self-awareness, not realizing fantasies out of the blue.

Hope this can contribute to grow a more meaningful way to work with Crystals and helps to build a true spiritual dialogue with our mineral wise friends.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article, make sure to share your Crystal experience here below, it can support the spiritual journey of others and create positive vibes for everyone on this Planet.


All Love,


BIOGRAPHY: Science et conscience de l'invisible by Stéphane Cardinaux and Catherine Martin - La Voie des Pierres et des Cristaux by Regina Martino

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