Must have Crystals to Overcome the Fear of Future

Must have Crystals to Overcome the Fear of Future

Are you constantly fighting with worries or negative thoughts about the future, especially lately

Do you wanna have more control over everything around you, but you struggle because things are not going as you planned?


You are not alone. Many people struggle with that, and their number increased significantly over the last five years. 

Many of us gave up on freeing themselves from the fear of the future. Then, we don't make any significant change in our lives, except getting some pills to silence our body's messages.

And it's totally comprehensible when we didn't step into a more self-responsible view of our life understanding how we have the power to change our own inner state of being by dealing with our own energy. 

I tell you, overcoming the fear of the future is not just something everyone can do. Instead, it is a journey that transforms our life, revealing our real selves. It's actually the journey towards liberation from constant stress. It's also the first stage to liberate our authentic potential with trust, manifesting a more fulfilled life.


Throughout this article, we'll see the main energetic areas we need to awake, and the best crystals that help us to overcome the fear of future.

How to overcome the fear of the Future by raising the frequency of two main Chakras with Crystals

I struggled with anxiety and fear of the future for years, and today I found the exact feeling when I lose the connection with two vital principles: ACCEPTANCE and PRESENCE.

And these are the two main emotional territories we need to explore and recognize on this path.

Best crystals to overcoem the fear of the future

Acceptance and presence has a no-negotiable thing in common: living in the now moment. 


Acceptance is acknowledging and embracing what is real with higher frequencies. 

Everything you have to do is train yourself allowing this attitude to emerge.

We experience this energetic state of being when the Stella Gateway Chakra, is well radiant. The Stella gateway Chakra is the energetic area that vibes with frequency of magenta color and that is located above our head.

Presence is when your mind and your body are physically fully present in the moment you're experiencing. 

We can awake the state of being of presence by unlocking or enhancing the radiance of the Root Chakra.

Fully accept and embrace what is real has nothing to do with passivity, resignation or with avoiding to make plans for the future.

We have to accept that we can control anything, but ourselves.

Setting your mind in the way of "acceptance" means to embrace the mystery of the Universe, the magic of every day and accept a healthy dose of recklessness we all need to live a healthy life.

Acceptance and presence should be both part of the experiences we unlock and raise to alchemize the fear of future into fuel to live more fully and joyfully.

If you want to overcome the tension and pressure that the fear of the future brings to you I encourage to experience both of the frequencies - magenta and red - that allow you to embrace acceptance and presence at the same time. And that's precisely what you can do with the help of Crystals and Stones.

Crystals that support you to embrace the now moment fully living in the present

Awakening the Red Frequency from the Root

The red frequency is the knowledge in the form of frequency that the First Chakra spreads. Teh First Chakra, also called Root Chakra, is located at the base of your body between the anus and sexual organs.
It's the vital door between you and Mother Earth. How you experience this energetic area is directly linked to the value that your human mother represents in life.

When The First Chakra is balanced you can satisfy your needs in term of energy, protection, and safety and you know how to wisely use your energy when trying harder or resting. 
You're in our body, here and now.


Here're the best Stones that assist you in raising the Root Chakra frequency to calm the worries and stress about the future.

Jet stone shows you how to remain present avoiding stress and anxiety. Jet Stone helps you to gain emotional, and spiritual balance supporting to pursue your purposes maintaining stability, focus, and peace of mind.
Jet stone is also a wonderful guidance to find calm without losing vitality, determination, and energy.


Red Jasper is extremely helpful if you frequently find yourself cultivating illusions, and you need to learn the density of your center without losing your purposes and aspirations. The frequency of Red Jasper helps you to gain more energy, supporting calm, overcoming rigidity, and giving an overall sense of comfort.


Smoky Quartz is excellent guidance in structuring new and stable foundations to start a new life or an important project. It helps you to prioritize and organize the tasks you need to accomplish to manifest what you want and need.
It also allows you to remain focus on the present moment you’re living, avoiding distractions, stress, and confusion.


Chiastolite assists you in finding emotional balance, overcoming emotional turbulence, and anxiety. Chiastolite is an exceptional stone to work with, especially if you tend to lose your balance because of other people's emotions and energy.

Crystals that assist you to awake acceptance & help to trust the future


The Soul Star Chakra is a transpersonal energetic area, you can perceive it as a Magenta sphere about 20 centimeters over your head.
It's the door that gives you access to the essence of initiation. Into the resonance of the Magenta Chakra, you embrace the shift of consciousness or changes of paradigm.

When the Soul Star Chakra is balanced, you accept and integrate everything that life offers in the form of events in your life, and you use these experiences for your own evolution.

Here're the best Stones that assist you in raising the frequency of the Soul Star Chakra in order to mitigate worries and stress about the future.


Cobalto Calcite assists you in embracing everything that life has to offer as an opportunity to evolve and grow, maintaining stability, mental clarity, trust, and positivity.

The sweet energy of Cobalto Calcite teaches you how to overcome mental limitations and self-sabotaging attitudes that impede your drive toward evolution and transformation.

It regularly assists in embracing your spiritual metamorphosis with positivity and trust as an opportunity to open your vision to new ways to manifest the life you're born to live.


Raspberry Quartz actively leads to your own place of peace and to a new and sharper vision of everything around and within yourself.

It helps you to transmute deep sadness into knowledge to better accept yourself, other people, and events.

Its balsamic vibe helps you in consciously dissolving blocks between the the Heart and the Crown, bringing mental clarity and focus.

Raspberry Quartz teaches you a new sense of present because now you see within yourself, others, and facts with fresher and more limpid eyes.

Raspberry Quartz is a great guide to illuminate the mind, also over depression, apathy, or deep sadness facilitating every transformative healing process.


The frequency of Phosphosiderite works between the Crown and the Soul Star Chakra, inviting you to let limiting believes, fears, and apprehensions go, supporting the natural manifestation of your potential.

Phosphosiderite brings fluidity in every evolution process, assisting in recognizing your own spiritual transformation as a path you cannot control, but just embrace.

Stichtite guides you towards a wider perception of your own consciousness supporting in melting limiting beliefs, especially if they come from severe education or authority figures.

Stichtite teaches you to analyze new ideas, concepts, and perspectives being open to transformation.

Stichtite shows you your spiritual path guiding to walk in your own way, removing distractions and intrusions wisely.

How to maximize the results by working with your crystals

Choose one stone for each Chakra (Root and Soul Star) based on the message of their frequencies. 

You can wear your stones as jewels or in a small pouch, as you prefer, all day long taking them off during the night.

If you want working with Crystals during the night to facilitate good sleep and relaxation, I encourage you to put a pebble of White Opal, White Jade, Selenite or Scolecite inside the pillow case.

This is the only method you can use to choose your stone if you do not have a private consultation. However, if you want to be sure to work in the right direction with Crystals I strongly encourage you to book a private consultation.

In this article, you see just a few stones that work on overcoming the fear of futures, but there are actually much more. And again, you should also need another crystal that works on a different energetic area. You are unique in the Universe, your story is unique, your way to see things is unique, and your journey is also like no others. That's why there are no rational rules in crystal healing, but just frequencies. 

Only verifying how the frequencies of Crystals interact with your energy field, we know the Crystals that can support you at best this moment of your journey.

You can wear your stones as jewels or in a small pouch all day long taking them off during the night.


Consecrating to the "active listening" a few moments of the day is a way effective than wearing your Crystals in a "autopilot mode".

Make sure to wear your Crystal remedy every day.

Your Crystal remedy is your secret power. You can intentionally connect your frequencies and intentions to your Crystals in every moment of the day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

When the moment you’re living is challenging you, just connect your intention with the energy of your Crystals.
Be fully there, without expectations or judging. 
The more you intentionally work with your stones the more you can see the results.

I recommend to keep working with your Crystals until you feel you can deliver their information, purpose and message without wearing them. Time is different for everyone, only you can know when you're ready for the next step.

If, at some point in your journey, your Crystals don't spread the same energy of the beginning, but you still need to work with them it's because your Crystals may need to be cleansed (check this article to know how).

Hope this article gives you some inspirations that resonate with you and that can support you to live a more meaningful and grateful life on day to day basis.


If you have some questions or doubts make sure to write everything in the comment below, I'll reply you personally as soon as possible.


Thank you for being here,

Stay bright and fierce,


All Love


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