Best Crystals for New Moms

Best Crystals for New Moms


• work with crystals and gemstones to overcome emotional issues during pregnancy or after childbirth.
• live your pregnancy more mindfully by working with crystals
• dive deeper in your core by understanding more about your self and the miracle of life by working with crystals during pregnancy and after childbirth.

One of the most radical and transformative experiences that a woman can face is of course, a pregnancy.
A new life is coming and a new way to see the world and life emerges.

Whether you're waiting for a baby or, he/she came to light a few days ago, you're living the miracle of being a mom, but it's not exactly as a fairy tale!
You're experiencing a lot of transformations within a short period of time and it has a remarkable impact on your emotional and physical balance.

Every mom lives this exceptional experience in a very personal and unique way and because of that, there is not one stone that can sustain the journey of everyone.

Instead, if you're looking for help, you have to identify your needs, difficulties and blocks first.
Only then, you can find the crystal (or crystals) that brings the perfect vibe to support the emotional space that help you in handling this moment of radical transformation at best.

That's why this article is not based on generic stones for new moms, instead on the most common challenges that new mums have to deal with.
When you identify you own challenge, you find the crystal that supports you to face it.

Please note: the information you find in this article never substitute medical prescription, instead could be an excellent compendium.
If you feel you need to talk to your doctor, don't hesitate, then you can also work with crystals.

Best Crystals for New moms during pregnancy

If you didn't have remarkable blocks or unbalances in your energy field before pregnancy, the primary Chakras you should work on as new mom are:
Sacral Chakra (2° Chakra) it's the energy centers where the new life born physically.
Third Eye Chakra (6°chakra) which is usually over-stimulated and stressed because of the hundreds of thoughts, worries and fears that your rational mind brings.

However, Sacral and Third Eye are not the only energetic areas that you should care of over these nine months and after. The entire Chakra system is actually involved in this transformative adventure.

Your monkey mind chats like never before

When hundreds of thoughts about the future run into your head bringing stress and tension, working with Dendritic Opal will be the best choice to find relaxation and serenity.

Dendritic Opal is excellent to calm an overactive mind and save yourself from a rigid vision of events and future, teaching how to be fully present and embracing the now with gratitude and trust.

Dendritic Opal vibes to balance the Third Eye Chakra by activating the backside of the same energetic area, and then, its frequencies gets until the Sacral Chakra.

Dendritic Opal is quite rare, as an alternative you can also work with Scolecite or Selenite.

You're scared about childbirth & you struggle accepting your body is changes

You can understand and embrace your body over pregnancy (and after childbirth) only by exploring your emotional deepness, recognizing the body as a sacred temple of life.

Enhydro Agate is the vehicle to connect your consciousness to ancestral life and to the water as an archetype. The water the Enhydro Agate contains is two hundred million old.
Enhydro Agate is also extraordinary to melt fears about childbirth encouraging you to embrace what you're living with fluidity and joy.

If you're neglecting your body losing the connection with it, Enhydro Agate guides you to open your own doors to the future with trust respecting your intimacy.

You think that you're"not enough" for your baby, or something doesn't work in your body

When thoughts become heavier, you think your body is not enough for your baby and you forget the enjoyment and pleasure of this moment, Carnelian is the best helper.

Its frequency assists you in discovering spontaneity and joy, that are both essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Carnelian supports you in creating a new comfortable space of joyfulness and fertility assisting healing old wounds of the Sacral Chakra bringing joyfulness and a sense of liberation.

You need more space for yourself to experience this unique moment fully

If you wanna embrace these nine months as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and raising the connection with living creatures on planet, Chrysopal is a wonderful choice.

The sweet frequency of Chrysopal gently opens the consciousness to a intimate and deep connection with your emotional field, teaching how to listen to yourself more carefully, increasing your emotional and energetic intelligence.

CAUTION: I suggest to work with Chrysopal only if your Chakra system is well balanced. 

Crystals for new moms - Chrysopal necklace

You are always hungry

Crystals cannot force you in reducing the quantity of food. However, there's a crystal that assists you in establishing a healthier relationship with food.

Being hangry like never before during pregnancy is really common, and you can't change it, but you can always decide what to eat.
You should always choose natural row food, especially vegetables, fruits and legumes, avoiding sauces, fatty meats and cold cuts and of course fast food.

If you struggle with that, Tantalite helps you in establishing healthier and more balanced eating habits. 
Tantalite also supports you in solidifying your roots bringing more stability in your body/consciousness, which is a great move whenever you work on establishing new rules and habits in life.

You're afraid for the future

When you become mom or dad, everything changes. You need to accept the evolution with no resistances, if not  you start to gain stress and tensions without knowing how to go out of the situation.
Embracing this moment with no restrictions may requires mindfulness and intention. 

If you struggle with that and you need help in opening your new wings and learning to enjoy the fly to the future, you should work with Raspberry Quartz day to day basis.

Raspberry Quartz helps you to accept the natural manifestation of life encouraging to open the heart to light.
Working with Raspberry Quartz is recommended to everyone is living permanent tensions, so they can find a new space of peace in their heart.

Best Crystals for new Moms after childbirth

You frequently jump from sadness to euphoria or you've experiencing experience disorders

A new birth is a complex event that brings mixed emotions, sometimes also in contrast to each other.
Plus, everyday life is actually different from what you imagined before childbirth.
After childbirth, both of parents, especially mum, can experience emotional disorders and depression.
This is the reaction of their emotional body to the traumatic, even if positive, event.
If so, you're not alone.

Many women, more than you think, have a very similar experience <3

If you find yourself in this position, there's nothing wrong with you.

Trust your doctor with serene heart if you need and, as a complementary therapy, you can also work with Staurolite.
Staurolite is powerful to realign physic and psychic, giving you stability and harmony.

Staurolite works mainly on the Root Chakra (1° Chakra), and is also key to balance the access of the upper Chakras.

Example: if you care about everyone except yourself it means that your Heart Chakra front exceeds. Staurolite helps you to reestablish the balance.
Or, if you're over sensitive and you constantly need protection, it means your Turquoise Chakra front may exceeds and Staurolite is an exceptional stone to work with.

You lost the contact with your own physical body

If your body/mind is constantly in tension and you lost the connection with it that's the perfect time to experience the soft frequency of Amber.

Amber leads you to embrace the joy of touch, establishing meaningful, compassionate and fresh contact with your own body.

Amber shows you to discover the joy of physical contact, deeply understanding your own body and the body of your baby.

The unique vibration of Amber inspires sweetness and relaxation and works mainly on the Sacral Chakra.

However, the information that it brings also includes the Higher Earth Chakra (under the feet) and the Stellar Gateway (above the head).
The way Amber works on these two opposite Chakras remind the never-ending circle of biological existence.
Amber shows that you have always transform yourself because this is the first rule of biological life.

You're exhausted, your body is totally drained

When you're bodily exhausted and your energies are significantly compromised, Magnetite can help to reestablish the necessary strength and focus.

Magnetite works on reorganize all the emotional energy field starting from the roots where you can feel the telluric energy raising. Magnetite works to establish a connection with your spine (as the energetic vertical axis) and the Earth.

Magnetite is also an exceptional drainer of emotional toxins.

CAUTION: if you have a pacemaker, work with Stromatolite or Petrified Wood avoiding Magnetite.

You feel you're not enough

The time during a day is limited and you're human.
Challenging yourself to give always the best is great, but mind that wisdom and health always require flexibility and plus, you need to be ready to embrace imperfection.

If you need a guidance over this journey, Nephrite Jade shows you the way to understand your own emotions without judging them teaching that you can't do everything, and that's ok.

Nephrite Jade also shows you how to let go what you can't control, accepting imperfection without losing the focus on your purposes and goals.

you lost patience easily

If learning to be more patient when the new always-shouting creature keeps you awake at night seems to be a utopia, try to work with Serpentine.

Serpentine assists you in turning irritability into patience and helps to accept things as they are. 
Serpentine also supports "emotional digestion," so you can quickly elaborate reality in a way that allows you to solidify and expand your field for growing.

The Crystals and stones I suggested to new moms in this article are based on the most common cases I sew in my own experiences and knowledge.

However, everyone lives the gift of being mom or dad differently.
If you didn't find what you were looking for in this article, make sure to share your experience by writing your question in the comment below, or booking your private crystal consultation to work together.

As always hope that you found a lot of value in this article, but if something is not so clear or you have some questions write everything here in the comment section below, I'll reply as soon as possible with joy.


All Love,

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