The Day I Met My Demon

The Day I Met My Demon

"How did you get rid of the demon of despair?" asked the Master.

"I killed it. I think" I replied.

"Did you kill the demon?"

"I have killed it, I think."

The Master lowered his gaze and kept it fixed on the weft of the carpet for an entire eternity.

"If you have killed, you have killed a part of yourself.

"Of me?"

"Of you. We are our demons, and if we kill them, it is because we have not understood. Do you know what my demon looked like? It was terrifying.


It covered the sky.


It was devastating as the worst weapon, destructive as Satan's army, wicked as the worst of souls.

It was the death, it was a garden after the passage of millions of grasshoppers, as barren as the largest of deserts, loaded with flashes of lightning like a hurricane, as potent as the largest of seas, as devastating as only pain can be.


I remember that I tried in every way to kill it.


I asked out the Masters beyond the universe so that they would tell me how I could do, but no one answered me, no one.


One night I hid in a deep cave, determined to kill it or die.


It came, looking for me. I was watching him from a hidden spot.

It had not seen me yet.

The moment it was about to turn its gaze to my direction, a doe up to give birth to her cub roared in pain.


It turned his eyes. It saw her.


The fawn was not able to born. Maybe it was in a bad situation. The deer was doomed. She would die without giving birth to her baby, and the baby would also die.


It forgot about me. It went towards the deer.


It stretched out his skeletal hands towards the retracting animal. She was afraid of it.


But it began a song. A strange song made only of sounds. It was the most beautiful song I had ever heard.


It caressed the doe who relaxed, accepting the help.


I saw those horrible hands moving with the sweetness that only Love knows. I saw the deer being born. I saw the doe licking those hands smelled of pain, and I saw the demon smiling.


The singing stopped, and he took a deep breath.


I didn't wait for him to find me. I came out of my hiding place, going in front of it.

I knelt at its feet. I was sure it gave me death, but I was determined to die because it would not be pain that killed me, but Love.


I had understood.


He caressed my head, just as it did with the doe, and said a single word.

It said, "SON". But it said that with a power that I will never forget.


It turned back and went away. It never came back.


Its brothers come to visit me, the Forgiveness, Understanding, Illusion, Beauty, the Arch of Colors ...


I understood that we create demons when we do not love ourselves, when we cannot feel that we are only a part of all and that we hold all the brothers of demons and angels.


If we kill them, we kill a part of ourselves, and we condemn us to look for another demon and love it. Otherwise, we will never despair again, it is true, but we will never know Love, and we will be condemned to escape from us forever".



from Brotherhood of the Lotus Sutra

This article not about Crystals, as we are used to talking.
This precious lecture is about the forces we recognize and meet when we work with Crystals, our demons.
Whether we have many small demons or a giant one, they're all part of us, as light and angels are.
Remember, healing is not destroying sorrow, doubts, or anger instead, it is recognize the gift behind them.
And this is what we do, as warriors of light, for the entire journey.

Thank you for being here reading this beautiful gem, thank you for being so courageous navigating this time together.


All Love

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  • Tamara: October 05, 2020

    Love the story. Great insight

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