Best Crystals to Wear & Chakra to Heal if You Struggle in Making Meaningful Decisions

Best Crystals to Wear & Chakra to Heal if You Struggle in Making Meaningful Decisions
Clarify your purposes in life, especially if you start a tone of projects and you give up quickly, or you frequently find yourself "stuck in a crossroad"
Make meaningful decisions for yourself without other people guide your choice
Find more confidence in pursuing your purposes and goals
Be more focused on your goals and dreams avoiding distractions and illusions.
best crystals to make meaningful decisions

Nowadays you live immersed in a ton of messages that come from tv, advertising, social network, emails, other people and so on designed to persuade your intentions and influence your choices.


Remaining focused on your purposes or discovering your mission or call could be a winding path!

You fight for remain focused on your path, and usually, you probably struggle in making decisions.
That's because you're immersed in an infinite amount of ideas and inspirations that end up to bring you far from your authentic passion, voice and perspective about reality.

If you find something related to you here, you're not alone, the majority of us in the West world today struggle with that, especially unconsciously.

Why making decisions is so tricky today?

A new way to handle with emotions 

•  you're learning, as human, to handle one of the most powerful tools of the history: the world wide web.
There you get access to an immense quantity of information as text, videos, images, sounds, whenever and wherever you want. It's an amazing gift that requires big responsibility and holistic practices if you wanna preserve balance.

you involuntary absorb a ton of information from tv, newspaper, radio, everywhere advertising (if you live in a city).

And plus, this age puts the analytical thought and intellectual aspects as a priority, neglecting intuition, inner calling and global vision of existence.

The result is an overstimulation of the Third Eye Front the area of thinking, vision and analyzing.
And plus, Crown chakra is usually unbalanced (blocked or exceed) and the majority look for their spiritual guidance outside themselves.

• You wanna control everything ( it affect the 50% of women)
• You can't let things go because you're afraid of lose control on the future.
• You frequently suffer from headache, migraine
• You suffer from insomnia
• Mental and physical tension



Crown is over simulated when its complementarity with the 1°chakra is blocked
You're oversensitive about everything
You constantly need protection
• You live in a precarious situation
• You can't manifest your vision because your intuitions come in an unusable form.
• In some cases, an absent or idealized father during childhood due an excess of Crown irradiation
You always look for being in contact with other worlds, spirits and entities from another age, dimensions and lands.

Best Crystals to Wear & Chakra to Heal if You Struggle in Making Meaningful Decisions


• Others define what is right for you
• You had a severe and austere education that created an emotional wound that still waits to be transformed.
• you have conflicts with a masculine figure in your life, or you could find yourself as a victim of the "perverse narcissist"(when Solar Plexus and Crown are blocked).

As always, the solution is nowhere but within yourself.

You don't need to overprotect you, create boundaries between you and the world or contact other dimensions to find the guide.

You are the best guide ever.

What to do to clarify your purposes & take right and meaningful decisions?

walking on the right path and working on it. Here's what you should do:


make sure to be fully grounded (if not, work for it)

You need to reconsider grounding as the first vital practice to gain stability and wellbeing today.

Working on the upper chakras without having great stability means gaining emotional disorder, being disconnected from people (also your family) and environment, frequently having nightmares, suffer from high pressure, mistake illusions for visions, and first and foremost lost the connection with your authentic self.
This is just to mention some outcomes.

signs you should immediately start to work on grounding

• when you continuously struggle with money
• despite the efforts, you can't manifest what you want
• you lack in organization
• you procrastinate frequently
• you fight in maintaining focus 
• you are oversensitive and you constantly need for protection
• you suffer from anemia and fatigue.

How to work on grounding

When you work on grounding, you're re-establish the connection with your body and your emotions redefining who you are ( your 7°chakras find balancing too ) and which are the priorities in your life.

It's the first and vital step to manifest what you want.


to establish a solid foundation and start to make meaningful decisions with confidence:

Feel free to choose the stone that is more related to your journey and make sure to wear it for at least 15 days. Your body starts to feel the vibration of your stone immediately.
However, a few days are necessary to learn from it.

When you properly work on grounding your Crown Chakra starts to find the balance because you have a clearer perception of your own identity.


Then you're free to be, to create and to choose.

HEMATITE: now you can start to feel the body and its movements. It works to link the first and second chakra.

CHIASTOLITE: it sustains you to find emotional stabilization protecting you from psychic illness. For everyone struggles to find a stable and safe emotional ground.

LABRADORITE: it brings the light into dark abyss encouraging creativity and expression. 

STROMATOLITE: it brings you to your origin, fully understanding the rule that everyone has in your family accepting to be part of it. For everyone who wanna find their rule in their family or clan.


JET: for everyone struggles in accepting and embracing the present with simplicity, wanna learn from silence or are afraid of loneliness.

STAUROLITE: it leads you to psychic and physical alignment. For everyone struggles for other people emotions or rapidly shift the mood from excitement to depression, from joy to sadness.

BLACK TOURMALINE: for everyone needs to find stability, calm and confidence after a period of stress or confused vibrational energy field.

To boost this process, in addition to the stone that works on your root, you can also wear a stone that gently helps to open your Crown, I suggest:

AMETHYST: it's the light over the tunnel. This Crystal helps to dissipate dark thoughts and find the joy to be.

It's extremely supportive to transform and heal the blocks you gain from authority or oppressive relationships. 

Amethyst Band Ring
Amethyst Band Ring

**PS: if you know the crystal you need to wear, but you can't find it in the shop, I'm here to help. Send an email to or writing your note in the comment below this article. I'll be back to you very soon with the quote and some specimens you can choose.

When you established solid foundations taking meaningful choices is easier because your decision is guided from the consciousness of your foundations (being and have) that clears your mind from everything doesn't serve you.

It's like choosing which way to walk by consulting the compass and the torch of your heart.


• Reconnection to the body
• Physical activity
• Physical contact ( massages )
• Bioenergetical contact (connection with crystals)
• Analyzing the relationship with your mother during childhood.
• Reclaiming the right to exist
• Healthy food & smoothies to detoxing body


knowing what you want

Working on grounding could be not enough to find balancing and learn to choose with confidence and spontaneity.

In most of the cases, you should also work to open, heal and balance other areas of your body. One of the most important ones is the Sacral Chakra on the back.

A severe and rigid education limits the openness of the Sacral Chakra.
If some patterns-ideas that come from your family blocked your expansion and hindered the contact with your body, you should work on this direction with responsibility and trust.

Then, you can transmute this toxic energy into a fertile and productive land to build a new future.

• You can't listen to the warnings of your own body (hunger, thirst, sleep etc...)
• you have a conflictual relationship with food
• you think you lack of creativity
• You find pleasure in intellectual activities forgetting about the body.

If you feel that one or more of these points are related to your journey, you need to reestablish a deeper relationship with your physical body learning to respect what it asks.

Without a clear connection with your body you never know if the choice you make is right for you or is just something that others want from you.


and help you to make the right decision for you

AMBER: it's the way to calm physical tensions finding the sweetness and the joy of touching. For everyone who lives in "the mental" and need to find the presence and the consciousness of the physical.

CARNELIAN: It teaches you how to live the joy of spontaneity finding self acceptance and sustaining emotional healing.

ARAGONITE: it helps to rebuild the structure of the Second Chakra. Aragonite teaches you to define the limits of your body. It's extremely supportive when you need to recover from "intimate violation" or you revealed the secrets of you body to someone who huts you.

TANTALITE: it assists everyone needs to work on establish a balanced relationship with physical body, especially in relation to food and nutrition

**PS: if you know the crystal you need to wear, but you can't find it in the shop, I'm here to help. Send an email to or writing your note in the comment below this article. I'll be back to you very soon with the quote and some specimens you can choose.


• Long walking or any motion therapy
• Train yourself to release and managing emotions in a proper way
• Work on your inner child
• Work on re-defining your own physical boundaries
• Education about new Healthy pleasures.


communicate your truth with confidence

When you worked on recognizing your needs, you probably need to know how to communicate them to others. That's the final step in making a decision in the majority of the cases.
You need to re-establish the energy flow through your 5° Chakra, the Throat Chakra.

You can consider the energy flow of the 5° Chakra as the translation of your emotions and feelings (2°, 3°, 4° Chakra) into concepts.

Having a 5°Chakra blocked or weak is so common today because of the exceeding of the Third Eye and also because we learn to lie or omit to protect our personality (that we lost over time) since we're child.


• "Compromising" is the only way possible for you to grow relationships or affirm your thoughts
• You fight for being listened 
• You frequently choose silence because you're fear of others underestimate or disparage your position
• You think your truth doesn't deserve to be shared.

BEST CRYSTALS & STONES TO balance the throat chakra

and affirming your truth

CELESTITE: this crystal teaches you the sweetness of communication and expression. It helps you to say your truth without tension or anger overcoming shyness.


KYANITE: it's a powerful tool for everyone who wants to learn to speak in public with more confidence and spontaneity. For everyone think that their dreams can't never be real.


AQUAMARINE: It's the stone of truth and clarity. It helps in clarifying your own identity and "do what you say."


BLUE OPAL: if you're looking for your vocation or you wanna listen to the voice of your own soul Blue Opal teaches you the right way. 

other activities you should try to boost your CONFIDENCE in communicate your position and say your truth

• Stretching on neck and shoulder
• Sing, write, telling stories journaling, aloud dialogue
• Any creative work free from specific goals

If you need to balance or heal more then one chakra I recommend starting from the downer one. If you need to balance more than one chakra I recommend to start to wear no more than two crystals at the same time, especially if you are a beginner in crystal healing.

Working with crystals and stones for healing is a journey, not an overnight awakening.


You need to train yourself to feel, recognize, understand and learn from the signature vibes of each crystal before finding the transformation.

Wearing more than one stone is good, but if you're a beginner, I suggest to start with no more than two. That's because each stone has a unique signature vibe and when we work with different stones the combination of their vibes creates an harmony.
When this harmony is too complex your body can't understand the teaching and you don't get any result.

Give yourself the necessary time to learn from the stones you choose to work with.
You should start to feel the energy of your stone almost immediately, then wear your stones for at least 15 running days to starting to enjoy the learning.

Hope this article was helpful for you. If you have some questions or wanna share your experience in making meaningful decisions don't hesitate to write everything here below,


Thank you for thaking the time to read this, 

have a beautiful rest of your day,

All Love


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