7 Emotional Wounds & How to Heal Them with Crystals and Actions

7 Emotional Wounds & How to Heal Them with Crystals and Actions
the seven emotional wounds and how to heal them

Not all pain is physical. Not all wounds are tangible.

 Most wounds are invisible, not just because they are under our skin. Rather they don't directly damage physical tissues. 

Emotions constantly run through our bodies, accompanying what we do, think, see and dream.

We see them in the form of feelings, and these feelings affect organs and systems as energy. 

That's why we feel something tightening in the stomach before speaking at a conference or a headache each time we have to do something we hate.

Even if no one can see them, emotions change our attitude, affect on self-esteem, and also our choices.

Everyone feels emotions in a unique way, and everyone lives their experiences according to their "perception mode".

Every action creates a specific feeling, which is not just something related to the five senses but also to the consciousness.

In addition, most of our emotional memories are stored inside our cells as cellular memory.


Emotional wounds are so painful that we tend to hide them. That's how emotional wounds become the foundation of our social masks. 
When you say "I am what I am" or "I am not made for this," always ask yourself:

Does this affirmation come from my consciousness?


Is this a reaction to past wounds that changed my nature by instilling fear?

It is when these fears and blocks come in that you start wearing your masks. They look as if they are the way to find relief from suffering and rejection, and they promise to protect you. But it's a trick.

Most of the mask we use wearing come from childhood and they're built on what we learned about living from early age. We've been wearing them for so many time that they look as our own genuine personality.

In adulthood, you might start to perceive that masks are actually spiritual cages. By cultivating self-awareness, you are able to identify and dismiss them, awaken your real self, and live more fully. 

For one hundred years D.C, Alchemists started to study the "loss of pre-destiny", and this gives you an idea of how old this issue is for humanity. These ancient "doctors" worked on realigning their patients' selves with their primordial project.

The journey takes time, but the treasure will be priceless. 

" Where Spirit suffers, Body suffer too."


The wound & the Talent

A physical wound is a damage to skin and mucous.

Emotional wounds are not different, even when we try to heal them.

As it happens for a physical wound, when we work to heal an emotional trauma or shock without working with consciousness, we tend to pretend to forget or remove the experience.

Then we create a "forced closure" of a potential profound cut, which is the perfect environment to grow a colony of bacteria that eventually could end up damaging the entire body system.

If we want to work to effectively heal emotional wounds, we have to acknowledge where the wound comes from and understand our talent because this is the way to find healing from the inside.

your Talent

The majority think that talent is a unique skill and that every one of us is born with a talent, but just a few people can develop it.
Actually, "Talent" is not a skill or ability. Even if in the modern world, this word means "a good singer", "an extraordinary painter" or things like these.

Here with "Talent", we mean the universal and innate talents of all Humans, such as Faith, Comprehension, Incarnation, and Wisdom. At this age, they look so far from our lives that they seem impossible to reach.
That's why we think that Emotional Wounds are impossible to heal. But it is not true.


When we overcome a trauma intentionally, we heal Emotional Wounds by surgery. This includes a few phases like observation, awakening, consciousness, and compassion.
This surgery is the best way to heal emotional wounds because they will sew up themselves, avoiding potential bacteria.
To do that, we need to intentionally work with our Talent, learning to bring them into our day on a daily basis.
This is the cure that profoundly restores every hurt from the inside, giving back our life and our identity.

The 7 Emotional Wounds 

Find out your own Wounds and Heal them



• Archetype: Mercury
• Keywords: rejection, escape, inner empty, introspection, absence, detachment from the present.
• Physical structure: thin and also scrawny.

Those who have rejection wounds do not want to occupy space with the body, they would love to be invisible.
• Psychic Structure: rejection wounds can be extremely early, and because of that also deep. Those living with the “Rejection Wound” might not know what he/she is looking for in life, but he/she continually needs new information, knowledge, new theories, excessive spirituality, everything she/he can use as a support to validate themselves looking for a tangible direction. 
All these theories become labyrinths, so we lose ourselves in them.
• Physical Unbalancing: Skin problems, she/he refuses any skin contact.

• Chakra: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus.

Mercury's Talent


Coherence is the keyword. When we live rejection wounds we need to do what we think. 
We need to take action and do what we feel, live the life that we deeply want. 
We need to be one with their essence living complete and concrete experiences, not just concepts or theories.

Crystals & gemstones that help

The best Crystals and Gemstones that actively support you walking on this journey are Black Obsidian, Jet Stone, Citrine, Carnelian, Garnet, Fire Agate, Pyrite and Smoky Quartz.



• Archetype: Venus 
• Keywords: abandonment, addiction, lack of spirituality, extraversion.
• Physical structure:
they are some part of their body, tend to fall down.
It could be posture, lip, eyelid or also internal organs. 
Every area could be a wound that comes out as a physical pain. 
They usually change the mood.

• Psychic Structure: careless child, he/she tends to bump things into things around them. Thin wrists and ankles, curved back.
• Physical Unbalancing: diabetes, fungi, bacteria, viruses, asthma, breathing issues. 
She/he can suffer from migraines and fat accumulation.
• Chakra: Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra.

The abandoned wound is the most popular worldwide. 

Venus's Talent


We need to step from the idea that "the mother" is the woman that put us on this planet. The great Mother is Gaia, everything around comes from her, ourselves included.
We need to connect ourselves with the present, diving deeper inside our feelings, reconnecting us with our body.
This is the way to know the immense love of Mother Earth, she never abandons us.

Crystals & gemstones that help

Keeping Chrysocolla, Aquamarine, Citrine, Silica Jem, RodoniteGold Topaz and Heliodor close to our body all day long is a great support to enhance the sense of connection with the environment, and be more present day to day basis. 



• Archetype: Mars 
• Keywords: betrayal, resentment, anger, control, explosion.
• Physical structurethey have a well-structured and robust body, this will be the armor that shields them from future attacks. Many of them are athletic people with vital and light eyes.
• Psychic Structure: aggressive, intolerance, need to prevail, every confrontation often becomes a clash.
They live a stressful life, they can't lose time. They forget to eat when they're working.

• Physical Unbalancing: stomach and liver problems. Usually they suffer from inflammation, the areas of the body more affected are the respiratory tract, the body's defense system, circulation, thyroid, and throat.
• Chakra: Heart and Throat Chakra.

Under a Betrayal Wound is usually hidden an Abandoned Wound. 

Mars's Talent


We can understand "comprehension" just when we can let go, when we release the tension. 
Life is not a betrayal. We betray ourselves by listening to our mind's schemes without understanding the meaning of life and focusing just on ourselves.

Sometimes when we work on forgiving we pretend to forgive while, in the inside, resentment and anger still permeate tissues and organs. 
That's why working on groundingmaking sure to overcome any abandoned wounds, is vital before stepping into the betrayal wound journey.

Crystals & gemstones that help

Wearing Rhodochrosite, Green OpalCherry Tourmaline, Pink Kunzite, Azurite, Silica Gem, Aquamarine, Blue Apatite, Elestial Rose Quartz, Chrysocolla, Peach Morganite intentionally helps you to dive into this journey with compassion and patience supporting you to understand and practice comprehension and releasing tension and fear.



• Archetype: Jupiter 
• Keywords: injustice, choice, rancor, judging, rigidity.
• Physical structure: straight and well-proportioned body, with broad shoulders. 
They tend to take a "military" attitude. The jaw is rigid, and muscles are often blocked by tensions.

• Psychic Structure: making a choice is always tricky. They never choose to relax because they fell guilty. 
They buy something just if they really need it, which is very rare, just because they love it. They feel guilty when others are working while they are on vacation. 
They blame themselves and they never ask for help. 
The concept of "merit" is vital to them, they look for perfection and they envy those who reach high results with few efforts. They are great idealists, they prefer to help others instead to be helped. They hate being the favorite, and they don't believe in luck. 

• Physical Unbalancing: They're usually stressed, they have back problems, they suffer from cramps, muscular spasms. Constipation is one of their main issues. They can also suffer from skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.
• Chakra: Throat and Third Eye Chakra.

Under a Betrayal Wound is usually hidden an Abandoned Wound. 

Jupiter's Talent


When we have faith everything comes with a purpose, nothing happens accidentally. We usually get a positive and unexpected result when we don't force the events, then life can shows us its simplicity and its balancing effect.

Crystals & gemstones that help

Wearing Aquamarine, Blue Apatite, Chalcopyrite, AmethystShattuckite and Chrysocolla as a jewel or Amulet helps you to dive into this journey with compassion supporting your core to experience the flow of live with faith, trust and joy.



• Archetype: Saturn 
• Keywords: responsibility, hardness, criticism, debt, shame.
• Physical structure: they tend to retain water in tissues, they suffer from water retention and also obesity.
• Psychic Structurethey fear to fall. Managing the space around them is often hard for them, so they look clumsy. 
As a child they were not free to express themselves, so they built a strong inner friction. They are not able to find freedom through actions, because they fear to be punished and this creates a tremendous inner pressure. 
They also have to solve sexual inhibitions and blocks. 
They can't defend themselves, so they usually leave the competition.
They tend to humiliate themselves and others.
They care about everything and everyone, except themselves.

• Physical Unbalancingback problems, massive shoulders, and hump (water and fat retention under the neck), tonsillitis, cystitis. 
Hypothalamus and pituitary gland unbalances. Every issue or unbalancing generated by expression block.
• Chakra: Throat and Crown Chakra.

Humility wound is probably one of the first wound of humans, and because of that, it affects so much in life. This is the reason everyone looking for freedom but we're also scared from it.

Saturn's Talent

inner Wisdom

We need to listen to our needs and express ourselves. 
However, the mental barrier that we built convince us that the only way to live safe and secure is in a psychological prison. There we'll be free from the fear of judgment. So we build a life of suffering, blocking any way towards fulfillment and happiness.

Free yourself from Humility wound means to dissipate the fear of judgment, from the fear of wrong and punishment embracing every experience as an opportunity for growth.

Crystals & gemstones that help

Wearing AquamarineElestial, Herkimer Diamond, ApophylliteBlue ApatiteChrysocolla, as an Amulet gently guides your spirit into this journey with deeper energy, enthusiasm and a sense of airiness that helps you to dispel fear of judgment. 


Solar Logo 

• Archetype: Solar Logo 
• Keywords: melancholy, the darkness of the soul, the lie of the mind, decay, loss of the meaning of life, depression.
• Chakra: Root, Base Chakra and Heart Chakra.

When the five emotional wounds crush our Heart, so we start to doubts to exist. 
Our mind learned to sabotage our lives and forget who we really are. We find the healing accepting our destiny.
The Seventh Wounds is a great gift because it comes to heal through the highest experience of pain.

Solar Logo's Talents


Reminiscence is the awakening of the memory. We bring to our conscious mind something that was in our unconscious.
You need to work on the three aspects of existence; psyche, body, and soul. Is Just towards this journey that Spirit can re-gain control of the mind, body, and soul.

We can heal the seventh wound by disciplining our mind and overcoming our masks.

Crystals & gemstones that help

There's a quite rare combination of Azurite Malachite and Chrysocolla that works on the spiritual, emotional and physical level assisting you to restore and heal past hurts and traumas encouraging development and renewal.

This Top Quality Azurite Malachite Chrysocolla is an extraordinary and rare gemstone and a powerful elixir that works at many levels:

While Azurite calms physical disease supporting renewal, Malachite heal the whole body shielding it from the negative. Chrysocolla promotes mental clarity, mindfulness, and calm over the entire process, allowing to Malachite and Azurite to operate at the deepest level and then setting this experience as reality.



Archetype: Gaia 
Keywords: detachment, lack of support, loss of center, disharmony.
Chakra: Crown Chakra and Earth Star Chakra.


Gaia is the energy of the creation that everyone hold in every cell.
We all are part of the immense ecosystem of Gaia, our Planet. This is not just about our connection with nature, but also the alignment with the biological rhythm of day and night for example. Be fully conscious of the Universal Love of Gaia, which is the same energy we're made of. 

What happens inside of us needs to reflect our actions like a mirror. Allow your body to walk this journey towards changing so the Spirit can express itself in every practice.

Gaia's Talents


The detachment from the rhythms of Gaia usually brings frustrations and unbalance.
When life doesn't give us what we ask, is just because we ask in the wrong way, because we lost the connection with Gaia.

Asking doesn't mean pray on our knees with tears, but being grateful for what we already have in life, whenever it looks good or bad in our mind. 

Best Crystals & gemstones

The best Crystals and Gemstones that help you to tune your vibe with the energy and wisdom of Gaia are Herkimer DiamondJet StoneTektite, Labradorite, Ammonite, Shungite, Black Tourmaline and Eilat Stone.

Each of these wounds deserves to be investigated more to understand their meanings and manifestations in life. You can find everything in the amazing book "Trattato di Alchimia Delle Emozioni" by Gianpaolo Giacomini.

The Author is a doctor, and he works to share a new vision of traditional medicine where people are at the center of healing, not the disease.

Everyone should have a copy of this book to understand themselves and others better.

Chakra and Crystals to heal Emotional wounds

Hope you found this article useful and inspiring to live a more conscious, vibrant and vital lifeJust you can be your own doctor, your shaman and your healer, and you don't need to learn anything, all you need is already in you. 

You just have to be more conscious about the power you have. Don't be afraid to ask help from Mother Earth that will guide you through your consciousness and your inner vision, so you can live the life you deserve.

Thank you for spending your time learning from your emotions and wounds, it's so vital for your future and for the future of the people you love the most in your life.


All Love


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