Wearing Crystals in Winter: The 3 Stages to Self-Flourish (& Chakra to Balance)

Wearing Crystals in Winter: The 3 Stages to Self-Flourish (& Chakra to Balance)

Fall gives its space to Winter, and we're embracing the change of the season, it means accepting a new transformation and a new beginning in our life circle.
Blooming to the warm sun of Spring is easier, but you could not enjoy that moment of openness if you didn't go through the Winter.

These days, with their light decreasing, are inviting you to be more present with your inner self and upgrade the level of your consciousness in your daily life.

These days are encouraging you to take care of your inner garden, your secret space.

Best Crystals to wear in Winter and Chakra to balance

You have not mistaken this invitation with a suggestion to close or cover your authenticity in any way.


Instead, this critical time of the year is the perfect occasion to make your ruts stronger, discover new sources and cleanse your communication channels.
Mind that health and joy came from the openness to receiving and giving when your energy flow without blocks or knots.


Winter not just prepare you for Spring, but also teaches you don't need to live a lonely life to fully embrace, understand and live more consciously.
Instead is the opposite, and I show you why immediately.

The 3 Stages to Self-Flourish this Winter

what to do & best crystals to wear


To better understand the journey that Mother Nature suggests during the winter, try to think about you like a flower. You and a peony look different, but your lives have many things in common.

Winter encourages you to check the level of your grounding and make it more robust and deep these days.
That's the time to understand better what calm and mindfulness mean.

All wild creatures on the planet know that they have to wait during the winter.
And that's what they do.

It doesn't mean you have to stay on your couch all day long to embrace the suggestion of Mother Nature!
You're human, so it encourages you to focus your attention on the inner side of yourself intensifying a free and intimate dialogue with your roots.

If Summer is the season of body expansion outwards, Winter is the season of the expansion towards the inland.

This is the moment to go back to your roots, check how they feel and take care of them.
They're the foundation of your temple, never forget that.
Taking care of your roots focusing on driving fresh energy to the inside doesn't mean building a wall between you and the outside world.

Staying alone for too long is never positive.
We're on this planet to share our joy and learning each other, as every living creature one planet does.

So the recommendation here is to drive your inner eyes to your core, maintaining your skin sensitive and reactive on everything happens around.

How to Take Action:

best Crystals to wear to sustain your culture

This season could be challenging, not just because of the Holiday Season when you may have extra things to do even if your days still has 24 hours, but also because of the natural light and temperature decreasing.
These things combining could bring in anxiety and stress.

If you find yourself in this position, take this chance to work with one of the most vibrant and helpful crystal on the planet, Garnet.
Garnet encourages you to strengthen your foundation and dispelling stress, so you feel your physical, etheric and emotional body more stable and relaxed.

If you wear a ring, I suggest you wear Garnet
on the index, if you want to focus your attention on dive deeper in your core and learning from what you find to grow your self esteem and leadership.
on the thump, if you need to change some attitude or develop your relationship, also in business.

If you prefer to wear necklace I recommend to wear garnet as a pendant with 80 cm - 31,5 in - chain so your Amulet will be at the center of your body. 
Mind that you can wear your talisman also in contact with your skin or on your underwear, not just on your skirt.


What happens when you drive your energy to the inner side taking care of the warm and soft earth where your ruts are grounded?

Your foundation becomes even more stable, your ruts are more fresh and robust.
This is a perfect assumption of what we call "transformation".

Thanks to your mind and actions you're able to grow and create a new journey, a new beginning within yourself.

Here is where the transformation, the evolution begins.
Is where the nourishment you get from the Earth, becomes part of your experiences evolving on what we feel, emotions.

"Transformation" is inevitable in life, but if you want it also means "evolution" you have to take with us one of the vital tools of every love warriors: a genuine trust.


Even more often I see people sharing "distrust attitudes", especially with posture and facial expression.
Curved shoulders (closed), flexion at the level of the stomach and back that tends to draw a bow.

Mind that your body suggests to your mind how to deal with every event in life. These unconscious postures are dangerous because they physically block the 5° and 2° Chakra.
This approach doesn't come from the emotional blocks, instead of from the idea to protect us from outside aggression. This idea that we have to protect ourselves from everything is becoming much more popular and also many crystal therapists suggest to protect the body from every sort of negativity.
However, you have to be careful to don't exceed in this practice.
It could mean building too many walls around you, anding up to close your body in a bubble.

Living a healthy life means consciously work towards growing and expansion, not constriction or implosion. Living a healthy life is also sharing our emotions, knowledge, and energy and learn from the exchange with others.
So make sure to distinguish between protect and close your body to the Universe.

How to Take Action:

best Crystals to wear to encourage transformation

Everything is about flow and connection.

Make sure to keep the doors of your emotional temple open so wind can go in and out, bringing fresh air and life into it.
This wind moves everything bringing vitality, and it's positive even when it seems to mess up your favorite rooms!

Make sure to visit your temple and see what happens there regularly, you can always find a treasure!

When you feel you have to grow your connection and relation with your emotions and feelings (meaning establish a deeper connection with your emotions) make sure to wear a top quality Citrine as an Amulet.

Carrying the power of the Sun, Citrine encourages new experiences and explorations attracting wealth and prosperity.
It also encourages you to be more generous and positive.

It's also excellent to overcome depression and reduces the sensitivity to criticism supporting creativity and self-expression.

Or if you feel this winter as a sort of handbrake for everything about physical action and vitality, make sure to wear Pyrite at least for one week, it teaches you how to overcome laziness and listlessness discovering how this season is magic and productive.


Which is the primary goal of cultivating, and growing?
It's sharing the fruits you get from that time with others and also yourself.

This is the way to experience how our energy shifted and how we feel better than before.

The invitation you get from Winter is really unique because at one side it leads you to an intimate communication with your inner core, at the other side it guides you to share yourself with others with balanced empathy, and a joyful sense of community.

That's why this is the perfect time to let the turquoise Chakra free from armors and boundaries.
For example, if you feel you're close into your emotional cocoon, or there's a sense of tension and anxiety in your office and you avoid your co-workers, or you feel the urgency to resolve conflicts or debate with others, that's the perfect time to challenge yourself to melt all these limitations.

How to Take Action:

best Crystals to share your truth

When the channel between the turquoise Chakra (5°Chakra) and Heart is blocked you can't share the truth of the Heart.

That's completely normal after trauma or separation, but this could bring a sort of emotional deafness when it remains closed for too much.

When you need to:
cleanse the precious channel between Heart and Throat
stimulate the thymus gland, located between the Heart and the Throat Chakra
re-establish the connection with your emotions
raise balanced empathy

I recommend bringing with you an Amulet with the powerful Chrysocolla making sure to choose, as always, a vibrant piece for you.

The powerful ray of Chrysocolla gives you access to repressed emotions lighting the way to experiences we forgot and providing the opportunity to release stagnant energies.
This process is a boost to continue to walk on your journey towards higher consciousness and spiritual evolution.

If you choose to wear your Chrysocolla as a necklace you have the opportunity to have this powerful stone close to your heart so their dialogue is direct and close.

If you prefer ring, I recommend to wear Chrysocolla on the finger ring, the channel of self expression, Love and Relationship.

Hope this article can help you during the coldest time of the year because you can discover and develop a new and warm fire inside yourself <3


With All Love


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