The 3 Stages to Self-Flourish (& Chakra to Balance)

The 3 Stages to Self-Flourish (& Chakra to Balance)

As Fall gracefully yields to Winter, we welcome the gentle shift of seasons—a poignant reminder of transformation and renewal in the cycle of life. Just as blossoms flourish under the warm embrace of Spring, our own growth often stems from navigating the depths of Winter's chill.

In these quiet days, as sunlight wanes, there's an invitation to deepen our connection with our inner selves, to elevate our awareness in our everyday journey. These moments gently urge us to tend to our inner garden, our sacred sanctuary—a place where compassion and growth intertwine.

Best Crystals to wear in Winter and Chakra to balance

As we approach this pivotal time of the year, it offers a golden opportunity to fortify your foundations, explore new avenues, and purify your channels of communication. Remember, vitality and happiness stem from the free flow of energy, unobstructed by barriers or entanglements, fostering openness to both receiving and giving.

Embrace this season as a chance to nurture your well-being and cultivate connections, allowing your inner light to radiate unhindered.

Winter not only prepares us for the blossoming of Spring but also serves as a gentle guide, reminding us that embracing, understanding, and living consciously doesn't necessitate solitude. In fact, it's quite the opposite, and I'll illustrate why shortly.

The 3 Stages to Self-Flourish

what to do & best crystals to wear


To truly grasp the lessons winter offers, consider yourself akin to a flower. While you may appear distinct from a peony, your lives share many parallels.

During winter, there's an invitation to fortify your roots, deepening your connection to the earth. It's a time to explore the nuances of tranquility and mindfulness.

Just as all creatures in the wild intuitively understand the need for patience during winter, so too are we called to embrace the season's quiet stillness, trusting in the wisdom of nature's rhythms.

Embracing Mother Nature's guidance during winter doesn't confine you to your couch all day. As a human being, it prompts you to turn your focus inward, fostering a nurturing and intimate dialogue with your inner self and your roots.

While summer encourages outward physical expansion, winter fosters a deeper expansion inward, towards your inner landscape and essence.

Now is the time to reconnect with your roots, to assess their well-being and nurture them with care. Remember, they form the sturdy foundation of your inner sanctuary—a truth never to be forgotten.

Caring for your roots, while directing revitalizing energy inward, doesn't mean isolating yourself from the world outside. Prolonged solitude rarely fosters positivity. We exist on this planet to share in joy and learning, alongside every living being.

Therefore, the gentle suggestion is to turn your inner gaze towards your core, while keeping your senses attuned and responsive to the happenings around you. Let your skin remain receptive, fostering a delicate balance between introspection and engagement with the world.

Taking Action:

best Crystals to wear to feed your roots

This season can pose challenges, not only due to the demands of the Holiday Season, also because of the diminishing natural light and dropping temperatures. The convergence of these factors may trigger feelings of anxiety, stress and loneliness.

If you find yourself in this position, consider working with one of the most vibrant and supportive crystals on the planet: Garnet.

Garnet offers encouragement to fortify your foundation and alleviate stress, allowing you to feel more grounded, stable, and at ease in your physical, etheric, and emotional realms.

If you wear a ring, I suggest you wear Garnet
on the index, if you want to focus your attention on dive deeper in your core and learning from what you find to grow your self esteem and leadership.
on the thump, if you need to change some attitude or develop your relationship, also in business.

If you prefer to wear necklace I recommend to wear garnet as a pendant at the length you prefer and you find more practical.


Please keep in mind that harnessing the power of crystals demands dedication and patience. When you choose to work with a particular frequency, embodied by a specific stone, it's essential to integrate it into your routine consistently rather than sporadically.


Have you ever directed your energy inward, nurturing the warm, soft earth where your roots are grounded? It's a transformative practice.

As you tend to this inner garden, your foundation grows even more stable, your roots fresher and stronger. This process embodies what we term 'transformation.'

Through your mindful intentions and actions, you embark on a journey of growth and renewal within yourself. This is where transformation truly begins, where the nourishment from the Earth merges with your experiences, evolving your emotions and feelings.

Transformation is an inherent part of life's journey, but to truly embrace it as 'evolution,' one must accompany it with a vital tool possessed by every love warrior: genuine trust. Trust in the process, in oneself, and in the journey ahead is what nurtures growth and brings about profound evolution.


All too frequently, I observe individuals expressing attitudes of distrust, often evident in their posture and facial expressions. This manifests as rounded shoulders, a closed-off stance, and a noticeable inward curvature of the back, resembling a drawn bow.

It's important to recognize that your body communicates with your mind, shaping your responses to life's events. These unconscious postures can be concerning as they physically obstruct the flow of energy in the 5th and 2nd Chakras.

Often, these defensive postures don't stem from emotional barriers but rather from a perceived need to shield ourselves from external threats. The notion of constant protection is increasingly prevalent, with many crystal therapists advocating for shielding the body from all forms of negativity.

However, it's crucial not to overdo this practice. Excessive shielding can lead to building too many walls around oneself, potentially enclosing the body within a protective bubble.

Living a healthy life entails consciously fostering growth and expansion, rather than constriction or isolation. It also involves the sharing of emotions, knowledge, and energy, learning from the exchange with others.

Taking Action:

best Crystals to encourage transformation

Life is all about flow and connection.

Ensure that the doors of your emotional temple remain open, allowing the gentle breeze to enter and exit freely, infusing it with fresh air and vitality. This wind, though it may disturb your favorite rooms at times, carries with it a positive energy that breathes life into every corner.

Make it a habit to visit your temple regularly and observe what unfolds within its sacred walls. You may be surprised to discover hidden treasures awaiting you amidst the gentle chaos.

When you seek to deepen your connection with your emotions and feelings, consider wearing a top-quality Citrine as an Amulet.

Infused with the energy of the Sun, Citrine inspires new experiences and adventures, drawing forth wealth and prosperity into your life. Additionally, it fosters generosity and positivity, guiding you towards a more abundant mindset.

Moreover, Citrine serves as a powerful ally in overcoming depression and diminishing sensitivity to criticism, while nurturing creativity and enhancing self-expression.

If you find this winter acting as a sort of handbrake on your physical action and vitality, consider wearing Pyrite, Rainbow Pyrite or Tiger Eye.

You can chck the message of each of them to find out which is the best for you, or you can ask me to support you in figuring out the crystals that maximize your growth and expantion at this step of your journey.


The primary goal of cultivating and growing is to share the fruits of our labor with both others and ourselves. Through this, we experience the positive shifts in our energy and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Winter presents a unique invitation. On one hand, it encourages intimate communication with our inner core. On the other hand, it guides us to share ourselves with others, fostering balanced empathy and a joyful sense of community.

This is precisely why now is the ideal moment to release the turquoise Chakra from its armors and boundaries.

For instance, if you find yourself retreating into an emotional cocoon, experiencing tension and anxiety in your workplace leading you to avoid your co-workers, or feeling the urgency to resolve conflicts or engage in debates with others, consider it an opportune time to challenge yourself to break free from these limitations.

How to Take Action:

best Crystals to speak your truth

When there's a blockage between the Higher Heart Chakra (located between the Heart and throat) and the Throat Chakra (5th Chakra), expressing the truth of your heart becomes challenging.

It's natural for this blockage to occur, especially after experiencing trauma or separation. However, if left unaddressed for too long, it can lead to a sense of emotional numbness or deafness.

When you need to:
open the precious channel between Heart and Throat (Higher Heart Chakra)
stimulate the thymus gland, located between the Heart and the Throat Chakra
re-establish the connection with your emotions
raise and balanced empathy
you can consider working with Chrysocolla making sure to choose, as always, a vibrant piece for you.

The radiant energy of Chrysocolla gently guides you towards unlocking repressed emotions, illuminating forgotten experiences, and offering the chance to release stagnant energies. This transformative process serves as a catalyst for continued growth on your journey towards higher consciousness and spiritual evolution.

Choosing to wear Chrysocolla as a necklace enables you to keep this powerful stone close to your heart, facilitating a direct and intimate dialogue. Alternatively, if you prefer wearing it as a ring, placing Chrysocolla on your finger enhances the channel of self-expression, love, and relationships.

May this article serve as a guiding light during the coldest time of the year, offering you the opportunity to kindle a new and comforting warmth within yourself. Remember, amidst the chill of winter, lies the potential to ignite a flame of renewal and inner growth. 


With All Love


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