Self Love. 3 Crystals to Get your Passion, Energy & Self-Esteem Back (after a separation from a loved one or betrayal)

Self Love. 3 Crystals to Get your Passion, Energy & Self-Esteem Back (after a separation from a loved one or betrayal)


• How to support self esteem and enthusiasm after separation, betrayal, or rejection.
• Why self love comes first + it's also the step when you find more resistance.
• 3 Best crystals to support self esteem and vitality after trauma.

The block of the Heart chakra occurs as the consequence of a trauma that denies one's right to love.

These traumatic experiences include:
• Abandonment or loss
• Excessive criticism, shame
• Exposure to other's people pain (including parent's distress)
• Separation
• Living in a cold environment
• betrayal, physical or emotional abuse
• Violence to any other chakra, especially the lowest ones.

At the moment of trauma, by closing the heart chakra and partially disassociating from one's feelings, we limit the weight we have to hold, but also we unconsciously teach ourselves to reduce the perception we have of our own feelings; meaning we detached from our inner compass, from what that drive us throughout life.
This is the way that prevents us from receiving healing, which is love.

The most common symptoms of the block of the Heart, weather in excess or deficient radiance, includes:
• Lack of empathy, cold
• Use to criticize oneself and others,
• depression
• narcissism/codipendency
• jealously
• Do everything for others, forgetting about the self
• Inability to accept something without feeling guilty

Most think that experiences that involve affection and love only impact the Heart Chakra. The reality is that an attack to the Heart usually shifts the frequency of every energetic center.
The Heart block usually shifts the energy of the entire body, typically blocking the Solar Plexus ( "I do not deserve what I want"), or the Sacral ("pleasure brings shame"), the Throat ("it's better swallowing what I think") and also the Root Chakra (how can I move from here? I'm frozen"), the Crown Chakra ("I need someone who save me") and all the other ones.

The block of the Heart can have complex dynamics and different reasons. In this article, we're going to dive deeper specifically into how to support a conscious recovery from separation from a loved one, betrayal, and abandonment.

These experiences can be like a bomb on our energetic system.

Have you ever witnessed the explosion of a bomb?
I hope not, but what you hear immediately after the explosion is a loud whistle in your ears. It's so high that you can not understand the words of people around you.
So you have to have faith, take a few minutes, and love yourself and your life before you come back to hear the sound of everything around you.
This is exactly what happens when you live a trauma that hurts your Heart, the center of your soul-body.

Time for recovering

Low self-esteem, the feeling that nothing can motivate or thrill us, is a consequence of a block of the Heart Chakra, the rejection of healing after the departure from the self.


As a consequence of a heart wound, we usually feel guilty, like "we are a loser, we are wrong, we are all bad".

Practicing self-love is key to consciously turning these wounds into growth and living a new and more vibrant life.

Practicing self-love is key to recovering from Heart wounds, and it's also the most challenging part of the journey.

Opening up to love ourselves takes time, and not knowing how to start is normal and fine in recovering from a hurt heart.

Self-love practices teach us to respect our body and mind seeing them as the vehicle to bring love to the people we love and to ourselves.

The way you treat yourself tells others how you want to be treated. This is also the reason we can't recognize authentic love in others (and it can't recognize us), if we don't love ourselves first.

We can't go anywhere when our car has a burning engine. 

That's why putting yourself first is not selfish. Instead, it is required.

coultivate self-love looks like...

Learning to say no.
Refusing to let others bring you down,
Being compassionate with yourself,
Spend time with people who motivate you to be the best version of you,
Try new things with enthusiasm,
Feed your mind, body, and soul with exercise, eating well and having alone time,
Spend money on investing in your future,
Believe in your own evolution,
Listen to the voice of your own needs,
Listen to your feelings, taking consistent actions and honoring your own truth.

“The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.” 

Sonya Friedman

If you feel you need to, you can ask for help from a good therapist that walks with you for a while, leading you on a positive, productive, and healthy path.

And, of course, you can enjoy the benefits of Mother Nature that come to you every time you ask. 

In this particular moment of your life, there are three high-vibe crystals that boost your walking towards light and love. They might support you to gain vitality, enthusiasm, and self-esteem, especially when other people rely on us (like our family or dear friends), and it can be tricky to remember that we need to sustain ourselves first if we really want to be our best for them. 

Crystals and stones cannot substitute medical therapy; rather, they can be an excellent compendium of them.
If you approach crystals as if they are MAGIC STUFF with MAGIC properties, please close this page. I'm not here to advocate these theses that poison the most profound and empowered job you can do by properly working with crystals.

What you should aspect from them is not a spell but rather support for self-awareness and self-discovery toward the healing force within you. Working with crystals requires commitment and openness, self-awareness, and mindfulness.
If you're ready to work on yourself, keep reading.

3 best Crystals

to take your Passion, Enthusiasm & Self-Esteem Back after separation from loved one or abandonment

Cherry Tourmaline is able to channel high-powered electrical energy capable of transcending physical laws and producing phenomenal healing.

The positive force of this light tool efficiently clears blockages in the aura, expelling negative energy and providing a shield for the body for energetic pollution that can approach you.

Cherry Tourmaline encourages the ability to recognize, experience and generate love through creativity in ways to put love out into the world.
In fact, Rubellite stimulates not only the Heart Chakra, but the Root Chakra as well, bringing an increased flow of life-force energies to nurture and heal the body.
Rubellite Tourmaline radiates the vibrational pattern to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual heart.
It assists you to open your heart with trust, encouraging flexibility for being lively and sociable.

It supports and aides in making dedicated commitments based on love and revitalizes passion and joy in sexuality.

Rubellite soothes the nervous system and may be useful in treating hysteria, depression and obsession because its grounding influence increases the pleasure of authentic interactions with people and brings you life.

Cherry Tourmaline is a marvelous tool for balancing the right/left hemispheres of the brain and bringing mental processes into alignment with the chakras and auric body.

Rhodochrosite symbolizes self love, moving one beyond more empathy and to act on others behalf at the same time.
Known as “The Stone of the Compassionate Heart”, Rhodochrosite guides love toward the self.  

First- Freeing Emotional blockage, unresolved issues repressed emotions and traumas.
It assists in recognizing negative behaviors and patterns bringing self-forgiveness and compassion.
Its cleansing energy purifies and balances the emotional body, bringing determination, calmness and renewal.
It helps us to release pain and destructive patterns of behavior.

By empowering us to sincerely examine old wounds, suppressed feelings, traumas of adolescence or past lives, it shows old situations through new eyes, helping us to face the truth with awareness and responsibility.

Rhodochrosite is able to free blockages and unresolved problems in the Solar Plexus Chakra. This creates a vital bridge between the upper chakras of higher consciousness and the lower chakras of energy, reclaiming confidence and self-esteem.

It helps you to recover joy and playfulness, creativity and innate talents because it resonates so closely with the inner child in us.
It inspires us to become a more mature adult by healing the wounds of childhood, allowing us to understand and forgive parents or family members when it's necessary

The soft-strong energy of Morganite harmonizes the Heart Chakra, freeing the emotional body from stress, anxiety, old wounds, and hidden traumas, igniting lightness and strength.

Morganite allows us to experience the frequency of Divine compassion, teaching that life’s suffering and pain served a higher purpose in our spiritual growth and is vital for moving forward in harmony and confidence.

Morganite frees and heals the Heart Chakra, encouraging us to overcome fear, resentment, and anger, because it leads us to recognize unfulfilled emotional needs and unexpressed feelings.
It is an ideal crystal for encouraging balance in all relationships and in developing clear and loving communication.
Morganite also encourages in releasing the attachment to old relationships, promoting renewal and evolution.

It encourages kind thoughts and actions, reflection and responsibility and inspires us to be open to accepting loving words and actions.
Morganite also helps us to recognize fear-based patterns that can damage connections, creating resistance to empathy and transformation.

This crystal can also assist in restoring trust and confidence in the Divine’s plan even when a tragic event has shaken our faith in the Divine.
Morganite increases our ability to accept guidance from angelic creatures and other higher entities.


How to work with Crystals to get the Best results

The best way to work with Crystals and see significant results is to wear them as a ring or necklace or as pebbles for an extended period of time.
This time is different for everyone because everyone reacts in a different way to the energy of crystals.

When a crystal is right for you, you should feel an immediate subtle relief from the first moment your body interacts with its frequency. Mind that crystal vibes are subtle, the majority of us cannot recall to the conscious body any sensation. In this case, choose the crystal that you feel resonates with you most and wear it for a few days and see if you notice some changes.

In case you have any questions or doubts about your crystal journey, you can email me (by writing to ingo@giardinbolucom) or reach me directly on Instagram (@giardinoblu), I would be glad to get back to you as soon as I can.

I know, because you're reading this article, that your heart is deeply determined to find the way towards light and relief. Even if it's not an overnight liberation, instead it is a healing process of transformation.  

I hope this article was helpful for you and mind that taking action is key to heal deep heart wounds. So, make sure to work with the best Crystal for you and of course if you have some questions or need some clarifications, I'm still here for you. Always.

Write all your doubts or requests on the comment section here below, I'll be glad to reply as soon as possible.

With all Love,


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