Malachite Spiritual Healing Guide | Meaning & Properties

Malachite Spiritual Healing Guide | Meaning & Properties

• know the metaphysical properties and meanings of Malachite
• know when you should work with Malachite for spiritual healing and chakra balancing
dive deeper into one of the most popular crystals without step into superstitions or fake knowledge
• know how the physical properties of Malachite bring spiritual healing.


**plus, you also find some burning questions about fake Malachite, charging Malachite and more.

Malachite properties and meanings

Let me introduce our discussion about the metaphysical healing properties and meanings of Malachite by giving you the landscape on its physical properties.

That's because physical properties are the notes that contribute to making the symphony that each crystal use to communicate and restore your emotional field.

This symphony is created by color, chemical composition, crystal structure, density and hardness.
Knowing them, you can immediately get a quick picture of how stones interact with your emotional field and you can also understand the message of each crystal developing your listening and self-healing skills more easily and rapidly.

Physical Properties of Malachite

Malachite, what is it made of?

chemical composition of Malachite

The chemical composition of Malachite is Cu2 (OH)2CO3, what does it mean?
It means that Malachite contains a remarkable percentage of copper (Cu2), so we immediately know that the frequencies of this stone are extremely dense, with a force that tends to stabilize your base at the center and that works on the front.
These are the information that we have from copper as a chemical element.


In the 70% of the cases, the color of crystals is the mirror of the chakra it works on.
Malachite is part of that group, in fact, it vibes to heal the Heart Chakra supporting you in recovering heart hurts, teaching self-respect, dignity and love, gaining the brave of the heart again, accepting love and learning to give in a healthy way.


The Crystal Structure of Malachite is Monoclinic, it brings a "change in the program" and a new view towards the future.

Plus, as a secondary sedimentary rock, Malachite helps you to overcome old mental patterns due to education, family or environment in general.
Working with Malachite helps you see the events from a new perspective, supporting in finding new strategies and approaches.


of Malachite are both 3.8 average. The value about hardness is on the base of Mohs scale and it's within a range between 1 and 10.

Now that we have a landscape on this unique stone, you're ready to dive deeper to experience what it has to teach.

Malachite Spiritual Healing Properties

How Malachite works on your body consciousness

The first thing you instantly feel connecting your energy field with Malachite is that its unicity also comes from its remarkably dense frequency (due to copper and deep green).

In fact Malachite is one of the gemstones that doesn't lead you to expand and illuminate your aura instead, it works to densify it, starting from the Heart.


Its information comes inward in the form of frequencies teaching to stabilizing emotional feelings and giving you the physical perception of a stable and solid presence within yourself.

Doing that Malachite awakes your own healing ability to dispel emotional distractions, especially if you are very sensitive to other people emotions and problems, or if an intruder creeps into your heart.

Both of these cases brings emotional instability, confusion, stress, lack of self-esteem and also a sense of emotional and private violation.
Malachite comes to you to drive the energy of your heart to the ground leading your center to a stable grounding and dispelling emotional weakness and the feeling to be "the victim".

Malachite Healing Guide chart

About that, mind that your center is still present within you even despite traumas and deep wounds. Then, If you experienced a hard 

Malachite is an excellent tool to calm the emotional thunderstorm of your heart inviting you to put your heart's feet on the ground and change your vision about yourself and your future ( this information comes especially from the monoclinic mineral structure).

You should work with Malachite if

You are highly empathetic and other people emotions draining your energy bringing stress and instability

• Your emotions frequently come up and down quickly

• You need to anchor the heart to the physical realm

• You need to dispel the illusions of the heart

• You feel that something is missed in the center of your consciousness

• Feel emotionally insecure because you're overwhelmed from other people

• You need get over sentimental draining 

• You need to know what is good for your heart and leave every toxic influence or believe that block your serenity and spiritual evolution.

• Wanna find the courage to leave toxic people moving them away from your life with the peace of the heart.

Best ways to work with Malachite

for spiritual healing and chakra balancing


If you wanna learn as many things as possible from Malachite in a short period of time I recommend to wear it as a simple pendant or a ring.

It allows you not only to work with this stone all day long but also to intentionally connect your vibrational field to the stone wherever and whenever you want easily. And plus, you don't need extra time to add to your schedule if you choose this way.

If you prefer a ring, the best channel to enhance the properties of Malachite is the middle finger.

Wear your Malachite ring on the left hand if you're still working to gain more emotional stability in your life and you feel this work needs a time of "incubation" or, you don't know how to handle this ability right now.

In fact, the left hand is like an "incubator", you should work on it when you feel you need to work at a very deeper level first.

Explore the Malachite Collection>>

Wear your Malachite ring on the right if you already worked on emotional stability, or you feel your inner side knows what is the best for you, so you just need to find the courage to share this knowledge to the world matching intention with action.

>> I have an article all about finger meaning and symbolism, go there to check it.<<

If you prefer pendant, the best way to receive, enhance and put into practice what malachite teaches you is wearing a pendant at Heart level ( 50 - 60 cm ).

That way Malachite is very close to the Heart and you can experience a very solid and concentrate information from your stone.


If your emotional turbulence due to anxiety and high blood pressure you can also take ten minutes a day to meditate with your Malachite.


• STEP ONE: Find a calm and comfortable sit making sure anyone can disturb you for the next 10 minutes.
Set your phone on plane mode.

You can also do this meditation lying on the bed before sleeping because Malachite brings your consciousness to your heartbeat supporting calm and stability.

• STEP TWO: gently take your Malachite in your hand and visualize your energy field embracing the energy field of the stone. Breathing consciously and naturally. Feel free to close your eyes or not, as it's more comfortable for you.

• STEP TREE: you're ready to feel the energy of the stone. Anyway, keep breathing without aspecting to feel anything. 

• STEP FOUR: if you're newbie in crystal healing just focus on everything that comes and go in to your Heart, which is the main area where Malachite vibes. 
Just be there and be open to what comes to your Heart and all the subtle feelings that come in.

Mind this is not a race or a comparison with others, it's just a secret experiment to find a new exciting way to know yourself better and deeply.
Then, if you can't feel any sort of vibrations, especially if you're starting your journey with crystals, it's completely fine. You just need to be patience and mind to expect anything.


If you're a girl, (or anyway you love wearing!) working with crystals offers you an additional way to learn from them.
Go to visit your favorite crystal shop and choose a flat and smooth piece to add to your intimate outfit.
If you order your stone online make sure to place a note on your order letting the  Company know your needs so they can send you the perfect piece to wear ;)

Best ways to cleanse Malachite

Working with Malachite you'll notice that it needs to be cleansed quite frequently.

I suggest using sounds crystal singing bowls or sage, avoiding water when you can.

Mind that the connection you have with the stone and intention to cleanse it are key to get the best result. 
When you use your bowls or sage to cleanse your Malachite drive all of your intention to clear away all the stagnant energy from it. 

After cleansing, I love to place my Malachite under the night sky for just one night.
If you want you can try, then let me know if you feel your stone happy and clear as I do!

Burning Questions about Malachite

from Giardinoblu community

While I was working on this article, I asked to everyone in the Giardinoblu community to send me all of their questions about Malachite. Here're my replies to some of them :) 

"I love the color, but for some reason, I can't work with her...but I don't know why"

A few years ago I personally didn't have a great relationship with Malachite too, so I'm totally related to this question.

I didn't understand why Malachite was the only one stone that brought a sense of subtle fear within me.
I was not able to interact with this stone, or better, I didn't want to interact with her.

Until one day I found a tiny series of small malachite stones that really catches my heart immediately.

Now I realize that a small group of stones opened my sensitivity to Malachite.

Today I know why I was not able to feel her.
The frequencies of Malachite works in such a different way in comparison with the majority of the crystals and it doesn't work how we aspect.

Most of the gemstones vibes to expand our energy field so what you feel when you work with them is, even in different ways, a sense of expansion and enlargement outwards.

Malachite is quite the opposite, her energy goes inward, it doesn't work to raise and expand your energy field, instead to densify it starting with anchoring and grounding the heart.

This knowledge gives you a tangible presence to your body and a sharper and dense consciousness.
Then, you are able to recognize and respect your own boundaries, (so also other people can do the same) and your center.

That's why Malachite is often confused with a protective and shielding stone.
You need to protect yourself just from electromagnetic waves, negative energies themselves don't exist, check this to dive deeper and have more details about it.

Instead, you need to reinforce your roots and your consciousness, remaining open to what life has to offer.

That's the best protection.

"Malachite may amazed you because it doesn't give an expantion of the energy field. Instead, it drives the energy flow within the body and at the center of the Heart."

Regina Martino

"I see some "fake Malachite stones on the market, how can I recognize which are authentic?"

There are some details you should consider to identify genuine Malachite:

• Genuine malachite is very cold and heavy, most of the fake are resins or plastic.
Sometimes fake Malachite is actually made in glass and this makes the piece cold, however glass it will warm up in your hand much quicker than malachite.
• Look at the price, genuine Malachite is not extremely cheap.
• Colored fake ‘malachite’ could be dyed Howlite, (same that happens for Turquoise), resins, plastics or also glass.

• Fake Malachite can be identified by its artificial, uniform stripes, often irregular, not harmonic patterns, and unrealistic green tones. 

" I sew something called Red Malachite what is that?"

Genuine Malachite is always green.
When you see "red malachite" you know that it's just a fancy name for selling a type of red jasper, which is a totally different stone from the metaphysical, physical and energetic perspective.

"What is Azurite Malachite? Do you suggest to work with Malachite or Azurite Malachite?"

Sometimes Malachite does occur naturally with a deep blue mineral called Azurite. They create a stunning mix of blue and green colors together and their composition can change significantly.
These genuine gemstones are ‘Azurite Malachite’ and they bring the metaphysical properties of Malachite and Azurite combining.

So, there's not a right or wrong way to work for everyone each case is related to your own unique path.

"I will love to have a list with the combination of malachite with other Crystals and their properties in combination( bad reaction or good)"

Sometimes we find in Malachite naturally combined with other minerals. These different matches bring to life to unique and complex gemstones that can have a different energy frequencies:



is a powerful emotional cleanser that helps you to heal your past traumas fixing this experience as a reality ( instead of a mental-fleeting situation).
• It helps you to increase your emotional intelligence skills giving you the ability to communicate your feelings, ideas, and emotions wisely with love and compassion.


Eilat Stone is a particular and rare natural combination with Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Azurite and Malachite and other minerals.
Its metaphysical properties are related to the percentage of these singular minerals within the stone which we work with.
In general, Eilat stone works on the Throat, Turquoise and Heart chakra supporting you in sharing the authentic voice of your heart with courage and confidence with the wise spirit of the leader.

"Should I charge my Malachite before working with it?"

My perspective about charging crystals in general changed significantly over time, based on tests and experiments we did over the years. 

You don't need to charge or program your Malachite because it already know what you need, and plus, the more its energy remain clear and natural the better. 

The only recommendation from me is to cleanse your Malachite before working with it and also periodically because it tends to gain energy more then other crystal creatures.


"Does Malachite influence purification of the higher mind?"

The purification of the higher mind is a journey that gives you the ability to activate the power of your higher mind to manifest your full potential and your unique gifts.

One of the key steps in this process is open and balance the Heart and here is where Malachite can strongly support you. 

However, Malachite is not the only crystal you can work with to opening and balancing your Heart. If you're working on the purification of the higher mind I suggest you to identify what's block or contributes to unbalance your Heart Chakra and then work with the crystal that can better support you to melt that block or unbalance.
Check HERE to know more about the crystals and the gemstones that can support your Heart, and if you have some doubts, book your private crystal consultation HERE.

As always, hope you find a ton of value over this article, however if you still have some doubts or questions about Malachite, please write everything in the comment section below, I'll be back to you soon!


Thank you for reading 

All Love

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