Crystal Guide for Business: Raise Your Career by Wearing the Right Crystals for You

Crystal Guide for Business: Raise Your Career by Wearing the Right Crystals for You

We all need to improve or change different aspects of their life in order to achieve what we wants to accomplish in every aspect of life.

We all starts with different attitude, skills, and blocks to get different results in any field, business included.

As always, there are not crystals or gemstones that works well for everybody because everything is related to what you need to gain to get there.

Instead we have many different crystals that support us based on specific blocks and goals.

So knowing which skills or attitudes you need to gain, or which blocks you should melt to achieve your aspirations is the first step.

So you can start to asking yourself: Which is the situation I deal with that I need to meet?

Then, you can wear the crystal that vibes at the right frequency  to support your goals. 


In this essential guide you find out how to deal with the most common problems for employees and entrepreneurs by wearing the right crystals for every situation. 

Crystal Guide for Employees

(scroll down if you're an Entrepreneur)

Conflicts With Boss Or Co-Worker

Do you often have discussions with your co-worker or even with your boss?

I know you say what you think, and you're honest, but sometimes finding a more moderate way to show what we think is the wisest choice.

You don't have to say something you don't believe, but just find the healthier way to preserve a positive, energetic environment at the office.

Most of the time the most effective way to reclaim your needs is creating a positive environment. Then people will be more serene and less strict. At that point, get what we want and deserve will be easier.


In this case, you should work on:
• Authentic and positive communications
• Improve your diplomatic skill 
• Peace of mind

Here are the Crystal Jewels that support your journey overcoming conflicts with Boss or colleagues & how to wear them:

I suggest to wear this rings on the ring finger because it embodies self-expression especially in relationship.

**additional tip:
Never accuse your colleague by saying “you do this, and you do that".
This makes he/she feel defensive and it's not a positive approach. Instead, try to start all your sentences with “I” and mix appreciations with your concerns.
Example: I think you're so creative and skilled but I don’t know how to ask for your support without upsetting you. Can you help me understand what I am doing that upsets you?

Feeling Unappreciated

According to a Gallup Poll of American workers, 65% of people report feeling a lack of appreciation at work.

And that feeling leads to negativity, low morale decreasing productivity.

If you wanna stay healthy avoiding apathy and also depression, the priority is getting your passion and enthusiasm for your job back to you.


You also have to be strategic in how you approach the conversation with your boss, when you'll decide to share your situation with him or her. You'll need to find yourself ready for that moment. You may have to gain more confidence, refine your communication skills and melt your fear.

If you find yourself in this position, you need to work on one or more of them:
• Discover and Rise Self-Confidence recognizing your skills to yourself
• Improving communication  
• Gain courage and trust
• Protect your Heart

Here are the Crystal Jewels that support your journey overcoming conflicts with Boss or colleagues & how to wear them:

Fire Agate leads your intentions to your deepest desires providing the courage to take risk, encouraging self-acceptance, self-confidence.
Its protective properties also build a shield around the body against harmful energy.

Green Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of a storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm. Wearing Green Jade as jewel recharges energy, and protect your whole body because of its abilities to ward off the negative energies around us.

Wear these crystals on the index if your priority is to gain self-esteem, on the finger ring when you need to improve self-expression and heal your heart, and on the thumb, if your purpose is changing your attitude and mindset.

Passed Over For A Promotion Or Job Transfer

How to do when you passed over for a job transfer or promotion?
Probably you're frustrated, angered and the level of your vitality is low.

If so, you need to step back and redirect Your Negative Emotions into something positive.

Use your anger in a proactive way, proving yourself all your skills and qualities avoiding self-sabotaging attitudes like victimization or blaming others.


You need to:
• Recognizing your skills to yourself
• Overcome frustration gaining vitality and energy.

Here are the Crystal Jewels that help you when you do not get the job or position you desired

Smoky Quartz supports rational, pragmatic thought processes improve calculation and organization. 
It helps you to recognize your skills improving inner strength and confidence.

Garnet fortifies, activates, and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope into those situations. It revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. 

RING: Wearing these crystals on the index or middle finger is a nice choice to boost their energy.
Wear them on the index if your primary goal is gain self-esteem. Wear them on the middle when you need to encourage self-analysis in order to find out which area you need to improve. 

NECKLACE: Wearing long necklaces (about 80 cm - 31,5 in) allows you to keep the stone close to your Third Chakra  encouraging your power to get back to you with gratitude for the lessons you learned.
When you wear shorter necklace the stone is closest to the heart, shielding it from pollution energies and sustaining you to take action.

**additional tip:
use this experience as a learning opportunity. It's time to get clear with your self.
It was something you were not aware of, and that is more clear to yourself now? There are some specific areas you could still develop to have a better shot next time?

Defend Your Productivity Against Energy Vampires

“An Energy Vampire is someone who sucks your energy dry,” explains Dr. Judith Orloff, author of The Ecstasy of Surrender. “When you’re around them you feel sick or angry or depressed.”

Everyone is ever worked in an office knows what it is and how it totally sucks.

There are several types of energy vampires.
Is there a victim, always negative, the gossip-judging and the over critical for example.


But the good news is that you need the same energy to protect yourself from all of these.

In this situation you need:
• Protection from the negative energy
• Empathize with people, even if you disagree with them
• Be calm, not emotionally reactive

Here are the Crystal Jewels that help you when you need to protect you from energy vampires

Amethyst works on emotional, spiritual and physical levels to constantly inspires, balance and eliminate impatience all day long helping you to melt emotional tension, anxiety, and the sense of lack of control.

Jet Stone is excellent every time you need protection and purification.
It absorbs the unwanted energy giving you a very calming vibe because it's able to replace the negative with positive and peaceful strengths. 

RING: Wearing these crystals the middle finger improve your sense of justice and balance, on index support you to raise the level of straight against energy vampire.

NECKLACE: Wearing a necklace between 40 and 55cm (15,75 and 21,6 in) allows you to defend your soul better building a shield that protects the whole body.

Crystal Guide for Entrepreneurs


Is said that the only true constant is change, and in today’s business world everything seems to change more rapidly.

Even if entrepreneurs handle uncertainty every day it doesn't mean they're immune from of anxiety and stress that it brings.

As an entrepreneur, you know that if everything changes around you, you can also change if you want.

In this journey you need:
• Learn to surf the now gaining more trust in yourself
• Protect your energy from the negative
• Learn to embrace the change.

Here are the Crystal Jewels that help to embrace uncertainty

Labradorite guides you to keep growing and teaches you how to generate the deepest gratitude. 
It also helps you to stay true to yourself, even when everything seems to get dark around.

Clear Quartz enhances energy flow by stimulating the circulatory systems and bringing the body into balance. It's is also excellent for amplifying the energies of the other stones we wear.

• RING: there are many aspects you can work on to overcome the sense of uncertainty:
- you can use your ambition, then wear these crystals on the index.
- you can use your responsibility, then wear these crystals in the middle.
- you can enhance your intuitions and creativity, then wear these crystals on the little finger
- or you can focus your attention on the will and your love for business, then wear them on the thumb.

NECKLACE: Wearing a necklace between 40 and 55cm (15,75 and 21,6 in) allows you to defend your soul better building a shield that protects the whole body.

Reinforce your leadership

A great leader needs to wisely balance various qualities and stay consistent into them because even if you're still the Boss, you can lose the leadership over the employers and at the client's eyes in every moment.

However, you're also a human being and sometimes you can lose the balance between the multitude of aspects you have to deal with in your personal and business life.

If you find yourself in this position, you need to:
• Develop your empathy and the ability to listen to your clients as employees
• Overcome emotional difficulties and raise your ability to manage anxiety for yourself and your team
• Grow your communications skills and the power of persuasion
• Be ready and open to recognizing the right intuitions and refine the thinking process.

Here are the Crystal Jewels that help to embrace uncertainty

Amethyst constantly inspires balance, melt impatience and stress and promoting peace of mind all day long. It also stimulates intuition and concentration.

Herkimer Diamond encourages a continuous flow of energy that keeps the aura clear and bright helping you to avoid physical exhaustion and burnout.

• RING: index is the finger you have to work when you need to reinforce your leadership. You can also support the index with thump, the channel of the love for business and will.

• NECKLACE: wearing these crystals as necklaces allows your body to listen their wise vibe all day long. 

Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving

Entrepreneurs tend to jump from one fire to another, and in many cases, the fast-changing business environment is what ignites these fires in the first place.

Problem-solving is the key to a successful business and develop a robust capability at all levels.

So what is the problem to be solved?
• Maintain the focus on what you do in the now 
• Develop your intuition 
• Overcome problems from different perspective.

• RING: wearing these crystals on finger ring and on little finger supports you to use creativity in a proactive way to solve problems from unexpected and uncommon perspectives. 

• NECKLACE: wearing these crystals as necklace allows the body to enjoy their vibe all day long maximizing the benefit you'll get. 

Wearing a necklace between 40 and 55cm (15,75 and 21,6 in) allows you to work with their vibe close to your heart, maximizing the effects of crystals energy.

And here's the cheat sheet I prepared for you to understand better the channels you can use to meet your concerns at work and have a clear picture about some crystals you can intentionally wear to pursue your purpose.


Hope this practical guide can help you to deal with the most common issues you can have at work :) 

If you have some questions or need more details make sure to write everything in the comment below <3 your experience and your questions may help who are living a similar situation or have your same questions <3



Thank you so much for stopping by, and read this article.

all Love,


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