How to Sense the Energy of Crystals & Stones

How to Sense the Energy of Crystals & Stones

• feel the energy and the subtle vibrations of Crystals and Stones
• rise the ability to sense all the subtle energies (environment, people and objects). 

Crystals are extremely fascinating creatures and we love their colors and shapes, but do they really have a sort of energy?

Is it possible to feel the energy of Crystals? Really?


The energy of Crystals is so subtle that any machines or technologies can measure it, except the most sophisticated and advanced system on the planet: the human body.

Yes, your own body is the only system that captures, recognizes and channel the energy of Crystals and Gemstones as well as any other pieces of information in the form of frequencies that come from the environment, objects or people.

If you want to develop this sensitivity but you don't know how to start, that's the right place for you.

Are you ready?
Let me give you just a couple of notes before starting:

The ability to sense energy is already within you, even if it's part of your unconscious mind. You don't have to gain any knowledge, you just have to discover your own personal key to awake this innate talent.

If you think you're different, and you think you could never sense their energy, I can guarantee you're wrong.

Probably you have read a tone of articles and books about crystal energy but still, you can't sense their energy! Why? Because the idea of feeling is not the feeling itself. You need to experience the journey, not listening to the story!

Awakening the power to feel the energy of Crystals also means feel the energy of places, objects, other people and also your own energy more clearly.

It means awakening and raising your Energetic Intelligence.

In fact, the energy of Crystals is just a portion of the entire world of subtle vibrations.
You can't feel information that Crystals bring if you don't train yourself to listen to the multitude of energies that constantly flows outside and within yourself.

So, that's why the first two steps you should follow are about how to awake your innate ability to feel and understand the energy flow around you.


Allowing the energy flow

The first step to awake the ability to feel Crystal Energy is activating the first (Root Chakra), Second (Sacral) and Third Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra).

The Second Chakra, the Sacral, is key. It has the function to let the energy flow into the body densely and fluidly. The Second Chakra is the energy of the inner alchemy where you experience sensuality, creativity, spontaneity, hunger, desire, pleasure and need.


If you feel you need you should work to awake your Sacral Chakra, here's some activities you should try: 
Experience physical movements: when you hear a song you love, let your body move in the most spontaneous way whether thinking you're doing the right movements or not. As an alternative, you can attend a dance course.

Work on boundaries honoring your body: try to say no with a sweet smile when is necessary and observe the feelings that raise within you. 

Establish the rule of healthy pleasures for yourself: eat clean and testy, avoiding ready-made, too fat or junky food and drink more water. Cultivate healthy and joyful habits to yourself in general.

• Boost your journey with the right Crystals: wear Stones and Crystals that assist you in opening your Sacral Chakra like Fairy Stone, Amber, Cacholong, Chalcopyrite, Brown Aragonite, Garnet, Fire Opal, Sunstone, Hematoid Quartz, Imperial Topaz, Tantalite and Vanadinite.
Go there for more.


Recognizing the flow

When you had re-established the energy flow of your base Chakras you also have to create a "new space" for yourself. It doesn't necessarily mean having more time for meditating, doing yoga or anything that requires more time to your schedule.

If you want to develop your inner power to create, move and feel, there's a way that is usually much more effective and fast than meditating occasionally.
Everything you need is a simple mind shift that doesn't cost anything in term of time and money and that completely transform your life contributing to melt stress gaining peace and serenity.


So what do I mean with mind shift?

Just pay attention to every energy around you every moment of your day, when you're driving, walking fast, over a meeting, during a coffee break with your colleagues, when you're washing the dishes, when you eat... every ordinary moment is an opportunity to discover yourself and the world more.

Awakening your inner power to recognize the energy flow could sound a mystical "kind of hippy thing", but it's the opposite.
Feeling the energy around and within you is fundamental in every situation, from the most challenging to the most ordinary ones.

Every moment offers you the opportunity to build and raise happiness only if you are able to globally evaluate and understand the situation.
If you want to do that, you need to have a quite clear perception of the energy flow, not just knowing the physical/material datas.


If you're newbie in feeling the energy flow within and all around here's how you can awake this skill: 

Wherever you are, unlock your mind from everything is related to past or future.

Everything you are and you have is the present moment.

Pay attention to your breath.

Now you're fully present,
your body is solid,
your heart is beating and your senses are informing you about what's happening around.
Every gesture, sound, smile, color, shapes, smell and so on.

Now you're present within your body.

You're fully opened to your emotions and subtle feelings whatever they are, without judging, interpret or censoring them.

Removing any expectation, just listen and be there to receive. That's key to manifest the unexpected and wonder.

And again, judging yourself doesn't make sense, there is not a right or wrong here.

Now you realize that events are the manifestations of your own energy and you're safe from mental and emotional invaders.

This is an act of openness, not a skill.


"As you train ears to appreciate harmonies, you can develop spiritual and psychic organs as the way to get access to the world of the soul"

Rudolf Stainer



Now that your can listen to your body and subtle energy more (second step) you're ready to feel the energy of Crystals and Gemstones.

May you still need a little bit of patience at the beginning but I'm sure that what you'll feel will be authentic and extremely helpful for your personal and spiritual growth.


Standing, take a crystal in your hand, if you never feel the energy of crystals before making sure to choose a stone with a quite simple vibration like Smoky Quartz, Black Septarian or Meteorite, for example.
Feeling how it interacts with your energy field will be easier than with a stone with complex information.


ps. to better tune your energy to your stone take off jewelry that could shield the fully interaction with your stone like Shungite or Diamond for example.

Visualize (with open eyes or closed as you prefer) an energetic cone that intentionally comes from your heart to the stone and listen without involving the mind. I
f you prefer, you can also visualize the energy field of the stone that overlaps with your aura.

Tune your attention to your stone now without any expectation, just listening.


Pay attention to all the subtle vibrations within your body, every tingling, inspiration, every energy flow that your body unconsciously generates and start to observe your feelings and sensations.

Try to ask yourself something like:
Which areas of my body are the most sensitive to the stone?
Where do I feel the stone most?
Which sensations am I feeling?

Or, as an alternative,
knowing which is the Chakra that the stone stimulates you can start to experience how this Chakra reacts. 
For example, if you have a Carnelian in your hands, start connecting your energy to it. Then, listen how your Sacral Chakra (the primary area of Carnelian) reacts to the frequency of this Crystal.
Doing that you can start learning where the Chakras are located and how its energy flows within your body.

You don't need to reply at loud or by words, it's an inner job. Recognize the feeling and observe it.

When the vibrations of the stone interact with your energy field and you feel a sense of releasing and openness, that vibration is the information you need to evolve, that is the stone that supports you over this moment of your life.

and now?


If the first times you try you feel nothing, it's completely fine.
You just need to train yourself to be more patient and accept the adventure with trust.


Mind to don't expect anything, just listen and I can guarantee you that your progress will be unexpectedly fast.

I know that "don't involving the mind" could sounds easy but actually it requires focus because we use to involve the mind, and also overstimulated it, in any process.


With this practice you also learn to find your way to leave the mind instantly creating a place of relaxation when you're overwhelmed or you need to clean your mind before an important decision. 

Hope this article was helpful and if you have some questions or want to share your experience with Crystal energy write everything in the comment section below.


All Love,

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  • mikki: June 19, 2021

    i just recently started working with crystals and i tried this the other night with some clear quartz. after a few minutes of just breathing and feeling the quartz moved. no joking, no movement, no air nothing just up and flipped from the side it was on to the side facing me, kinda like a face plant. i can’t find anything online about it any advice?

  • Jodi C: October 08, 2020

    Thank you so much for this article! I have been working with some of my first Crystals & I think you gave me just that little bit more information I needed 😊🔮✨💕 I will continue to practice, practice, practice………….

  • Maria : September 05, 2020

    Thank you so much for such an informative and insightful website 💝🌻🌻🌻🌻💝

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