Easy Guide to Healing Fatigue & Low Energy: Chakra to Balance & Best Crystals to Wear

Easy Guide to Healing Fatigue & Low Energy: Chakra to Balance & Best Crystals to Wear
How to Heal Fatigue & Low Energy: Chakra to Balance & Best Crystals to Wear

Knowing how to heal and recover from fatigue, low energy, and exhaustion it's a vital chapter of self-awareness and spiritual awakening.

When we're able to be open and recognize the wounds due to deep stress or trauma, we experience priceless lessons. Overstress is an open wound, and we're responsible for healing it; nobody can do it for us.


This open wound is also an "opened door" to your inner self.

If you listen to your body embracing these challenging moment, you gain inestimable treasures that no other experience can give.

How to Heal from Fatigue, Low Energy, and Exhaustion

The foundations and the energy flow of your temple 

There are many types of fatigue, but basically, all of the consequences of fatigue or stress are due to the block of the First and the Second Chakra.

For this reason, you can't heal every kind of fatigue in the same way. 

First, you need to recognize which type of fatigue you have to deal with and start your healing journey from there.

If not, you risk losing a lot of time working in the wrong direction and eventually worsening your emotional and energetic state. 

Before starting your journey with a crystal, someone suggested to you or that you found online, I invite you to use this post to identify the type of fatigue you need to heal. Then, figure out which Chakra you should work on and then which crystals can boost your journey towards healing and balancing.

Burnout & Overdoing

Root Chakra unbalancing  

Your energetic foundations are immersed into the Earth, the universal basis of everything you do.
If you want to connect to the fore of the Earth, taking root in biological existence, you need to get in touch with the body.

When you do not want to recognize the needs of your body, you detach yourself from it, creating a separation between body and mind.

The energy of the temple is inside its root, in its foundations. Profound fatigue, anxiety, lack of sense of reality, and digestive problems are just some of the symptoms of disconnection with our roots, the first Chakra.

What Burnout Tiredness is:

When you push yourself for too long, burnout tiredness is the tiredness you experience and you feel like you cannot go on another day. 
Your body says ‘I cannot go on like this anymore, or you're ignoring my needs, I’m exhausted’.

What Overdoing Tiredness is:

It's the tiredness that comes from pushing ourselves and doing too much or more than is healthy for you for too long.

Eating junk food, smoking, not taking breaks, drinking alcohol, not sleeping enough, not exercising, spending hours sitting are just some examples of not taking care of ourselves, while our body needs love and respect. 

A crucial step here is realizing "why we push ourselves so hard? The answer is always the same.
Not feeling good enough.

There is a secret feeling of ‘"If I don’t do more, or prove to myself and others that I do more, I won’t feel good enough and people and my family won't approve me".

These are the patterns that deserve attention and need to be cleared to effect true transformation and change.


Best Crystals to wear for Overdoing and Burnout Tiredness

Jet Stone


Blocking emotion, emotional release & hyper-excited

Sacral Chakra unbalancing  

If the Root chakra works to make your foundations stable and solid, the Sacral Chakra is the opposite. 

The Sacral Chakra is where the energy starts to move, where you let your true self go. It's the place of feeling and sensations.

The Sacral chakra is the place where emotions come from. Our senses give us the information, sensations are unconscious reactions to this information, emotions are how we organize these sensations.

Without consciousness, we're dominated by emotions.

Then we can decide how to react to this emotions, however, emotions have their own life.
They're the language of our soul. If you block, hide or kill these emotions you run away from your transformation.

"There can not be a transformation from darkness to light without emotion."


Your sensations are the key to discover all the memories that are buried under your conscious memories. 

What Emotional Release Tiredness is:

After experiencing an intense emotional release, such as sadness, anger, grief or fear you feel exhausted.

That's because when you live strong emotional experiences, your body is pushed to produce a lot of chemical changes.
All these different hormones combining can harm your delicate internal tissues, so your body has a lot of work to do to regain balance and restores internal equilibrium.


Imperial Topaz

What Hyper-Excited Tiredness is:

After receiving some ‘exciting’ news like about a new job, making that big deal… a few hours later, you may feel absolutely drained. 

This is the ‘effect’ of the ’cause’ of the heart getting over-excited. 

Everything in nature has to balance itself out. What goes up must come down. So if we feel tired after getting excited, this is a natural re-balancing. 



Blocking or Repressing Emotions Tiredness:

Blocking or suppressing emotions is one of the biggest causes of physical tiredness. Our thoughts are energy. Our feelings are energy. Our body is energy. 

The point is that energy cannot be destroyed, and once that emotional energy is generated but not released, it will get stored in the body, weighting and polluting it.

That's the turning point from adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue, as well as depression and anxiety. Recognizing, resolving, and mastering the energy flow is essential when experiencing chronic fatigue, deep stress, or anxiety.


Best Crystals to wear for Repressing or blocking Emotions Tiredness:


Fire Agate 

To synthesize and better clarify how these crystals work on Chakra, I created this cheat sheet for you <3

And of course, if you have some questions, or wanna share your experience write everything in the comment section below! 


Thank you so much for spending your time with me. I wish you a wonderful and grateful rest of the day.



All Love




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