Eudialyte Crystal Properties & Effects on the Chakra System

Eudialyte Crystal Properties & Effects on the Chakra System

Eudialyte is a rare and complex mineral that raises an uncommon frequency because of its different chemical elements and unique properties.
Its chemical elements, the crystal structure, and the color together have a remarkable and distinctive impact on our energy field.

Crystal Properties

& Effects on the Chakra System of


The signature vibe of Eudialyte works to expand and balance three crucial areas of the Chakra System. These areas are directly linked with the color tones of this unique stone.


The dark areas, rich in Manganese, implement stable and firm frequency downward, providing grounding, and promoting moment-to-moment awareness.


The purple areas stimulate the inner aspect of the Heart Chakra, arousing the energy flow on the front and back of this Chakra.


Lastly, the white and grey areas help to liberate and expand the energy upward, opening the Crown Chakra, the doors to reach Universal nourishment.

The downward energy from the Root Chakra, the Heart radiance that flows in back and front direction, and the Crown expansion combined, is the trigger for the activation of Eudialyte's cross-shape effect.


This energetic education shows us the ideal emotional posture where the Heart is in the center between Earth and Sky, and the consequence is an exceptional improvement of the energy flow and en extension of the energy field.

The energy that flows within the entire body becomes fluid like breathing and flows toward the Heart's spiral.

When we apply this knowledge, we have more energy and strength, we're flexible and open to everything that is going to come.

We're protected and confident.
We know our own boundaries and limitations, and we're ready to go beyond the limits we've imposed on us.


Eudialyte is a remarkable stone to recover the harmony and the radiance of the entire energetic system.

Eudialyte properties and meaning

You Should work With Eudialyte When...

• You have experienced a "disordered energy" period, and you need to find stability and balance, reestablishing the energy flow.

• You need to liberate space for pragmatism and concreteness in the Heart

• You feel drained by other people's energy, and we struggle in saying no,

• You need to find a new and proper posture in your spiritual practice, especially if you used to focus most of your work on the higher frequencies.

Special notes and recommendations:
As you sew, the frequency of Eudialyte is complex and involves more than one Chakra. I recommend wearing this stone with no more than two other stones to get the best outcome.

There are many ways to work with Crystals for healing, but the best way is learning from them all day long by wearing them. You can choose if you prefer wearing them in a small pouch or as jewels.

If you love wearing jewels and you also need learning from Eudialyte here you find soem crystals creatures that can assist you over this step of your journey.

 Choose the stone you want to wear in the product page

 Choose the stone you want to wear in the product page

Eudialyte Bracelet


>> If you want to learn more about wearing crystal for healing, HERE you find My Essential Guide.

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