5 Practical Steps You Should Follow to Transform Your Life by Wearing Crystals

5 Practical Steps You Should Follow to Transform Your Life by Wearing Crystals

We find a tone of articles, posts, and videos out there about  the healing properties of
Crystals and Gemstones, but what we should do precisely with them to enjoy their energy?

What is exactly the step by step process we should follow to experiencing the powerful healing energy of Crystals, especially if we're at the beginning of our journey in the Crystal Kingdom?

Which Crystals should you work with to heal specific Chakra blocks or particular emotional and physical dysfunctions?

And again how to use crystal vibe intentionally to create a fulfilled life and know yourself better and live a more meaningful life?


We have a lot of questions and doubts when we step up into the Crystal Healing World. That's why I created this article for you <3

I'm going to reveal everything about this process from the beginning, hoping to give you an answer to all of your more burning questions. Here're the 5 Practical Steps that transform your life by wearing Crystals:



focus on you

This is the first, crucial and harder step of this beautiful journey.
However, you can't skip it because your transformation is strictly related to it, and you know why in a few seconds.

Usually, the hardest thing to do is seeing inside of us without judging or deny our feelings, sentiment or attitude.
Every transformational process starts from here, when we choose to walk with Crystals it's not different.

This step is actually a huge stage. An entire life is not enough to step out of it for so many people, that's because their blocks are so rooted that they can't see themselves with bright eyes and an open mind.


If you chose to step into it anyway, congratulate yourself first, not everyone is so brave as you. It will be a awesome and beautiful journey!

A quick + crucial introduction:

Fortune doesn't Exist

The first step to transform the way you live, to shift your mindset and the perception on how you see everything is embracing the concept that every event is the consequences of 2 categories of choices and behaviors:

You can choose to spread good energy or bad energy. You can close the door or embrace the surprising lesson.
Fortune or misfortune don't exist, unless as good or bad energy that we attract or melt with our own vibe.

2) CHOICES & BEHAVIORS out of your influence:
Many events are not related to our behaviors or thoughts, and we have a feeble control over them. However, we can choose to face these moments for growing or shutdown.

A happy life is not about control the events, is about how we respond to these events.

How to focus on you for growing:


Find a quiet place without distractions, close your phone or pretend to forget it in the other room ;)
Sit down on a comfortable chair, or even lying if you can.


Start to breathe consciously from the nose to the belly and return like the waves of the Ocean.


Now ask yourself:
If I could change one thing of my life, what would it be?


Now imagine you're living in a time where you've changed that particular aspect of your life already.
and now ask yourself:
What blocks I melt to get here?
In other worlds:
What shifted in my mind/body and what actions I took to get here?

Do not stop yourself on the consequences, dive deeper to figure out the possible reasons because of the state and causes of things.

Example: if you're looking for a new job and you're dismissed at every interview it may mean that you need to improve your communication skills. Probably you need to gain more self-confidence so you'll be more persuasive, communicate with more passion and you'll look smarter.

Don't worry if you can't figure out what's holding you back instantly, you may need days or also a few months to get to the core.
No matter how much time you take, the priority is going enough deeper to have a clearer picture of what is the barrier between you and your purpose.


Every emotional or physical block comes from the unbalancing (deficiency or excess) of specific Chakras.

Recognising your blocks and facing them could put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. It's everything fine.
May you're recognizing something you've tried to overcome or cover for so long.

Now the same condition emerges again like a massive and heavy wreck.
Honor that wreck because is the door towards your transformation and liberation.

The first goal working with crystals is bringing back the balance re-establishing overall well being on the emotional, spiritual an physical level.

Then, on the advanced level, you can work to raise the energy of every Chakra towards awakening. 

Congratulation, you're ready for the next step!


focus on Crystals

Now that you know the real identity of what's holding you back you're able to work with one or more specific Crystals that gives you the right energy tuning your vibe to the right direction towards transformation and growth.

You can work with Crystals for many purposes, but if you do that to transform your life overcoming old and rooted patterns I really recommend don't choose the crystal that attracts you the most at first sight. That's because if you work for transformation, you need to embrace something that is not within your comfort zone right now.
But don't worry some people can lead you on the right path.

How to identify the Crystal or Crystals you should start to work with:


Consult the Chakra Map

Use this map to find out which is the Chakra you need to heal based on your "Evil"( the force that blocks the Chakra activity), unbalancing activity and physical disorder.

When a Chakra "exceeds" it means that it irradiates more than the average of the other Chakras. That means it's not balanced with the entire energy system.

This disorder works as compensation for the weakness of other Chakras. This system of balancing works for the same Chakra (that exceeds on the front and could be weak on the back) or also for different Chakras.

Example: when I do everything for other people ignoring myself, it probably means that my Heart Chakra exceeds on the front and I also have a weakness of the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus back.

** Please note: identifying the discomfort with the Chakra is not always an accurate process.
Physical discomfort is not necessary directly related with the Chakra you should balance. 
Often you need to dive deeper and figure out which Chakra is actually the source of the block, that's why I encourage you to ask for a private consultation with your Crystal Therapist or Reiki Master.
Crystals can never substitute any prescription of your Doctor, when it's necessary.


Ask to a serious Crystal Therapist or Crystal Healer:

You can find a Crystal Healing Expert in one of the holistic centers or  shops with a nice selection of Crystals near to you. If there are no crystal healing experts near to you, or if their approach doesn't resonates too much with you, you can find who can help you online.

You can email me at info@giardinoblu.com or you can find who inspires you by browsing on google.
Then ask him/her a consultation to identify the Crystals or Gemstone s that vibes at the right frequency to help you to overcome your block.

"What we fear doing most, is usually what we most need to do"

Tim Ferriss

How to do when I know Which Crystal supports me

When you know which Crystal has the right vibe to heal your wounds, keep your eye and heart open on the quality of it. Mind that you'll have to create a spiritual relationship with your stone, make sure to choose the one with the highest colors and light.

The moment you choose the specific Crystal that will walk on your journey is crucial to maximizing the result.
Make sure take your time to pick the specimen you wanna take with you, be patient and open your mind, eyes and heart to the energy and colors of the gemstones.
If your mind/body are focused and quiet you should find your Crystal in a few minutes.


Wear your Crystal

Now that you know which Crystal vibes to heal your wounds melting your emotional and physical blocks and you also have the specific Crystal that walks with you in this amazing journey you need to decide how to bring the crystal with you all day long to learn the best from it.

Why you should wear Crystals

There are several reasons to choose to wear crystals and gemstones intentionally for healing, here're some of the most important:


• Wearing Crystals and Gemstones as Amulets or jewels is one of the powerful, easy and effective ways to absorb their therapeutic energies all day long steadily.


• When jewels are made to heal they end up to become art pieces and the healing vibe of crystals is boosted by the positive energy of the handcrafted.


• The Crystal vibe and the human electromagnetic field (aura) combining support the healing properties of light around the body.

• Each jewel designed on specific purposes for specific people are unique as everyone is as an individual. This aspect creates an emotional channel between us and the crystal that speak directly to the heart boosting your connection.


• Wearing Crystals allows you to have the energy you need ever handy all day long. When you feel stressed just touch your crystal jewel breathing consciously, and you'll find the support and the replies you're looking for.


• Crystal Jewels are not just beautiful to wear but also powerful tools to create your future.



Love and caring are the primary nourishment for your Crystal they allow your Crystal to help you.

How to Love your Crystal Jewel:

Sending Love

Sending Love, good vibrations and respect is fundamental to create a relationship between you and your crystal jewel.

Just touch your jewel when you find yourself stressed out, or you need to be more present and focused.

Enjoy the energy between your body and crystal through consciously breathing asking for anything in return.

That's Love, your Crystal will reply with the same good vibe.


When you receive your Crystal Jewel (and also from time to time) cleansing it is a great practice that I recommend.


Cleaning practice is an important ritual that allows creating a friendship between you and your Jewel.

There are several ways to cleanse your Crystal Jewel, choose the one that resonates better with you.

Here you find some practical examples>>



Choosing to walk with Crystals doesn't mean we move the first step by thinking about the goal.
Every day will be an essential step towards our self liberation.

As you do with your best friends, trust your Crystal and open your heart to it without expecting anything in return.

Just being grateful for the extraordinary energy that it gives you enjoying the present and celebrating it as a manifestation of love and freedom.

You can thank your jewel during the day or at the evening when you put it in the jewelry case.
Your thoughts will be authentic and sincere.

Day by day you'll feel your inner eyes even more receptive and open.

Choosing Crystals as spiritual teachers is a journey ever evolving because you continuously improve and grow. Live is a constant evolution and progress itself.


After a few months or years you're working with a specific Crystal, (there is not a calendar time here), you may hear a voice in your heart that says you need something different to evolving.
That happens because you've learned what you need from your Crystals, now your own energy shifted, and you need a different vibe to grow.

No one Crystal is the ultimate teacher.

Otherwise, they're all teachers that come to us at the perfect time to help and sustain us towards light and joy.

So you need to figure out a new purpose, and everything will begin from the step one.


Hope this article could inspire you to go deeper within you because happiness starts from there. It doesn't come from what we have, or we can buy.
Don't get me wrong, beautiful stuff bring joy and help to live a better life, they are tools we use.

However, authentic joy and fulfilling raise from within us, and we have to start from there to create a happy, loving and bright life.



Or do you need a custom Healing Jewel designed on your own specific purposes?

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