We know that we have to be aware of how we spend our energy.
That's why as long as we walk, we're focused on the way in front of us, forgetting about all the miles we already went through.
Sometimes we need a pause to realize how far we got.

Only when we allow ourselves to stop we realize that all the miles we walked are not behind us anymore; instead, they're inside us in the form of knowledge and experiences.
And by acknowledging this new state, we can find the courage and stamina to persist.

However, If you had walked very fast, as many of us did over the last two years, what you learned and the skills you gained so far may be blurred by tiredness. This paves the way to self-criticism, further energy-draining, and exhaustion.
+ plus, when we see that we're still on the most intense ride we ever had, we feel fragile, we lose motivation and stamina, and we doubt our potential and possibilities.

It doesn't happen because something external is changed; instead, you've spent more energy than how you had, and this results in a temporary decrease of vitality and radiance of your frequency.

If this resonates in some way with your actual stage, this month of December, I encourage you to take a pause, reinforce your boundaries and take more time for yourself.

If you think taking more time for yourself and setting new boundaries - or reinforcing the ones in place - it's impossible because of the upcoming Holidays, so this is not the right time to find more space for yourself, you missed the point. Or, this is the sign you may need to build more boundaries than how you think.

Going inward is essential if you feel exhausted, emotionally or physically weak, especially after the long and intense emotional journey you went through and in preparation for the journey that will be.

If so, I encourage you to intentionally create more space among all the inputs that come from the external by training yourself to replace compulsive or reflex actions with a pause.
Here're some ideas:
• stop immediately replying to sms, messages, or emails. Take your time to get back to those who reached out to you.
• going to bed 30 minutes before usual (if you will, you may take this time to meditate with a soothing stone or do some breath work to favorite good sleep)
• choose to significantly limit the time you spend on social media
• choose to significantly limit the time you spend by watching the news or do not watch the news at all for a week at least
• allow yourself to do not answer the phone if it's not necessary or you know there will be a waste of energy there.


Setting these intentional boundaries, even for this month only, will help you better deal with your resources and energy, claiming the necessary focus and balance you need to regain strength and vitality.

In order to facilitate and boost this journey, I encourage you to work with a frequency that is created by two stones, Tiger Eye and White Jade.

The overall information provided by these two stones combined assists you in taking off your shoulders heavy influences you do not need with the intention to find the space and resources to raise fresh energies and courageously persist with enthusiasm, strength, and a renewed awareness of your own potential.

Then, you are encouraged to make choices and actions with peace of mind but without any further hesitations or doubts.

This frequency is quite intense, and it may impact your energetic field from the first time you start to work with it. Its information is both soothing and stimulating.

Tiger Eye works to stimulate the activity of the Solar Plexus Chakra, assisting in becoming fully aware of your potentials by taking tangible actions.
White Jade mitigates the over-activity of the analytical mind (front side of Third Eye Chakra), bringing more space between thoughts encouraging you to let things you cannot control flow.

If you have doubts about how to work with crystals and stones for energetic healing check >>THIS Article<< or write your question in the comment below, I'll do my best to reply as soon as possible.