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Stone A

The Blue Opal ring is your gentle guide, illuminating the whispers of your soul and revealing your deepest needs and desires. This ring serves as a beacon in recognizing your vocation, purpose, and mission in life.
Its tender support leads you on a journey of self-exploration, helping you uncover the unique path that aligns with your soul's calling.

***Every piece is unique. Pick your favorite crystal by scrolling through the images on this page.

• Discovering Your Purpose: The fluid and dynamic energy of the Blue Opal acts as a gentle teacher, guiding you to decipher the language of your soul and uncover your true purpose. It invites you to listen closely to the whispers of your inner being, leading you toward clarity and alignment with your deepest desires.

• Navigating Life Changes with Serenity: Blue Opal offers powerful support during times of transition, providing clarity and serenity amidst uncertainty. It gently replaces confusion and frustration with a sense of calm, illuminating the path toward the best solutions for your highest good. Let its soothing energy envelop you as you navigate life's ever-changing currents with grace and resilience.

• Empowering Your Vocation and Fulfillment: With Blue Opal by your side, you're supported in discovering your vocation and making consistent choices that honor your unique gifts. It encourages you to share your talents with the world, manifesting fulfillment and success on your journey. Embrace its compassionate guidance as you step confidently into the light of your purpose, knowing you are supported every step.

RELATED CHAKRA: Throat Chakra backside (5°Chakra).

MATERIAL: nickel-free bronze and Blue Opal.

SIZE: Please add a note including your ring size in the white space for notes you find over the checkout when you place the order. We'll have the pleasure of realizing your creature at your perfect size.

If you don't know your ring size, don't worry; we can assist with that. Make sure to book your order so we can save your favorite crystal, and then you'll get an email with simple instructions to find out your ring size.

TIMING: this creature needs 15 business days of manufacturing, and it gets to you in five business days worldwide. Express Shipping is Free worldwide.

PACKAGING:  every creature gets to you in a charming and resistant case with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s perfect as a special gift for your best friend or yourself. Like every Giardinbolu Jewelry, this ring is 100% handcrafted by local and expert goldsmiths in Italy.

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