How to Clean Silver, Bronze, Gold & Gemstone Jewelry + Best Products

How to Clean Silver, Bronze, Gold & Gemstone Jewelry + Best Products

Every metal's surface changes with time, it becomes dull, dark and maybe some teeny scratches seem to's completely natural.

Nothing on this planet is immune to the flowing of time and to events.
We own change because of our experiences and Jewelry is not so much different. Our life is a constantly changing and not just because we're humans, but because we all live in the same atmosphere.

In fact, we see jewelry changes over time basically because metal (their surface) meets oxygen (essential for life). Here's how a chemical process called Oxidation occurs and our jewelry starts to reveal a dark patina on the surface.


+plus, our skin changes depending on season, feelings or temperature for example. Here's how the surfaces of your jewelry start to accumulate traces of sweat or creams for example.

But don't worry, we can solve both of these problems easily by using different methods, I'll show them in a minute.
But before, let me mind you a few basic rules you should follow to keep your jewelry shine as much as possible :

1_ Take off your rings when you wash your hand. Store your rings away from water and wear them when skin is dry; 

2_Don' t use perfumes on jewelry.

3_Don' t use cream or oils on your jewelry

4_If you going to relax in a sauna, or you go to swimming, put your jewelry away from humidity.

So here we are, we're ready to start!

There are a few ways to clean jewelry actually, I'm gonna show which ones I tried, so you can choose which is the best for you. 


Want your jewels to shine and glossy over time?
Choose the best method for you,
accordingly with your expectations and need:

Best online Productsto Polish and Clean Fashion and Precious Jewelry at Home

How to take care of your jewelry at home with Specific Products?

There are several great products available online at various price ranges, in general, they are all affordable and quite durable.
Personally, this is my favorite way to taking care of my jewelry.
I think it's the best way if you wanna get very nice results, sometimes astonishing, in just a few minutes from home. 

I tested many kinds of products and Brands, here're what we use and love the most at the moment:

Town Talk Polish

It's a UK Brand, founded in 1895 with different product lines dedicated to different kinds of jewelry. 
They create cleaners and polish solutions for gold, silver, platinum, Diamond, Pearls, and also watch, crystals, glass and more. 
I use regularly their Anti-tarnish Polish Tissue.
Each handy tissue is packaged individually, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

We also use the Polish Cloth and the Pearl care Tissue and they are all great. 
Mind to rinse and thoroughly dry your jewelry, if they're graven (as mine is), after using them.

You can buy from their site as I did, they're super friendly and professional and they could also suggest the perfect product for you, or on Amazon.

Hagerty (my favorite)

They have much more products on Amazon than on their own site, so I suggest to check it in order to find the best offer.
They provide a full range of products for any kind of jewelry, including jewelry with precious stones as Diamond, fashion jewelry, gold and silver. 
One of the products that we used the most is the Jewel Cloth. Is ready to use, quite big and it works really well on our jewelry.


In specific, for polishing the jewelry you find on I recommend the Hagerty product that comes out on the market as Copper, Brass & Bronze Polish. Just a few drops of this product are enough to bring your jewels back as new. Then, you need to rinse your jewel under the water gently rubbing with a brush. 

Dry your jewel with a soft cloth, it looks as new!


A few drops of product on a clean cloth are enough to make your jewelry bright as they're new.

Our jewelry has many details so we have to rinse each piece with water in order to avoid stagnation of this product.
The thing I love the most about this cream is that it preserves metals from tarnish for very long time.

I recommend to avoid:

Toothpaste, you risk to dull stones, especially precious stones

Hard Brushes or abrasive, there would be the risk of scratching the metal or stones.

aggressive soap, you risk dulling your jewel.


How to take care of your jewelry by using your Grandmother's method?

I suggest to use this method on non-precious jewelry, you can see pretty nice, even if not durable, results.

If you choose this way you don't have to buy anything because you already have all you need at home.


Best practices to taking care of your Gold, Platinum & with Precious Gemstones Jewelry

If your jewelry are in Gold or Platinum with precious Gemstones I recommend to avoid any "homemade" method. 

You can use high quality products at home and bring your jewelry to a skilled goldsmith periodically (depending on how frequently you wear this jewelry) so he/she can make deep and professional cleaning treatment.

Hope this simple guide showed you how to easily clean and polish jewelry in an effective and safae way.
I tried each method you find in this post, and again, I recommend to avoid any "odd" tool /method  you find online about cleaning jewelry, some of them can really damage metals and gemstones forever.

If you have any doubt, need some suggestions or you wanna share "the best on planet" jewelry polish, make sure to write everything here below in the comments. 



with all Love




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