3 Key Steps Strategy to find Balance in difficult situations

3 Key Steps Strategy to find Balance in difficult situations

In the hectic world of today stay balance, fully present and positive is challenging, especially for women. However it's crucial for everyone wellbeing.
Maybe you have a very few time for you, everything is moving faster and you lose the connection with your soul day by day. That’s the time to find your path again, no more excuses or “fragile shelters” kind of concepts.


YOU have the power to decide the way of your thoughts and the level of your consciousness in every moment.
You don’t need more time or space neither.

Here's my 3 Step Strategy to find Balance in difficult situations, when ever and where ever you want:


You have the power to generate rising moments when ever you want or need.
Only you can do this.
When you join a yoga or meditation class, teacher guides you thought meditation and it’s powerful! However you are the only one who can generate light and relief in you.
It's your choice.



A “medium” is a door opened between two worlds. Crystals and Stones are excellent doors between your material and spiritual world.

Every Crystal vibrates to its own specific type of energy amplifying your vibration frequency within your body. Crystals help to energize and balance your body on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Wearing your favorite crystal as a jewel is a perfect way to protect your high energy all day long and to generate a powerful sacred space.


If you have not a favorite medium already, check my tips by downloading the today freebie HERE !



No matter where you are (in your car, at office, subway, supermarket or where ever…) touch your jewel or stone and breath.

Breath in (swollen belly not the chest) and breath out.

Relaxing your shoulders and forehead. Close your eyes if you can/want, but if you can't it's gorgeous as well.
Just listen your breath, without judging. Don't be too pushy, be very kind and opened.


When you BREATH IN visualize a golden and clear light that comes in. 

When you BREATH OUT, a dark and dusty steam comes out. It doesn't belong to you anymore. You're cleaning all your soul from what you don't like, don't want and that don't belong to you anymore.


If some thoughts come up to your mind it’s ok. You see them pass away. Keep breathing.

The more time you practice the better because every kind of meditation is a journey to your self discovering. It’s a process.
Don’t force if, practice this 3 steps strategy, not because you have to, but because you want.

The ultimate goal here is be opened to healing in every moment of your day, this is not a sport, a hobby or a passion.

It’s status quo. 

Bringing meditation out of the mat on day to day basis routine is crucial.

If you never did that, you should ;) 

If you don't know where to start, don't worry, we'll discuss about that in many episode of Giardinoblu blog.


See you next week,

All Love,



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