5 Real Strategies to Moving Forward when you lost your job at 40, 50

5 Real Strategies to Moving Forward when you lost your job at 40, 50

What we live every day are nothing less than a process destinated to expires because life is evolving and changing in itself.

There are several levels of changing and not every change is relevant on a daily basis.
Your favorite tea changes the graphic of the label...who cares; you'll keep to buy it with different packaging, it doesn't affect your life.

At the opposite, there's one thing in life that can effect on everyone's life like nothing else: the job.

You can live where you live because of your job, you eat what you eat, visit places, wear with these dresses, drive that car, go round with that people and much more because of your job.
Job effects at so many levels of routine that we end up to identify our personality with our job.

It's not a rational process. Instead, it's something that happens along the way.

Your actions and your efforts are so related to the goals of your Company that your actions become the pattern that gives you your personality and also identity.


So what if you lose the job you love, especially if it's a long-term one and you're mature, not a teenager? Is this idea paralyze you?

I remember when I lost my biggest client as a graphic designer. It was almost like losing a job, even if I was a freelancer.

I remember that a huge and dark empty appeared in my heart, a mix of emotions and questions come up in my mind.


I gave more than anyone else to that Company.
I love that job, so why they chose me? May I make some mistakes in the relationship or what? ...and the list of questions went on and on.

Now I know that that rejection was the best thing that can happen in my life. It was not easy but I started my own company some years later living in my own term even if I didn't have any idea about all these things at that time.

"How can I move from this shock? What happens to my relationship? How can say that to the family? How can I pay the rent?" at first sight everything seems to crumble in a second, right?

It's like someone steals our identity.

So, if you're reading this article you may be living a pretty same challenge, isn't it?
If so, go ahead, I'll show you some of the most important tactics I used to transform my life and most importantly, discover myself like never before.

Let's Come back to the moment your Boss or Who fired you. That's one of the hardest moment of life. Leaving that mix of feelings that come up at that moment is a huge challenge in itself. Anxiety, fears, worries, questions emerge in a huge mix to overwhelm the entire body, not just the mind.

They paralyze us, it's a stab in the heart, and, the more you're veteran in that Company, the deeper is the wound.

You mourned not only your job, but also friends and colleagues, no more daily chatting or dinner sharing, no more chic restaurants, and so on.
That's a real loss, similar to lose someone you love in an unexpected incident.

At this point, you take a deep breath because you're still alive of course (and I tell you, you're living more than ever, even if you didn't know yet) and everything you see is a path with a fork.

One path says "Still and Die", the other says "Know and Transform".

Remember, this is a choice.


Do you wanna emotionally and spiritually die with all your friends and family without knowing who you are?

Yes because most of the time challenging situations reveals many things we can't even imagine us.

If you're a mature girl or boy and you think it could be an excuse for victimization and longtime sadness, you're wrong.

Life is a process and evolution for the entire time, so you have to do your best more than ever and fight in the name of love for yourself and your family.

I'm sorry my dear, I know it sounds rude, but I think hard situations require no compromises.

I'm absolutely sure you choose the second way, Know and Transform.

Before we dive into the tools I encourage you to experiment, I wanna make sure you get a crucial fact, especially if you lost your job recently:

You're not your job:

We all tend to "classify" people with their job because it's much easier then know who they really are, their real attitude and deep desires, and that's completely normal.

It's not necessarily wrong or bad, just it is. Society needs to simplify concepts, but you have to have absolutely clear in your mind that personal identity is much more complex than a rule.
Many people unconsciously live under the mask of their job/rule their entire life identifying themselves with it because is much easier, but actually, it's not real. So they live other people's life, not their real life.

Take your time to enjoy the landscape from a different perspective.
Allow yourself to feel your emotions but don't let the stories that your mind says overwhelming you.

It's natural to be scared, worries and anxious but let them design your future is an insane choice.

Instead, replacing all the feelings that contract your stomach and hurt your heart with actions is the key that opens new amazing doors. I guarantee you.
I'm so grateful to share with you the tools I personally used to walk through this journey and start to know my real strength and personality.
So, let's dive in:

5 Key Tools that Move you Forward with Passion when You lose your job at mature age


You can create peace and acceptance by taking care of your emotional and mental well being with deep breathing, meditations, and self-care practices.

Including these practices in your new daily routine is a really powerful and compelling choice to maintain the control of the situation and avoid depression.

Why create a new routine is crucial:

• Dissolve negative loops:
Routine is the same action every day and nothing melts negative stories that your mind says as actions do.

The goal here is not just enjoying the practice in itself, instead also prove to yourself you take control of your life, no matter the events.
Your time is valuable, stop fighting what it is and start to create what is going to be.

• Create the right conditions to embrace the change:
it's easy to fall into the victimization and unproductive anger mood during a hard moment. However, this attitude works just to dig the deepest hole for you and your family. It doesn't work to build a positive future for no one.

At the opposite, when we prove to accept these challenge, we earn strength and good juju from the inside and people around. We'll embrace this life-shifting with more trust and an open heart so we're able to go forward to explore.

How to establish a new routine:

You are responsible for your life. The real boss was always you, not the one who managed the company you worked with.

• Choose the same hour every business day for at least 10-15 minutes of meditation. You find dozens of meditation practices in one of my Pinterest Board HERE, so go there if you need inspirations, you're new in meditations or you want to find out a new way to integrate meditation in your days.

• Wake up and go to sleep at the same hour. Now you need to be healthy and rested than never before. You need to find or create a new job and this requires mental clarity and positivity. Set an Alarm clock to wake up and the other one to go to sleep.


Losing a job, especially if you're mature and you gave so much time and effort to that Company is a shock that hurt the Heart at first.

It's like a broken marriage. Your longtime partner doesn't need you anymore, may he said you're the obstacle to its growth.
You don't fully understand the reasons he decided to leave you and your heart hurts.

Then, you find yourself wounder and need protection against negative thoughts and unproductive influences. In this delicate momentum, you need to heal your wounds re-establishing a deep connection with yourself to be able to start to flourish more than ever, and I'm sure you can.

That's why I selected these Crystals as powerful tools to sustain your wonderful adventure:

(also called Red Tourmaline or Rubellite Tourmaline):

The high vibrant and deep ray of Cherry Tourmaline is a powerful tonic against sadness and depression.
Its color ray comes straight to our heart inspiring happiness, enthusiasm and positive way of thinking.

Cherry Tourmaline is one of the most vital, full of passion for life Crystal on Planet.
It stimulates the Heart Chakra and the Root Chakra as well, bringing an increased flow of prana, or life-force energies, to nurture and heal the emotional body.

Rubellite Tourmaline soothes the emotional heart, helping to overcome fears concerning abundance, survival, stability, and safety, and supports those who feel isolated or have difficulty in feeling at home in the world.

Rubellite Tourmaline is one of the Emergency Crystals for any lost shocks, deep sadness, and every emotional hurt.

Rough Pink Tourmaline Necklace - One of a Kind

233.00 EUR

Wearing this necklace with Rough Pink Tourmaline helps you to release stress, worries, depression, anxiety and every emotional hurt replacing them with a sense of compassion, joy, and progress. 

For those who are emotionally numb, Rubellite provides the way back into feeling and allows for those who have become passive to rediscover their zest for living.



Dioptase is one of the most gentle and warm touches on Heart that you can experience.


Its very deep and comfortable green ray light reaches the center of Heart to bring intense comfort and relaxation.

If you need a quiet place to heal your energetic and emotional condition, Dioptase is your shelter.
As purify crystal Dioptase can help to free your energy from what that not long serves you and to change the dynamics of them.

It sustains you in every forgiveness process and recovers from any emotional trauma.

The energy of Dioptase is a velvet mantle that not just cover your whole body.
Instead, your body/soul absorbs its vibrations preserving emotional balance and helping to embrace what we can't understand.

Primary Chakra is Heart Chakra.
This stone's energy also stimulates the Third Eye Chakra.
It supports you to see the source of your problem, change the perspective you see it and alleviate the pain.


Druzy Rough Dioptase Crystal Necklace with silver chain - One of a Kind for men and women

147.00 EUR

Is there something in your heart that you can not forgive? If there's a part of you that is 'stuck' in the past and blocks your energy flow, this beautiful necklace may be what you need.The energy of this deep-green crystal allows you to see the things in your life that do not serve you well and to change the dynamics of them.

you need to heal your heart at first so may you feel it vulnerable and quite tired out.
That's why you also need to protect yourself and allow the heart to establish balance and find a new way to flourish.

The best protection is where your roots live, where we find the seeds of our identity and passion.
Pyrite is able to lead to this path with courage, conviction, and trust, inspiring physical actions and pragmatic choices.

Pyrite is the stone of action, vitality, and will.

It supports us to use our innate creativity to find alternative solutions or encouraging to develop unique skills or talents.


That's why Pyrite is an excellent stone to re-establish an intimate contact with your core and find your true self.

Raw Pyrite Stone Necklace with silver chain - One of a Kind for men and women

167.00 EUR

This unique necklace with Raw Pyrite is a jewel for spiritual healing. Do you need to embrace your innate talents and potential with courage, conviction, and trust? This Pyrite necklace supports the creative flow of ideas and concepts, giving you more straight to take action. 


Garnet is another crystal for protection and a significant boost to create a deep connection between your soul and your consciousness.

Garnet assists you to grounds spirit forces within the body supporting the ability to work passionately on the physical level.

It's an Amulet for protection against distractions.


It helps you to reconnect mind with spirit, removing fears of insecurity and improving self-esteem.

Associated with the Base, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, it melts sentiments of isolation or alienation and attracts intimate encounters with others.

Garnet is useful to have in a crisis, particularly in situations where there seems to be no way out or where life has fragmented.


It fortifies, activates, and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope into those situations.

Rough Garnet Statement Gemstone Ring - One of a Kind Ring for men and women

173.00 EUR

Do you feel something in your core is overwhelmed and you lost the connection with your creative energies? This Ring with a druse of Rough Garnet is an Amulet for protection against distractions, it assists you to grounds spirit forces within the body supporting the ability to work passionately on the physical level. 


Ask your colleagues to write a recommendation for you.
This helps to find a new job and to see you with new eyes.


Understanding how other people see us can be very inspiring to be more conscious of unique skills that we have and so gain positive vibrations and keep self-esteem high.


Think about it, we live in hundreds of other places, except where we are for most of the day with our body.

This is the most common reasons for stress and anxiety that we usually heal with pills and different medicines.
Living more consciously could be the fire of radical transformation and a healthy choice that relieve.

About one year ago I introduced in my daily life an excellent grounding practice that you can experience at any moment where you need. It's an effortless and balancing practice that shifted how I live my daily life from the beginning.


As soon as you feel a sense of anxiety or just realize you lost the connection with yourself, come back to your body and feel your rib cage comes up and down like the waves of the Ocean.
Breath consciously and deeply.


When you inspire, your belly comes up and then when you throw out the air, your belly comes down.

You're Breathing conciously and you're ready for practicing the Feel the Trust Meditation.
**ps. I believe in the huge value to bring meditation out of the mat.
You can meditate where ever you are., it's just practice of consciousness, that's the way that really shift your life.


When you breathe in you're breathing TRUST 
when you expire you throw out the PAST.

and repeat.


You have no any expectation. You just know that you'll face everything will happen at your best, learning in every case.
You're not asking anything, you're gaining strength and trust.

and repeat.


At this moment you need to maximize your energies and makes them as productive as possible.

You need to be conscious about that if you really wanna grow and find yourself.

Stay focused on what is, instead think how it should be is a crucial choice.

If you need to find a new job, start from people you know, may they have some contacts or information you need.

Hope you could find in this article some points that inspire you and encourage to face one of the hardest challenges in life. 


If you lost your job recently, please share here below which are the tools and strategies that resonate with you the most to move forward and accept this new challenge.


Or, if someone you know is related to a similar situation, make sure to share this article with them, may it helps to find the strength to move forward and find the enthusiasm again. Your comments help tremendously to improve this article making it more valuable and helpful for everyone.



Thank you so much,

All Love, 



  • Francesca Mancini: October 31, 2018

    Ciao Carlotta!
    Grazie mille per avermi scritto :) sono contentissima che il nostro sito sia per te interessante!

    Mi fai una bellissiam richiesta ma per ora scegliamo di mantenere il sito in lingua inglese perchè i nostri clienti risiedono
    per grande maggioranza all’estero e il nostro team non è ancora così ampio da poter dedicarsi ad una seconda lingua :)
    Quello di avere un doppio sito in lingua italiana è però uno dei prossimi obiettivi futuri!;)
    grazie mille e buona giornata


  • Carlotta: October 31, 2018

    Ciao, sono capitata quasi per caso su questo sito, ed a quanto vedo sei italiana. Capisco bene che per fare affari e per farsi leggere nel mondo l’inglese è d’obbligo, ma visto che gli articoli sono interessanti, perché non c’è la versione in italiano del sito? Faccio una gran fatica con l’inglese, e visto che siamo italiane, mi sembra proprio un’assurdità complicarci la vita così! 😊 Potresti venire incontro alle tue connazionali che vorrebbero leggere e seguire questo sito in italiano? Grazie mille, scusa il disturbo

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