5 Key Reasons to Raise your Heart Potential by Wearing Pink Kunzite

5 Key Reasons to Raise your Heart Potential by Wearing Pink Kunzite

For many aspects, the Heart Chakra is the most crucial energetic point in which energy flows through our bodies.

From the center, it controls the balance between the lower and the highest Chakras.


Heart Chakra is the flow regulator of the energy that goes through our the whole body.


As the Heart brings the blood in every body tissue and system, Chakra Heart radiates lifeblood in form of energy flow to every energetic point.

What makes Pink Kunzite so special:

• As soon as we get in touch with Pink Kunzite its bright, penetrating and gentle vibe bring our soul instantly.
It’s a transparent and high luster stone. Kunzite gets its beautiful lilac-pink colors from the presence of manganese in the stone.

• The multitude of striations says that the Energy flows at very high frequencies through this Crystal, increasing the vibrations of every element around and dissolving negative energy (like happens in Rods of Tourmaline for example).


• It comes in two different forms, clear and milky.

Srud Earrings with Raw Clear Kunzite and Herkimer Diamond
Rings with Milky Pink Kunzite

When you Should Wear Pink Kunzite:

You're overstressed by the chaos and rush of everyday life, and you will enjoy peace and serenity whenever you need.

• You wanna bring more confidence and spontaneity in personal relationships, especially with new friends and colleagues.

Thinking about future bring deep anxiety, fear and uncertainty or a sense of vulnerability.

When you don't trust your self, and other people either.

• You need support to step up in your business relationships and career.

Why You Should Wear Pink Kunzite to Raise your Heart Potential

Metaphysical Properties, Healing Energies, and Meaning of Pink Kunzite


It will help break the ice, and create connections quickly.

Kunzite promotes tolerance for the self, as well as empathy for others.


Kunzite calms excitability during an interview and is helpful in situations where you cannot reveal irritation.

In the workplace, Kunzite is also a protective stone from blame or any other problems that superiors or colleagues lead to us.


Its high energy encourages letting go of fears and sorrows that hold the heart stuck in the anxiety of the future or the past.

Pink Kunzite drives us to be present in the perfection of the moment.
It allows for being open to the gifts and opportunities life has to offer in the now, healing the mind and heart, and freeing them from anxiety and fears.


Kunzite opens the heart to the energies of self-love, love for others, love for plants, animals, and the Earth.
By embracing the entire spectrum of Love, we're ready to recognize the essence of the Divine in us and to move through the day with gentleness and serenity.


It provides a centering influence in all situations, allowing you to remain calm and focused, even in the center of a crowd.

That's the way that Kunzite chooses to raise a shield around your aura against unwanted entities and outside influences.
It protects you from distractions, or anything don't serve you to remain focused on goals with positive energies.

"The receptivity of Pink Kunzite allows the love and gifts of the Divine to flow through one's heart and life in infinite abundance."

...and there's so much more:


Lilac Kunzite guards against road rage and stress while driving.


Pink Kunzite is an exeptional stone for over-active or sleepless babies and children.
Is also excellent for teen ager girls to help them love their changing bodies.


Kunzite is the crystal for all women.
It is particularly supportive for young or first-time mothers (human or animal) and for all single mothers who may have a hard time caring for their babies.

"Kunzite is an ideal crystal for children having a hard time adjusting to and functioning in life. Its soft pink ray will bring comfort, and cleanse any auric shadows that may have accumulated from negative vibrations or situations."


Wearing Kunzite as a Ring

Pink Kunzite is intimately connected with everything comes from the Heart, including:

• an instinctive and authentic expression: that's mean that it helps to clarify who you are in your inner self (purposes and passions) and your image to the world (how you look and your act).

• feelings and emotions: Pink Kunzite assists in open your heart with trust and no fear. Understanding, accepting and clarifying our feelings without blocks is key to know, and make the actions to create a fulfilled future.

• beauty and harmony: our sense of Beauty is also driven by the heart, because is strongly connected with emotions, and feelings.
As Crystal of Heart and emotions, Pink Kunzite is the key that opens the doors of our soul discovering and enhancing our sense of beauty, harmony, and grace.

If you wanna raise the natural properties of Kunzite within your body/mind by wearing this Crystal as a ring, the finger ring is the best channel to boosts this vibe towards body and mind accordingly with finger Meaning and Symbolism.

Wearing Kunzite as a PENDANT

If you wanna experiencing a pure elixir of love infusing in your HeartI recommend to wear a natural Pink Kunzite as a pendant at the level of Heart Chakra.

It allows to creates a direct healing way between the Crystal and the Heart boosting your spiritual journey towards understanding and embracing Love like never before.

Wearing Kunzite as EARRINGS

Wearing Kunzite as earrings is a great chance to raise the vibe of this Crystal by matching it with the energy booster of Crystal Kingdom, Herkimer Diamond. 


Herkimer Diamond is able to amplify the healing vibe of Kunzite and spread them to the body encouraging energy flowing and renewal.

Hope this article can be helpful if you wanna integrate Crystals in your spiritual journey towards Love respecting yourself and others. 


I wanna leave you with a quick note about what Love is and what it's not.
Mind that walking the way of Love has nothing to do with saying "yes" to everybody or everything if you don't embrace these things in your heart.

When you choose to say "yes" to the things you hate, or you don't accept in our heart you're closing the door of Love. 
Insecurity, fears, lack of self-esteem or blocks come from there. 
When you say "yes", make sure to fully accept that "yes" in your heart as a mindfullness choice


Thank you so much, 



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