How to Grow Your Leadership Skills According with Finger Symbolism

How to Grow Your Leadership Skills According with Finger Symbolism

Imagine you're on a stage during a presentation :) or a conference. What do you do to guiding people's attention towards the journey you planned?


Of course, you share your enthusiasm and passion about what you're saying, but look at your body language or your gestures. 

Is there a finger that you use to show the right direction and lead people's attention?

The Index finger, right? It's also called Pointer Finger.


It's pretty funny to notice how index finger has similar meaning for all human being.


Think about how your instinct guides you to use the index finger every day.
Index finger can re-establishes order and peacefulness in a confusing situation showing the right route.

We use the same finger to elevate the value of a concept or physical element making everything more explicit


Anything that you want to be used emphatically in your gestures can go on the index finger.

That's why the index is the primary finger that embraces the skills of leadership and communication.

Index finger is the channel we should work with to develop (on the left) and declare (on the right) our leadership rules.


How to cultivate and share leadership is a huge topic today because there are even more small companies out there.
That's why the rule of Leaders is even more popular and relevant these days.


Who is the leader and what actually is the leadership?
It's the power to convince people, the ability to speak to a group of people, it's something about charisma, or something different?


There's one guy that is able to explain all of that topic at best. He's the motivational speaker, best seller author, and marketing consultant Simon Sinek.

If you don't know Simon Sinek yet, and you're a solo entrepreneur or freelances, I really+really recommend to read his books and learn from all his videos and TED Talks as soon as possible.


Well, as Simon says, a great leadership match three qualities: selflessness, empathy, and an ability to manage anxiety for yourself and your team.


The purpose of this article is to encourage everyone to live a more meaningful and intentional life awakening the spiritual and the physical that everyone has within.
The techniques, knowledge, and practices in this article need the support of a grateful lifestyle and an intentional and conscious living to create a positive and effective result.

A primary distinction: RIGHT AND LEFT, the Growing Circle into Leadership Skills

Using hand to generate and share specific skills or energies is a fascinating and fun experience.
Every finger is a channel that stimulates the subconscious on a specific area of our life, I show you everything about it in this article.


When we want to elaborate, embrace, accept or create specific skill, concept or idea about ourself or our life we should work on the left hand. 

When we feel we're ready to manifest and share that skill or concept to the world, we should work on the right hand.


At some point you may feel you need to refine something about what you're giving shifting the energy a little bit, or you need to fully embrace an other concept.
Then, you should go back to the left to create it and so on.


This rule works not just to manifest Leadership, but also for everything we gonna bring in our life or for every pattern we wanna change.


Pointer Finger: become your leader

Index finger is the channel we should activate to generate or share specific skills or attitudes about leadership, communication, self-esteem and authority.


Index Finger: Goodness, Traditions, Elements and Symbolism


The index is traditionally linked to the one of the most important and complex Greek and Roman God, Jupiter, Zeus for Greeks.

He's the king of the gods in Ancient Roman religion and mythology.
Jupiter was the chief deity of Roman state religion throughout the Republican and Imperial ages. He's the god of the sky and thunder.

Roman mythology says he negotiates with Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome, to legitimate the principles of Roman religion.

Here are just a few representations of Jupiter over the Art Centuries:

Zeus at Olympia, a giant seated figure, by the Greek sculptor Phidias around 435 BC at the sanctuary of Olympia. A sculpture of ivory plates and gold panels over a wooden framework, it represented the god Zeus sitting on an cedar wood throne ornamented with ebony, ivory, gold and precious stones. 

Jupiter and Thetis is an 1811 painting by the French neoclassical painter Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, in the Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence, France.

Ingres' subject matter is borrowed from an episode in Homer's Iliad when the sea nymph Thetis begs Jupiter to intervene and guide the fate of her son Achilles.



Finger ring stands for the Earth Healing Power of Water, the ultimate symbol of live and purification, but also of devil and death.

In fact, like all symbols, water can be regarded from two opposite perspectives: it's the source of life and death, is the creator and destroyer.

Rain-water and sea-water symbolize the duality of the heights and the depths. One is fresh and the other salt. 

Rough water carries the meaning of evil and disorder. At the other hand, still waters convey a sense of peace and order.


Index finger embrace the spirit of Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System.

Astronomical and astrological symbol for the planet Jupiter looks like an ornate, actually it's closed multiple meanings.
It represents an eagle, which is Jupiter’s bird. Additionally, the symbol can stand for a “Z,” which is the first letter of Zeus .

And again, there is the addition of the swirled line which is believed to represent a lighting bolt.


The eagle with its keen eyes symbolized intellect, courage, determination and also immortality.

Eagle is also considered the "king of the skies" and messenger of the highest gods.

It can see even beyond long distances and it's able to survive in any environment because of its intelligence and adaptability.


The history of Eagle as a symbol is one of the most aged. In Ancient Egypt, a man with a head of a falcon was the symbol of one of the most revered god of human history, Horus.

From the Book of the dead - Horus guides the dead's spirit.

Best Crystals and Gemstones to wear on Index Finger to Manifest Leadership

The Crystals that can support and guide us to know, grow and share the strength and charisma of a great leader we all have in us vibrate to open and balance the 6° and 7° chakra.

I wanna share with you just the crystals which I personally worked with to improve my leadership skills. Here are the Crystals that, from my personal experience, are more effective in the business field:


Their vibrational energy is really supportive to open the doorways to higher dimensions and aid spiritual growth so the energy of information, knowledge and wisdom and love can be flow through all Chakra including transpersonal ones.
They are excellent stones to assist in any changing time providing a secure connection to the spirit.

Elestial Crystals are restorative to overcome emotional difficulties, and deep sorrow bringing the heart and mind into balance.  
We're grateful to have different kind of Elestial Quartz on Planet. Each of them matches the quality of their "Elestial side" with the vibrational energies of the mineral they're combined. 

• CLEAR ELESTIAL QUARTZ it help to regulate the energy flowing and assists you to integrate the high vibrational light energy with physical and energetic bodies, according to your needs at any given time.

• SMOKY ELESTIAL QUARTZ cut through negativity, is very protective and can facilitate deep healing on all levels.
• ELESTIAL AMETHYST is a pure powerhouse for spiritual growth. It opens and stimulates the Crown and upper Chakra allowing us to connect to higher dimension and guides.
• ELESTIAL ROSE QUARTZ is an infusion of Love and Light. Its energy is a distillate of Rose Quartz at the higher level.


Herkimer Diamond is one high energy seekers of the crystal Kingdom.
Being doubly terminated, it transmits and receives spiritual energy amplifying and focus it intently.


It stimulates healing by enhancing the amount of Light energy the body can use.
Herkimer Diamond is precious in any healing situation because its clarity, brilliance and high frequency promote the elimination of energy blocks or pollutions.


As a powerful stone in the business field, it brings awareness and prosperity through high performance supporting the knowledge. It is also beneficial in stabilizing company finances.

Herkimer Diamond is one of the best crystals to reach new horizons and new capabilities assisting in any changing process to optimize efforts and results.

As one of the most supportive crystal in cleaning, Amethyst is also extremely valuable in controlling evil thoughts and emotions that can hold us back.


Amethyst is a talisman of focus and success.

Amethyst is an excellent stone for diplomats, negotiators and business people, in fact, it stimulates the intuition and refines the thinking processes.

It also assists in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to realization.
Wearing a top quality Amethyst to join spirituality and intellectual insights is a powerful choice because this Crystal helps to calms angry characters giving a distinct advantage in situations where debating is needed.

Amethyst is an astonishing talisman especially for creatives and in any field where original results need to be created using unique tools and processes.

Hope this article inspires you and helps to live a more meaningful and conscious life towards personal discovery and spiritual growing, even in business because by transforming ourselves, we transform our lives.


In the cheat sheet here you can find all the main information you read in this article :) feel free to Pin it or share with your community.

I firmly believe that living consciously in the present moment learning to staying in contact with ourself is the way towards live a grateful, happier and fulfilled life.


with All Love,




  • FRANCESCA MANCINI: October 04, 2018

    Hi Francine,
    Opal is an excellent stone to wear to raise your creativity and charisma supporting to be more in control of your feelings and emotions. In the middle it enhances your sense of justice, balance, and responsibility. On ring finger, Opal is a master in teaching everything about Love, Self- Expression, and Beauty.
    Check the article on this page to know more:

    Thank you so much for asking, I’m still here for you for all your doubts and questions.
    All Love

  • Francine Miranda: October 04, 2018

    Hello, Franci! I, too, am Franci, and I enjoyed the information you supplied. My question regards my wearing opals on Right index, middle & ring fingers (proud Scorpio) as that’s the only places they really fit. Am very conscious of raising vibrations, but don’t want to hamper those activities. Any comments? Grazie!

  • Muriel Herberth: March 07, 2018

    Very nice Francesca and very instructive ! I wont look at my rings the same way now ! :)

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