How to find Time for Yourself When you Do not Have + Crystals you need

How to find Time for Yourself When you Do not Have + Crystals you need

The typical day for many of us is a kind of rush. Is that right?
I mean, wake up - school - traffic- work - children piano - kids dance - what to cook for dinner? - traffic - dinner - hysteric Boss - house - homework ...wooooh whoo ..wait wait wait:
Do you want all these things will turn you into a whirligig?

I guess no :) just you don't know how to jump off this obstacle course, right?


All you need to do is essentially reframing what time for you is and turn every moment possible into that.

"What? Are you crazy? Do you think I'm a magician?" you say ;)

You're not a kind of Merlin probably, but your something similar, that's why:

You can turn stressful moments or wasted time into "your time" by changing how you perceive them.

Here's the 2 simple and actionable steps to do it:
1 - Recognize every moment you can turn into enjoyable time for you
2 - Take action.

Let's unwrap these two so everything will be more clear.

STEP ONE: Recognize every moment to turn into enjoyable time for you

Being able to catch every little moment is essential here.
At the same time, don't try to change everything from the get-go, instead start small transforming just one minute for example.
When you start to practice everything will sound more natural and you will be ready to enjoy of this mental habit consistently.

If you're overstressed, and if it resonates with you, try to wear or carry with you some Crystals, it supports your mind to walking on this new path.

Here are the Crystals that vibrate to open intuitions, enhance creativity, relieve stress and anxiety, so you can quickly shift your mental habit in a self-care routine:

Amethyst is supportive especially of the emotional body.
This wise crystal brings those who are overworked, overstressed or overwhelmed back to center.
It eases the mental anxieties that lead to physical tension and headaches and is an excellent Crystal to calm hot-headed and who is easily angered.

Promotes self-expression and awareness, it helps to diminish disease or repressed anger by allowing for them to the surface without holding back or compromising.


This essential Crystal helps you to let go something you don't need.
If you want to wear Clear Quartz choosing a crystal with double tips it's an excellent idea.
It allows energy flow and avoid energy stagnation.
Clear Quartz cleanses your aura from dusty vibes, so your mind and your energies will be more clear and effective.

Moonstone is one of the main Crystals that calm and soothes the emotional body.
Its energy is balancing and healing, assisting in the mastery of emotions. It supports intuitive recognition and allows to receive which we need from the Universe.

STEP TWO: Take Action

Nothing changes without you.

Here are some inspirational ways to slow down, enjoy life, restore yourself and create your own personal self-care habit:


Understand that you have a limit and learn to say no with grace and slime without feeling guilty can really save your self-esteem and bring more joy into your life.

Do you really have to make it? Do you want to do that? Think again.

Instead of getting up at 6:30 and start to rush, get up twenty minutes earlier. Spend this time doing something you enjoy or relaxing and experiencing the calm before the day starts.


This can be asking kids to lay the table or dusting.

Delegating tasks like this can free up twenty minutes to spend on other tasks and bring more calm in what you have to accomplish.

On the Go:

DRIVING OR WAITING IN YOUR CAR: changing “waiting time” it into “my time” by bringing conscious breathing, reading, entertainment and teaching audio tracks for example is an super power mental habits that can transform your daily energy.

Again, try to shift your mental perspective about walk to work. You’re getting exercise, you have time to think or enjoy music, podcasts or audiobooks.

Plan to arrive 15-30 minutes early at every appointment. Then use this time for you reading, writing, meditating, taking a coffee, listening to your favorite podcast for example.


Find a gym that has childcare or baby sitting service so you can take your fitness class with the piece of mind.

At Work:

When something you’re working on is good enough, stop. Trying to do everything perfectly it's a waste of time, instead, focus on the next priority.

If you have a lot of work to do, be clear with the people around you. Tell them you need to be left alone and shout the door with grace and a smile.

This is a big one.
At work, check your e-mail just a few times a day, except if you're part of a customer service team. Turn on the plane mode your phone or silent if it's possible when you're working on challenging tasks.

At Home and on the go, put your phone in your bag and breath consciously experiencing the real life, watching people and feel their energies,
instead checking your phone constantly.

At Night:

Before sleeping, take a few minutes for reading or meditating.


Turn your phones and any mobile devices on plane mode at least 30 minutes before sleeping and avoid to listen to podcasts or audio  tracks. Your body/mind need to come back to you now, not go out.

Hope these actionable and straightforward ideas can help you to shift the perception about your daily routine. 

Live in the now, without constantly projecting yourself in the future, is vital to avoid stress, anxiety and physical discomforts like a headache, stomach pain.

As Eckhart Tolle says...

"You create a good Future by creating a good Present."

And if you wanna know more about how to relieve stress day to day basis, check these free contents in my Pinterest Board, you'll find hundreds of self-care ideas. 


Now, I'm curious to know from you:

What's your secret for finding time for yourself?
Let me know in the comments below ;) 


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