How to Clean, Cleanse, Charge, Activate and Program Healing Jewelry- The FOUNDATION_Part 1 of 5

How to Clean, Cleanse, Charge, Activate and Program Healing Jewelry- The FOUNDATION_Part 1 of 5

If you embrace Crystals Jewelry with your core as Spiritual Healing Guide the first thing you should know is how to take care of your Crystal Jewelry, they’re on your skin, close to your heart at the center of the body/aura all day long.

So, there’re many and many things about clean, cleanse, charge, activate and program your Crystals out there and honestly I don’t follow many of them, so I really need to share my perspective with you 'couse I wanna know how you feel all these topics.

This is the first part of 5 because speaking about all of these things in a single post will be too much and overwhelming for you if you wanna experience what I’m going to share with you, not just read a couple of text stripes.


A little note:
no one can decide what you have to feel when you work with your Crystals. 
You are your own guru, don’t forget that.


Crystals are living and wise creatures.
They feel the subtle vibes you give them. That’s why when you find the perfect jewel for you (and it finds you) that specific moment is the beginning of an opened, sincere and over time friendship.

And as every beautiful friendship, it takes time to flourish and reveal its unique and awakening vibe, but you have to be a place of Love for your Crystal from the beginning.


It’s not just a pendant, ring or whatever, that jewel is the channel that life gives you to discover new potentials, new opportunities and unexpected perspectives on you.


Like for every friendship is, “Respect” is the foundation of this relationship.

How can you declare and manifest your Respect, Love, and Care for your jewelry?
In a ton of ways, they could be material and spiritual actions, like you do for all your best friends.

But, keep in mind, if you want that your material actions will be very effective, you should infuse them with spiritual actions, meaning you have to channel your spiritual vibes into the material.


And if you want that your spiritual actions will be really effective, you have to practice material actions to disclose all the potential of spiritual vibes. 

Material and spirit are ever ties, this is true for everything in life.


Here’s how we’ll unpack this huge and beautiful topic, here's the curriculum of the next 4 weeks:


THE FOUNDATION - today's post






HOW TO CHARGE & ACTIVATE Crystal Jewelry - October 10


HOW CAN I PROGRAM MY HEALING JEWELRY: the true story - October 17


  • Francesca Mancini: July 30, 2020

    Hi Jessi, copper (especially in its native form) is a powerful activator of the energy flow starting from the second chakra. It’s wonderful for everyone who needs to energize their own body, for who are usually tired and exhausted, and for everyone who feels their body rigid and needs to experiment fluidity and movements.
    Hope it helps

  • Jessi Ehret: July 30, 2020

    Just made myself a copper ring, on a whim, and it sparked such a curiosity in me as to the benefits. My search led me to you. I’d love more info. Thank you.

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