The 5 Crucial Ways to be present in a World of non-stop distractions

The 5 Crucial Ways to be present in a World of non-stop distractions

We're living in an extraordinary age of the History.
Today we have super easy and instant access to all the information we need by browsing the internet.
We can also chat real-time with people at the other side of the globe.


Our business can grow like never before because of the sharing economy, and we have a tone of opportunity that nobody has imagined before.

At the other side, we're also living in an age of information overload, and often we're not ready to manage all the consequences.

On a daily basis, we live immersed in a myriad of constant information, that overload our senses with a multitude of things that are designed to influence our mind...and they achieve the intent most of the time.

We always think we need some "new gadget," and we spend time and money searching for something may we don't need.

Social media also engage us. When our daily status gets a "like" we know other people approve how we live and who we are.

In fact, searching for approval from the outside is often the reason why we're used to looking for an external source of approval, not internal.

We think we have to ask others about who we are, what we do great and what our future will be.

The result is that we're "out of us" most of the time, we're not present with other people and us, and that generates a sense of emptiness, typical these days.


Emptiness tells us that we're disconnected from who we are, from our feelings and gut. Emptiness and information overload combining is frequently a cocktail that ends up in painful situations like sadness, depression or apathy.

That's why this age is called "the millennium of the mind".

We're inviting to live a more conscious and meaningful life these days to fully enjoy the amazing tools we have, stay healthy, and live our life - not other people's life.

We must to understand and manage the high emotional pressure we suffer on day to day basis.

That is the challenge of this age, and the great thing is that everyone can win this challenge.

All we need is stay connected and be present with other people and us.
We have to learn to actively live every moment, not passively.

What can we do to be more present and connected when a multitude of messages drain out our mind?


Most of the time we think about what happened in the past, what will happen in the future, or we engage our mind to think what happens in other people's life. We don't totally live in the present!


I'm a very big fan of planning. That's the way to create what you want, and living in the now has nothing to do with firing your plans. 

And +plus, imagination is the gift of intelligence. So keep to plan all the task to achieve your dreams. 

The key here is being more conscious of where we are and what we're doing.
If we're in the process to make our dreams real or we're organizing everyday tasks, planning is precious and necessary, so that's great. 

On the opposite, when we find us thinking about the same thing over and over, that's one of the primary cause of insomnia or stress for example.


You know that no guilt can't change the future and anxiety can't solve the future.
All we can do is begin to live right now again, instead of waiting for something or thinking about what could happen in a few days.


There're a couple of fundamental and easy ways to avoid the overwhelmed and crazy wave of social media:

• Follow who gives 100% positive vibes:
Even if I know that people share just the surface or the fake-side of their life, I realized that browsing these contents had an "impoverishment effect" on me in some ways. So I cut all the social media feeds that are so magnetic but also have an exhausting vibe to me.

I can warmly suggest cutting what drains you from Facebook, Instagram, and your favorite social media and stay in contact just with people, company or community that drive a 100%positive energy for you.

Even if it could sound bizarre, I noticed that just this simple strategy gave me more relax, more time for productive things and honestly, seems that it increased my self-esteem!

• keep away the hypnotic effect of scrolling and be conscious about what you're doing when you browse social media feed!

Often we lost the perception of time when we're online. Every time you're scrolling Facebook, twitter, ask yourself:

1) Is there something more important that I can do for myself right now?

2) When you want to check your social media feeds, also check the time and be conscious of using it at best you can.


Mind you can choose at every moment to stop to scroll the feeds of Facebook, shut the TV and focus your attention on your whole presence and feelings in you.

Nobody can decide for you, only you can switch the direction of your life, even in these "small situations".
Only you can decide how the next minute of your life will be.

Decisions create Actions and Actions create your real life.
These "small moments" are often underestimated. However, the real thing is that we always start with small steps if we wanna run, not the opposite.

These small decisions are so powerful because through them we experience on our skin that life can shift because of our actions. This concept can bring you as far as you can't imagine.


It seems that we are not really ‘present’ in our own lives, in fact, Researches shows that people are on autopilot 47% of the time.

When we're in autopilot mode, we find ourselves fighting to ‘get the stuff done’ instead of seeing what we're living and we don't feel what our body is telling us.

We practice mindfulness by maintaining a moment-by-moment consciousness of our feelings, perceptions, and thoughts. This perspective shifts our day to day basis because when we practice mindfulness we're totally engaged in the "here and now" moment.
Practicing mindfulness means to pay attention to our experiences as they arise without judging or labeling them in any way.

You can do everything mindfully. You can wait at the traffic, cook the dinner, walk to the office, work on your laptop, or just breathe.
Any everyday activity can be made into a mindfulness practice when you're conscious of what you're doing and how your body, mind, and feeling react.

Why should we practice mindfulness, or even better, why should we live mindfully?
Mindfulness reduces the illness of this age, it helps to overcome stress, anxiety and other destructive emotions, depression, insomnia, increases your sense of well being.


Meditation is huge today, but what we want to achieve with meditation is not just a frugal 15 minutes experience.


Instead, the goal is to bring your meditation practices and life perspective into your day to day basis.


Here is where meditation and mindfulness can really support us to live this age at the highest level staying healthy and fulfilled.

Here're something you can experiment every day and that can bring more balance and a sense of soul fullness


Wearing crystals is a powerful way to help yourself with the positive vibes you need all day long, not just during your meditational practice.


If you want to be present with yourself, reducing distractions, mind pollution and being in alignment with who you truly are, you need of protection and anchor.

You need to protect your aura and maintain a healthy connection with your root.


That's why I chose these Crystals to be present in this world of never-ending distractions:


Shungite is known for its incredible healing and protection properties. Shungite is extremely beneficial if you are dealing with negative or toxic energies (people or concepts) in your life. It will deflect their negative energy away from you keeping you safe.

Shungite is a special stone that
protects you from negative energies and thoughts,
shields from harmful electromagnetic frequencies,
raises vibration,
Grounds energies to the earth
Clears aura and chakras promoting positivity


JET: powerful protective stone to ward off negative energy in all forms.

Wear your jet stone to
neutralize and clear negative energies
bring clarity to a complex and challenging situation by leading different perspectives and unique insights
learn and understand the lessons that stressful and negative situations return to you.

To boost and complete the properties of Jet Stone creating a strong, energetic alliance for psychic protection and purification you can combine it with Black Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz.


This stone is a premier talisman of protection, a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies and damaging forces.

• It guards against radiation and environmental pollutants
• it purifies and neutralizes internal conflicts and negative thoughts turning them into positive and useful energies.
• Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding crystal, used to balance the Base or Root Chakra, that is the foundation of spiritual and physical strength for the body.
• it reduces fear, especially when is related to the physical reality.


Malachite is a protective stone, it absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and the body.
At the same time, as a stone of travelers, Malachite assists you to overcome the fear of changing or transforming.

• It defends against radiation, clears electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies.
• it shows what is obstructing your spiritual growth, helping to understand the causes, then allows you to break unuseful relations, consumed behaviors or patterns.
• It promotes the expression of feelings, supporting friendships, and genuine empathy for other people.

• It also supports healthy connections based on respect and appreciation, and not need.
• Malachite gives resistance to the emotional protection and heals emotional abuse, fighting sadness and anxiety.
It's used to clean and resolve blockages and to re-balance the heart chakra, helping us understand our own needs and emotions clearly.


Providing a protective shield of energy, Smoky Quartz support you with outstanding grounding, helping to receive and use more high-frequency light energy.

It moves energy from the Crown down through the body to be rooted toward the physical plane making the whole system radiant with light, generating the foundation on which the spiritual energy is manifested in the physical world.

• It is a talisman of the Root Chakra, an anchor to the real world.
• it supports you to attune to your light instead of being consumed by life.
• It relieves fear, stress, anger including unspoken resentment
• it's extremely helpful to understand how to let go of what is no more necessary for your growth.


Being more aware of what we feel is one of the essential skills we need this age.
When we know what we feel, we walk on our way with fewer distractions because we have a deeper and larger conception of us and we know what we need.
Training us to dive deeper on our feeling and learn to develop our emotional intelligence in a conscious way is a great practice for everyone who wants maintain the balance or even gain self-confidence.


Knowing what we feel means find the connection between us and everything around. What happens when we find the connection?
When we are connected, we know our pleasures, desires, fears, ambitions, and anxieties for what they are.

We perceive them with clarity and without any internal conflict.
Be connected with yourself is also crucial to cultivate and gain self-esteem and confidence, that is vital to avoid the overwhelming situation and to find our way without comparing us to other people.


When we feel you're losing the connection with yourself, just focus your attention on breathing.

Breathing is the way that leads you to your center wherever you body is and whatever you're doing.
There's a tone of ways to use the breathing to come back to your center in every situation.


This is one of my favorite because it's easy, it doesn't cost you any distraction from what you're doing, and it's a valuable tool to be more productive and achieve more results without overstressed yourself.

And now, tell me about yourself :)

What's your favorite and more effective way to stay connected with yourself day to day basis?

Don't forget to leave your comment and share your experience here below.  It will be extremely precious for everyone who's struggling with the same issue these days :)

With Love, 



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