Crystal Healing Jewels Are Living Creatures: the 3 Tangible Proofs

Crystal Healing Jewels Are Living Creatures: the 3 Tangible Proofs
Crystal Healing Jewels Are Living Creatures

Crystal Healing Jewels are living creatures and we know that because of a few tangible reasons, I show you everything in a few seconds.


Everyone sees the world in a different way.

Experiences, friendships, social life, educations are just some of the factors that build the perception of the world we’re living.

And in addition to that, there's another one factor that more than any other, affects the way we approach everything.

I call it attitude.


I told you that because today I wanna share with you how I see every stone since I was a child, I believe your story is quite related to that.

 I’m sure your vision is very similar to mine, even if it’s quite bizarre for most of the other people!

The title of this post is provocative, of course. However, I ever felt that every crystal (or rock in general) has a sensitive soul.

Do you know what I mean? I don’t mind about the scientific proofs, of course, it’s a feeling, and I belief that it comes from three real facts:

first fact

every healing jewel has a voice

At the jewelry side:

Jewels speak to you through design elements.

How we feel colors, shapes, and material towards touching and watching build the content that our jewel wanna share to us.


This content's not the same for everyone, in fact, it's related to the interpretation that your mind and body give to our unconsciousness.

At the Crystal side:

Each stone, gemstone or Crystal carries the energy of the biological elements which it's made of and of the adventurous story they lived to get to you.

Sometimes you can't feel what every single crystal says when you keep it on hand for a few seconds.

At the opposite, when you wear it its voice gets to you clearer and deeper all day long.

second fact

every healing jewel is part of the life's circle

At the jewelry side:

The famous chemist, biologist, philosopher and French economist Antoine Lavoisier said: "Nothing is created, everything is transformed."

That’s true not just for living creatures, but for everything. That’s why you should choose carefully what you buy and wear.

While you’re wearing jewelry or a t-shirt, for example, you’re actually wearing the overall system that brings them to life. 

At the Crystal side:

The surface of our planet (Earth's crust)
is made of crystals stones and rocks.
They're part of the miracle of the Earth and they evolve with it.


Time and pressure transform the elements changing the nature of Crystals and rocks.
Here's how Diamond can become Graphite, for example.

third fact

every healing jewel is part of the energy circle

At the jewelry side:

We don't think about that usually, but jewels are made by people.
They could be experts or not, no matter the result, jewelry is made with the physical and mental energy of people.
Energy is not something that born or dies. Otherwise is a flow that continually changes.
People create jewelry with their own energy, and this energy keeps its journey with the jewel that they're making.

That's why you know that wear positive energy jewelry is essential.
They are on your skin for most of the day, so they affect at the energetic and psychophysical level.

At the Crystal side:

When you wear crystals and your heart/mind is open its energy immediately affects on the state of your energy.


Mother Hearth gives us crystals to find relief and be able to turn all of the spiritual wounds into gold seeds for the future. 

Mind that every healing jewel is a living creature, so make sure to:

• mindfully wear your healing jewelry
• store every healing jewel with care and respect
• buy just the pieces that call your heart the most
• purchase and wear only the jewels that are handmade with positive energy and respect for the crystals and people energy.

Now, I wanna hear from you^^

Do you ever felt that some jewel speak to you more deeply and rise your emotions more than others?

Share your experience in the comment section below the post :)

Thank you so much for choosing to read this article, I really appreciate it and hope it can help you to live more consciously and respectfully.


With All Love

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  • Mehjabee Shaikh: July 18, 2018

    Hi…yes I totally agree with u dear…today I saw topaz ring in my dream as if he is trying to communicate with me and wanna say something. ..
    Your blog article I love to read more and more thank you very much Francesca. ..have a wonderful days byee

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