How to Have Courage to Be Yourself by Releasing Two Types of Fears with Crystals

How to Have Courage to Be Yourself by Releasing Two Types of Fears with Crystals
Have Courage to Be Yourself by Releasing Fears with Crystals

Having the courage to be yourself and expressing your truth with authenticity is one of the main challenges of our time. 

Even if the modern culture seems to suggest "be yourself" or "be authentic," this is not easy because it means listening to our core without fear, and it has nothing to do with comparing yourself to others to look different.  

Expressing yourself has nothing to do with saying everything that comes to mind or doing bizarre things to amaze others. 


So, what does expressing yourself with authenticity mean?

It's the ability to communicate, reclaiming your truth with compassion and respect for yourself and others. 

The tone we use and also silences are crucial to allow our energy to flow without hurting others.

At one side, we have our emotions and what we feel (irrational). At the other side, we have how the mind react to them (rational). Sometimes rational circumstances lead the mind to use fear to block emotions inside the body.

So, they find rescue in physical tissues, creating muscle tension, lack of energy, digestive disorder just to mention the most common effects.

That's why learning how emotions flow through our body and how we can let them free maintaining balance and respecting other people is fundamental to overall well being.


Knowing your fear

There are two different kinds of fear related to self expression and communication. The fear of criticism and of loss. Identifying what we're fearful of is the first step to learning from this emotion.

Before diving in making sure to set your spirit positively and proactively:
• Don't judge yourself thinking "you're wrong or wired" while you'll read the upcoming text. Everyone face these fears every day, multiple time per day, you're not alone.

• You don't have to combat against your feeling. Instead, you need to learn from them and consciously choose how to use them to reach your purposes.
So during the upcoming stage, please, don't lead your thoughts to rational directions, just feel what your body feels. If your heart has a little jump reading a specific text, then, probably there's something related with your fear in it.

• Training your mind to open the cage embracing the fate and consciously accept unexpected things that can happen and you can't control is the first thing to do.

Types of fears related to Expression & Communication

Fear of failure and being criticized

A very common fear is failing to express ourselves because we're not good enough

Might we make stupid mistakes, or would we be unable to influence others? In our mind, this could happen because we think we're weird. Then, we'll be criticized losing social position

We all want to be accepted by other people; here's why we hide parts of who we are, trying to adapt how we look to the majority and control what we say accordingly to our community.

fear of loss

What we earn in life are the result of time and hard work. This includes tangible things, like a car or home, and intangible things, such as relationships.

The thought of losing what we have is often fearful, especially when the process of attachment precedes the loss.

We use to unconsciously connect people (and things) to our identity, making them an extension of ourselves. We identify us with what we have, our job, husband or friends, for example.

Losing them means losing ourselves. 

This is why the thought of losing family, job or friends is so scary, so we modify our behavior to keep them in our lives and then as part of our identity.

Releasing the fear of expression


feeling the fear

There are two principal places in the body where the energy of feelings in motion become fear: The Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras. 

To know where your fear is located, identify where the flowing of its energy is blocked. Make sure to take a few seconds without distractions following these simple steps:

• Call into your mind the fear you want to overcome by thinking about the situation or circumstances that create this feeling in you. 

• After a few seconds, you should feel the core of the physical tension or even pain in a specific area of your body.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

the fear of doing

When the tension is located between the stomach and gut, you should work to open the Solar Plexus Chakra and allow this energy to flow up as its nature is. 

You know the discomfort that fear brings, and you're conscious of it, even if you can't explain clearly why you feel it and what it is. 

May you prefer to avoid talking about what you feel because diving deeper into that is too hard.

You have illuminated a new room of your Temple. However, you procrastinate, fearing the presence you could find there.

If so, you just need to face that momentum and turn the light on understanding and accepting your emotions with compassion and love because they're part of your own mysterious life. 

Mind that blocks and fears are actually denied energy. We just have to reverse the direction of the energy to allow them to show us their inner potential and reveal their real identity as gifts.

Physical dysfunctions

When you hide your emotions for too long you could suffer from chronic fatigue, stomach issues, muscle tensions and hypertension.

Daily cure strategies

energetic physical exercise like martial arts, running
meditation on acceptance
• psychotherapy about control anger, encourage autonomy, building a strong ego.

Best Crystals to wear

Restoring the enjoyment of life, Sunstone inspires self-love and self-nourishment in order to better support others.
It encourages independence and originality, and it's extremely supportive in unveiling talents, attracts fame and unexpected prosperity.

Citrine is an excellent crystal for relationships.
It helps to soften family or group problems promoting tangible common solutions. Citrine inspires creativity and self-expression reducing the sensitivity to judgment and it's excellent for overcoming deep sadness and apathy.

Heliodor helps to develop self-confidence, strength, hope, faith, and vitality assisting in promoting evolution and change achieving new purposes and goals.
Heliodor defenders against dark energies of any sort, psychological and emotional manipulation and unfriendly ghosts.

Imperial Topaz:
It's a stone of creativity and intention and it's a strong support to manifest abundance and prosperity. It ignites high energy in spiritual and physical body boosting faith and optimism increasing confidence and pride without inflating the ego.

Pyrite guards against criticism and manipulation, lending the power to react without becoming angry or upset by shifting the direction of the energy.
Pyrite supports creativity stirring the qualities of ambition, commitment, and perseverance in art, architecture, mathematics, science, and all disciplines that recognize the perfection and harmonious beauty of nature and the universe.

The throat Chakra

the fear of speaking your truth

If you feel a sort of tension on your neck, you probably need to open the Throat Chakra, letting your opinions and thoughts free. 

You probably don't need to investigate what you feel and why because you already know all these things. Your point of view is clear inside yourself, and you can't wait to talk about it. However, may you need to find the necessary calm and balance to share your perspective, maintaining peace of mind and serenity.

Physical dysfunctions

When you keep your emotions for too long here's how they can transform their nature:
voice, neck and ears disorder
maxillary tension

Daily cure strategies

• sing (real songs, invented ones or sounds)
• tell stories
• journaling
• automatic writer
• let creativity free without a specific intent
• practice silent
• speak aloud


Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking infusing a sense of relaxing sharing, wisdom, and feelings, supporting clarity and conviction.
As a stone of natural justice, Aquamarine is a strong support during compromise and negotiation and supporting courage and clear thoughts.

As one of the master in Communication, Chrysocolla support expression, empowerment and teaching.
It emphasizes the power of words and actions encouraging compassion and strength. The serenity of its energy dispel negative energies and allows truth and inner wisdom to be heard.

Wearing these healing Crystals as jewels or pebbles for at least three weeks is the best way to work with them and take maximum benefit from their vibe.

Make sure to wear only high vibe and good quality Crystals and Gemstones.
It's vital to effectively work with Crystals for spiritual healing and growing.

My Healing jewels have high positive vibe Crystals and stones only.
Make sure to explore the store to find the perfect amulet to support your own unique journey towards light and grow.


As always, thank you so much for staying with me reading this article, hope you find it helpful for you. Don't hesitate to share your experience with Crystals or make some questions by writing everything in the comment session below the post.


All Love,


crystals to wear for courage

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    Hi Abdulnaser, just from your symptoms I encourage you to work on your Root Chakra (first).
    There’s no one stone or Crystal that is always good for healing your disease because first and foremost we need to identify where your block/blocks are exactly located, then test how the energy of each stone interacts with your energy field.
    If you wanna dive deeper, you can book your private crystal consultation by clicking on “Crystal Consultation” on the menu.
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    Interesting way of describing the phases that we, as humans, may go thru as we face our daily life. Also, interesting approaches like using stones, music, etc. Thank you for the article.

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