3 Steps to De-Stress Your Busy Day instantly With Crystal Healing Jewelry

3 Steps to De-Stress Your Busy Day instantly With Crystal Healing Jewelry
De-Stress Your Busy Day instantly With Crystal Healing Jewelry

It's funny to see how healing jewelry has nothing to do with fashion.
Healing jewelry is much more than an accessory.


It's the tool you can use every day to deliver the best of you to yourself and others, to overcome what's hold you back and defeat your boundaries.

They're not just something you show, it's the vehicle to reach the highest potential, develop your inner gifts and intentionally pursue your purposes and goals day to day basis.

When you wear your crystal healing jewel, and your core is fully connected with its vibes, you can also avoid stressful momentum, overwhelming feelings and anxiety maintaining the control of the situation.

That's because the frequency of the crystal combining with your intentions allow you to come back to your center easily in any situation.

But how you can do that correctly? Which is the process to get there?
Don't worry, it's not complicated or "just for advanced people".

Even if you're at the beginning of your journey with crystals, you can definitely step into that and see what happens.
It's an excellent practice to move forward and start to feel the vibes of crystals understanding your feelings and emotions more.

You just need to follow a few simple steps and then personalize them as your heart suggests along the way.

step one

set your purposes

Before we dive into How to De-Stress Your Busy Day instantly With Crystal Healing Jewelry, make sure to:
Cleanse your Crystal Healing jewel,

Program you Jewel and open your heart to it by setting your purposes and intentions.
Basically, we program Jewelry for Healing by infusing in them specific energies, vibration, and intentions, so they continuously remind us of the mindset we have to manifest what we need. 

**ps. You don't need to cleanse your Giardinoblu jewels because I personally purify each creature with my handmade Tibetan ball or high-quality palo santo before shipping, so you can immediately set your purposes and open your heart to your new friend.

Didn't set your purposes or programming your jewel yet? Here are the three easy steps you can follow

• Touch your jewel and take a conscious breath. Close your eyes if it's comfortable for you and feel the surface of your creature with your fingers exploring the surface.

• By using the eyes of mind project the best version of yourself and your purposes inside the crystal.
By doing that you declare your goal and your intention to your Crystal.

Breath by breath this vision become more and more evident in your crystal and in your mind.

• Now your crystal guards the best version of yourself and your personal goal.

how to program your crystal jewel for spiritual healing and manifes what you want

There' nothing tricky here, the connection is the key, not the process itself.

No one can verify your job here. You know that your crystal is programmed and it knows your purposes  because you feel it.
You can program your jewel in a few seconds if probably you're not a beginner or a few minutes if you're starting out with crystals and spirituality.

The next step of your evolution is let "the you" in your crystal free becoming yourself.

step two


You can boost the potential of your healing jewel easily if you consciously wear it. What do I mean by that?

Every morning after dressing and makeup, wear your healing jewel as it's a ritual (not a habit).

Here's how to consciously wear your crystal healing jewel every day:

  • Choose the jewel you want to wear based on your purposes and feelings
  • The moment you're wearing it say in your mind:
    "I'm confident and open heart because I'm connected with the best version of myself. It guides and inspires me in every moment towards the resolution of everything. No matter how challenged will be today, I know I'll be the best version of myself and I'll be guided by my authentic self and love".

    Feel free to personalize the sentence, don't be too stiff, the feeling and sentiments are critical, not the words itself.

step three

handling STRESS & getting through the day in control

Now that you set your purposes and consciously wear your jewel, you and your sacred adornment are ready to handle every task at best.

When stress and anxiety lead you towards overwhelming feelings and you're up to lose control, your healing jewel is the way to come back to your center, but there's not enough.
It also gives you the compass that leads you to your purposes and the best version of your self.

Here's how Crystal Healing Jewelry help you to melt the stress getting through the day in control:

• As soon as you feel a sense of pressure, lack of control or handling all the task you have to accomplish seems overwhelming just connect yourself with your guide, boosted by the healing vibes of the crystal.


• Touch your jewel with your fingertips and breath consciously. 


• Your breathing and touching awake the purposes and intentions you set. Then they become instantly clear in your mind.

• No matter how busy you are, you're back on track now.
You're sure to deliver the best of yourself handling your tasks one by one being fully present and focused in every moment. 
You can avoid distractions and everything that keep you away from your goal and your evolution.

If you wanna know more about How to transform your life by Wearing Crystals check this article that I wrote for you here :)


with all Love



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