Revamp your Relationship: 5 Best Crystals for Marriage & Love

Revamp your Relationship: 5 Best Crystals for Marriage & Love
Best Crystals to use to improve and revamp your marriage and relationship

Relationships are complicated because we all are complicated. When we come up to a relationship, we bring there our own physiological baggage, with all the battles, hurts, boundaries, and blocks that we built up over all our lives. 

This baggage, even if it looks bulky, it's actually our unique starting point to grow, revealing the best version of yourself and the capacity to be a loving person.

It’s never too late to work on yourself or develop your perspectives in any kind of relationship.


I really recommend starting to work on improving your relationship with a clear heart. 

If you feel that something hurts inside of you, it probably means that you have some wounds to heal. 

If so, you may need to follow the journey in these articles before stepping into improving your relationship:

How to heal heart Wounds
• How to forget when you can't forgive

How you should work to improve your relationship:

Everything starts from you

First, you can make yourself a better relationship partner by taking a deep interest in getting to know yourself better. Try to dive deeper into what you want and why. 

This can be the first step to being more authentic in your relationship and more transparent with yourself and your partner.

During this process, you could find a few aspects of your relationship to improve and clarify.

The tree main areas you could work on are:

• being more present with yourself and your partner, wisely expressing your sincere thoughts with compassion and love.

• improving your "reaction skill", learning to calm down before reacting using mindfulness techniques in moments of stress.

• spending quality time together, no matter how many times you are physically together, the main thing is living the sentiments for other and being present.

best crystals to wear for love and relationship

How to Manage Stress Better: improve your Conflict-Resolution Skills

Training yourself to vibe positive during stressful momentum is vital to overcome every tricky situation. 

The key, again, is to remain present, and in some cases, you may also need a boost in grounding to keep your partner's words separate from yourself. 

If you really know her/him, you should also know that sometimes she/he uses the words improperly. 

I know that words are important but don't let to stop your relationship because of the words, and try to see what's inside them.

How to work with Crystals to improve your Conflict-Resolution skills:

Rough Turquoise Ring and necklace, Giardinoblu unique healing Jewelry

Turquoise helps in staying focused on the resolution of the issue, not on arguments. So you can compromise, if it's necessary.

Turquoise is also precious to learn to share your opinions clearly and concisely trying to discover common ground. 


Learn to say what you think more wisely by wearing Turquoise >>

** Make sure to ask if you don't find the piece that calls your heart  I'll create the piece you need on your request with love and joy!

Be ready to forgive, apologize and recognize when you have to take a break. Emerald will help you in this journey.

Emerald is a "must have" for married couples no matter how many anniversaries had passed, as it is very effective in the single most important aspect of a happy marriage. 

Emerald works to both enhances and strengthens love within one's marriage.


Live the love vibe of Emerald >>
** Make sure to ask if you don't find the piece that calls your heart  I'll create the piece you need on your request with love and joy!

Emerald necklace unique piece healing jewel by Giardinoblu Jewelry
Rose quartz necklace, custom healing jewel by Giadinoblu Jewelry

If you want to improve your relationship or marriage you do it for your partner, and also for yourself because you want to live a better life with him/her. 

As a master healer of heart, Rose Quartz enhances and strengthens all forms of love, including self-love and romantic love.

That is because is so vital in your journey towards revamping your relationship.

Rose Quartz helps you to dissolves blockages so we are always open and receptive to love. 

How to Create more quality time together

People with strong skills in these areas care about how to genuinely please their partner, set aside time for intimacy, and try to stay physically attractive to their partner.

How to improve romance and sex with crystals and gemstones:

Garnet Druzy Ring and necklace, handmade healing Jewel by Giardinoblu

If you feel that your fire is feeble because of the stress and daily difficulties, Garnet is the perfect Crystal to enhance your inner passion again

Garnet helps to raise your creative abilities that help to deal with the obstacles of every day, also providing a shielding influence and a stable vitality.

The energy vibe of Garnet helps you to expand awareness, working as an active help to stimulate desires and raise your authentic self.

Find the Garnet creature that specks to your heart >>

** Make sure to ask if you don't find the piece that calls your heart  I'll create the piece you need on your request with love and joy!

If you're trying to be more present, Carnelian is excellent to fully experience the "here and now" because of its properties as stabilizing crystal.

Carnelian sustains you to improve concentration and removes "alien views" in daydreamers or during meditation. 

Its revitalizing energy helps to restore lost vitality and motivation, supporting creativity for new pursuits.

Carnelian also acts as a shield against anger and jealousy, replacing these evils with love and a sense of joy and enthusiasm for life.

Wear Carnelian, check the available pieces>>

Beautiful Carnelian healing Jewelry set with necklace and statement ring by Giardinoblu
Moonstone healing ring, handmade one of a kind jewelry

The calming, soothing qualities of moonstone assist you in controlling your reactions. 

It also helps identify emotional patterns that are stored in the subconscious, opening the heart and supporting you in accepting love into your life.

Moonstone is also the stone of love and eroticism, stimulating the kundalini energy and carnal desires. It is the ultimate fertility crystal.

How can you encourage your partner to develop relationship skills?

The only person you can change is you.
Other people can just choose to follow your path or not.

If you are open to change, you are much more likely to draw an open and loving response from your partner.
When you feel hurt by your partner, try to calm yourself down and address the situation with love, compassion, and respect for both of you.

Ask yourself, what do I do when my partner does the thing that frustrates me?
It doesn't mean criticizing yourself or ignoring your partner; it’s about taking control of any attitude in yourself that is dangerous to your relationship.

When you are open and exposed, your partner is much more likely to reciprocate.
This approach works better than any other discussion.

As one of the king in mindset and open vision, Amethyst inspires you to see beyond boundaries and is a huge help in this journey.

Embrace the vibe of Amethyst and start to see beyond boundaries by wearing Amethyst sacred adornment >>


The perfect relationship does not exist. That's why you should stop thinking about what your partner should do or say instead of what he/she does or says.

The first step is to stop expecting "perfection" as the goal of the relationship.

Then, when you're struggling, stop to jump to the conclusion that it's a wrong relationship.

Instead, think about what you could do to break the rules and find a common and honest way to accept difficulties and handle them together. 

Hope this article can inspire you and open new horizons to revamp your relationship :)  Make sure to write your questions and your experiences in the comment below. They will be extremely helpful for everyone struggle with love and relationships.


Thank you so much, 

All Love,


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