5 Essential Crystals every Crazy-Busy and Creative Mom Should Wear

5 Essential Crystals every Crazy-Busy and Creative Mom Should Wear

This week I received an email from a lovely woman who asked for a custom jewel, so she wanna know which Crystals are best for her at this moment.


Then she gives me the picture of your personal life in just a few stripes of text.
She was so direct, so opened, and spontaneous that her message truly catches my heart... the kind of message that gets the voice of who wrote it into your head.

She's a woman with the flashlight of Divine Feminine in her Heart!

She gives all of herself to her children (she's mummy of 3) and husband. She's very creative, love photography and design and realize her own clothes!


She's an amazing woman, and yes, she's the inspiration for this episode :) 


I believe in the sacred rule of Mother, now more then ever mainly because being a Mother seems to be even more challenging for many reasons.


If you're a busy mommy and you want to stay healthy you have to take care of your spirit making that a habit, even if forgetting about yourself is easy, especially when children are very young.

It doesn't mean you should do things like one-hour meditation per day or 5 miles running with rock music in your earphones. If you can that's right but, most of the moms struggle because they don't have the time to do all these things.

So, how crazy-busy mommies can restore their spirit, refresh physically and mental energies and be mindfulness about their spiritual journey over this critical period of life?

One of the ways you can experience is one of the most amazing gifts that Mother Natures gives to us: the way of Crystals Kingdom.

The 5 Essential Crystals every Crazy-Busy and Creative Mom Should Wear to vibrate higher and enhance Self-esteem:

it's a stone that links two energetic points of body: Heart, and Throat, meaning Love and Communication.
Chrysocolla is a must to share your thoughts openly, and with patience, it's essential especially with kids.

this Crystal is an energy boost.

The pure Red ray of this Gem vibrates at the highest level stimulating powerful creative energy and hiking confident.
Ruby is one of the primary Crystals to increase physical action and sexual energy.
Ruby is a talisman of passion, protection, and prosperity.

its gentle and deep ray light guides you towards a courageous and clear way in verbal and spiritual expression. Aquamarine opens intuition and awareness to the inner ocean of wisdom and creativity.


The brave spirit of Aquamarine calms fear and worry by opening the mind up to understanding the nature of Divine Perfection in the Universe.

this beautiful crystal teaches you to implement your creative energy.
It helps you to reconnect your mind with spirit, removing fears of insecurity and improving self-esteem. Garnet is protective Crystal against distractions and dusty vibes.

the solar plexus is the center of emotional activity, and when it records unresolved conflicts it blocks the flowing of the energy.
Here's how anxiety and nervousness arise.
Rhodochrosite, as the stone of self-forgiveness, is crucial in these situations, and it lets the energies flow to the heart creating a vital bridge between consciousness and material energy restoring a sense of wholeness and confidence in shaping one’s reality.

Are you a Crazy-Busy Mom? you may also love...

as a stone of transformation, progress and growth is a stunning teacher in every moment of changing.


Labradorite helps to stay true to yourself, balance your emotions and energies during the journey showing you the Beauty of transformation.

NOTE: Choosing the kind of Crystal the vibrate right for you is not enough to enhance your vibe and overall wellbeing. 

Mind to wear just high-quality Crystals and Gemstones, meaning Crystals with high vibrations and good quality.

Hey don't go yet! Make sure to share this post with every crazy-busy+lovely Mom you know, it helps to enhance her energies and improve daily life.


...and if you're struggling to choose the best Crystal for your journey, don't hesitate, write a comment here below, and I'll give you my best to light up your way! 


All Love,


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  • Ashley: October 23, 2017

    Love it love it!!!! The best!! Thank you! What every mommy should read!!

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