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Best Crystals for Good Fortune. The Real Story.

Posted on September 11 2019

Best Crystals for Good Fortune. The Real Story.

• You want to manifest good fortune by working with Crystals and Gemstones
• If you want to attract more abundance in your life by working with Crystals

Best Crystals to attract good fortune, the real story.

"Which are the best Crystals to attract good fortune in my life?". 

I heard this question almost every day from my clients and Crystal lovers.

If you do a quick search online and off, you find a lot of "stones for fortune" and some people promise that they give you an abundance life and other amazing things.

But, guess what? 

Crystals are tools for expansion and growth, not for superstition.


If you want to work with Crystals for spiritual healing, go away from the perspective that happiness or sadness come from "what happens".

if you actually want to attract the good,

the first thing you need to ask yourself is:

What do I mean by "good fortune"?

If good fortune for you is winning a lottery, or finding a million dollar at the end of the rainbow after the next rain, I have to tell you, crystals can do nothing for you because they don't work on the events.
They can help you to work only on yourself.

So, if good fortune for you is an unforeseen event, similar to a lottery win you can close this article, you can't find any magic pill here.

Plus, I invite you to consider a couple of facts:

• first, the events that look "as positive" can turn into negative when you're not able to properly use what life has to offer.

In fact, according to the National Endowment for Financial Education, about 70% of people who win a lottery or get a big windfall end up broke in a few years.

That's because they're not ready to manage that kind of event, they can't realize how is actually precious, or they have unhealthy values.

• second, I have a question: do you really want a life when everything is easy to get? 

Everyone thinks about the goal, forgetting about how the journey is fundamental to achieve it. 

Without the line that links, the "here and now" and "the goal," these two moments will always be separated. Only the journey that you build can connect the two. 

During the journey, we learn the transformation. 

During the journey, you learn to shape the new version of yourself, which is necessary every time you want to achieve a new significant goal. 


How to know the best Crystals you should work with to manifest good fortune?

So here's what I suggest to do if you want to expand your energy and manifest the best of yourself, instead of asking for "good fortune".


Try to identify a little bit better which is "good fortune for you". 

Then, ask yourself:

"What's stopping me to get there?"

"What I need to enhance, unlock or transform within myself to be the lucky person I imagine and achieve my purpose?"

May you need to be more confident and spontaneous when you speak with others?

May you need to meet who makes you feel loved?

Or may you need to stop to procrastinate and start that project you're thinking about for so long?

Just to mention some examples.

In other worlds, if your idea of "good fortune" is more related to something that has to rise from within you, crystals are definitely one of the best companions you can have.

So, when you wanna know the best crystals for you always star by asking yourself:

"What I need to learn to achieve my dream?"

Then, answer with one of the following by clicking on it

If necessary, your answer can include more then one option. If so, you should work by combining more then one Crystal.

As you see, manifesting your dreams it's a process that starts with an inner job first.
The external world is nothing less than the manifestation of your inner emotional energy and status. 
So to transform the world outside of yourself, you should necessary transform the world within you. If not, what you had accidentally got, will disappear soon.

Hope you found the answer you was looking for over this article.
If you have questions, make sure to write them in the comment section below, I'll be glad to personally answer to them very soon.

Thank you so much,


Crystals to attract good fortune


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