3 Best Crystals to Turn Anxiety and Stress Into Confidence

3 Best Crystals to Turn Anxiety and Stress Into Confidence

It was the 2000 and the sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman wrote "liquid Modernity" the first book that showed the new face of the modern society.
Here's a quote from the book:

"Forms of modern life may differ in quite a few respects – but what unites them all is precisely their fragility, temporariness, vulnerability, and inclination to constant change.

To ‘be modern’ means to modernize – compulsively, obsessively; not so much just ‘to be’, let alone to keep its identity intact, but forever ‘becoming’, avoiding completion, staying undefined."

Changing is the only constant in life, from the beginning of the Universe.


However, in the modern society, it seems that everything runs faster and changes even quicker.
This is the reason we constantly feel an overall feeling of instability and precariousness.


This the feeling that create stress and anxiety and is also the primary reasons for emotional disorder today.

Learning to master this "new feeling" is one of the intent of our society. That's why meditation, yoga and all that practices that lead us to a higher self-awareness are so huge and crucial today.

What anxiety actually is

While stress comes and go, anxiety is something that can persist.

No matter the circumstances, there's always something that triggers our mind to it if we can't manage that feeling.

In fact, despite what people think, anxiety is a normal part of life.
What is essential is learning to deal with it, if not it can and to control your entire life including your emotional and physical health, business, relationship and everything in between.

Why we need to deal with anxiety

Muscle tension increasing, over-breathing (or breathing in a wrong way) difficulty in breathing, a tight band across the chest area, dry mouth and palpitations are just some of the most common consequences of stress and anxiety.

The primary trigger that leads us there is fear.

I honestly think that fear is the most common disease today.

Fear in itself is a healthy emotion, it allows you to get over bad or unhealthy situations, but it can also become a cage if you can not be able to recognize when you have to trust yourself and let it go.

The antidote to melt fear is confidence. That's why you need to develop self-confidence and trust if you wanna melt stress and anxiety and stay healthy in the modern world.

Rethinking about anxiety

Imagine your stress levels like a bucket of water.
If you keep spilling stressing thoughts to your bucket (even tiny thinks ) over time, it fills up. And one day the water comes out.

What you need is a bucket with hundreds of precious holes. They reduce your stress level avoiding burnout and maintaining mental clarity.

Each of these holes is something you love to do. It could be yoga, meditation, running, reading, listening to music or everything you like.
But what happens when you have insufficient time for yourself? You need to allow the water's flow all day long, even if you're at the office, at a conference, you're driving or you're running to school.

**ps: you should not blend your eye from anxiety. Pretending it doesn't exist only cause other issues and emotional blocks. Instead, learn to embrace, recognize and be more conscious about your emotions is the way to deal with anxiety.

A BORING NOTE BEFORE WE DIVE IN: Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical care.
Rather used as a complementary therapy along with the treatment prescribed by your doctor :)

How to cope with anxiety, even when you have no time for yourself

The primary goal in anxiety managing is learning to handle it even when you're feeling stressed or tired, or you have no time for a lonely and restorative walk, a yoga session, 15 minutes meditation or every practice that allows you to break the tension.
Letting the wise energy of Crystals and Gemstones helps you is one of the most effective practices that boost you to do that.

Wearing the Crystals that vibes at the frequency you need allows you to be in contact with that vibe all day long gaining the most long-lasting effects on the spiritual, emotional and physical level.

3 Most Powerful Crystals that Turn Anxiety & Stress Into Confidence


The name "Amethyst" comes from ancient Greece and means, "He cannot be drunken." In fact, this crystal was already famous at that time for its property to encourage mental clarity and sobriety.

How Amethyst supports you at the Spiritual level:

  • Amethyst stimulates spiritual awareness and facilitates the recognition of the reality of the soul. Reinforces the sense of justice and critical capacity, giving honesty and integrity.
  • Enhance your introspective abilities, bringing your inner wisdom to light.
  • You can also call it "soul stone" because its messages interact directly with the soul.
  • Amethyst is the ideal stone to wear even when dealing with death.

How Amethyst supports you at the Psychic level:

  • Amethyst is a boost to overcome moments of sadness, especially when they come from damage or loss.
  • Amethyst makes dreams clearer, promotes intuition and is a great help to dispel nightmares.
  • Good quality amethyst Druze can have a soaring auric emission that affects the wearer's mood.


How Amethyst supports you at the Mental level:

  • Amethyst helps to dry the mental anxieties.
  • Promotes awareness and sobriety. It helps you to handle every situation in a conscious, mindful and coherent way.
  • Amethyst promotes efficient thoughts contributing to overcoming obsessions.
  • Its calming effect is useful in cases of stress from overwork or headaches.


How Amethyst supports you at the Physical level: Amethyst reduces muscle tension and headaches

The perfect combination to gain mental and emotional balance:
Amethyst calms the mind, Rose Quartz comforts the heart. Wearing these two stones at the same time promotes peace of mind and emotional balance.


Over the second millennium before Christ, Peridot was used in Egypt as a healing stone. In the Middle Ages, it drives evil spirits away, encouraging wisdom and friendship.

How Peridot supports you at the Spiritual level:

  • Peridot is a very useful crystal for those who can not come to terms with reality.
  • Peridot helps you to escape external influences by allowing you to live your life and learn from experiences.


How Peridot supports you at the Psychic level:

  • it helps you to free yourself from guilt and to discharge rage
  • it can help heal sentimental wounds and reassemble relationships.

How Peridot supports you at the Mental level:

  • It helps to recognize mistakes made and forgive yourself.
  • Peridot has high detoxifying and revitalizing properties


How Peridot supports you at the Physical level:

  • Peridot acts directly on the solar plexus because of its quantity of yellow melting the nervous tension transforming it into relaxation and abandonment.
  • Period is a tonic that revives the whole organism making it healthier, vigorous and luminous.


In the Alpine regions, it was believed that Smoky quartz keeps bad fate away. That's why, more recently, soldiers carried crosses made in smoky quartz in battle.

How Smoky Quartz supports you at the Spiritual level:

  • Smoky Quartz helps to better endure fatigue and pain.
  • Smoky Quartz allows you to face the problematic periods with courage.

How Smoky Quartz supports you at the Psychic level:

  • Smoky Quartz has a powerful relaxing effect.
  • It is one of the most powerful crystals for managing tension and strengthening resistance.


How Smoky Quartz supports you at the Mental level:

  • It promotes the pragmatic and realistic mentality.
  • Smoky Quartz reinforces the ability to stay focused.
  • It helps to find common ground during conflicts and prevents that feelings take over on thoughts.

How Smoky Quartz supports you at the Physical level:

  • Smoky Quartz protects your physical and etheric body from negative energies of people or environments.

To synthesize and better clarify how these three crystals work on at the different levels and on Chakra, I created this cheat sheet for you 

If you love it feel free to share this article with one of your friends or your online tribe.


Or, you can also download the cheat sheet on your desktop ;)



And of course, if you have some questions, or wanna share your experience don't hesitate to post it on the comment section below! 


Thank you so much for spending your time with me by reading this article. I wish you a wonderful and grateful rest of the day.



All Love


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