5 Things You Should Immediately Stop Asking to Your Crystals

5 Things You Should Immediately Stop Asking to Your Crystals

Imagine reaching one of the main goals of your life. Your dream is real now. 

All of the steps that you took to get to the now appear one by one in your mind. 

It was a long walk of time, patience, struggles, and many little steps. 

Your action map created this moment of joy and fulfillment.

Every goal is the result of a series of relevant actions. 

What do I mean by that? Relevant actions are all the small and the big steps that contribute to your transformation.

Yes, because you can't reach something different than your actual state unless you grow.

Every journey towards your purposes and intentions needs a shift in frequency because requires a "new version" of you.


Our frequency, by the way, changes all the time, weather if we want or not, and by changing allow us to experience every moment we live. We're the manifestation of our frequency in every moment, no matter what.

When we're aware and we observe our purposes and active actions, we stop to become passive, stepping out from the role of victim, entering into the heroes of our life that we are.

No matter how sincere your desire is, to realize your dreams you need to change from the inside and it's not just about "what your mind wants".

Crystals support you in manifesting the Self by encouraging and sustaining the expansion and the balancing of your own energy body, the Chakra system.

Pay attention when people say that Crystals attract what you want without mentioning any transformation or any commitment from you.

"Keep a Citrine in your pocket, you'll attract abundance fast!"

They're all fluff, I know I'm quite rude, but I want to clarify that this is not my perspective about Crystal Energy

Crystals don't work for superstitions or overnight manifestations and, most importantly, they are a tool. They do not bring you the solution or the miracle. The solution, the miracle, is you.

Choosing to work with Crystals is a journey of soul and spirit transformation. 

This process is necessary to change the way we live and get where we wanna get.


The External is the Reflection of the Inside

Weekly I receive emails from people who ask me the best Crystals to "have their ex back", "become popular" or "get money fast" for example.

That's because most of the time

• we are so focused on the result, that we forgot the necessary metamorphosis
• we don't know which is our unique and real purpose in life so we spend time or "fake dreams"
• we forgot that life in an ever anding progress, no step back.

Praying for "miracles" and taking off yourself from any transformative process generate two types of events:

• You can not maintain your position: if, for some reason, you reach your goals without involving in any change, you are not able to hold it simply because it is not enough structured.

Your frequency decreases, not expands: demanding your salvation to something or someone that is not you, means assuming that you're not enough to manifest the life you're meant to manifest, then your energetic field reflects this believes by diminishing in force and radiance fostering blocks and unbalancing.

Here are the 5 Things you Should Never Ask to your Crystals:

• Change other people thoughts or radically influence their opinion

the only thing we can do to control people's thoughts/feelings is explaining our reasons and perspective as clear as possible.


We have to gain the right skills and energy to align our vibe with other people's ones.

You can't get into the head of people changing their intentions and actions unless you use unhealthy methods!

Example: if you really want to find a new job, instead of falling into victimization and tells you stories, ask yourself: why every interview fires me? Maybe I need to gain confidence, learn to express me properly or develop new skills.

When you feel you have the answers to your frustrations you're ready to take actions and open your communication channel gaining more confidence, accepting imperfections as a gift and freeing your self from fear and judging. Aquamarine, for example, is a real boost in this case.

On the opposite, if you choose to not engage yourself in this process of changing, Aquamarine is just a stone because you don't activate its energy with your intentions, actions, and commitment.

• Change other people actions

in the same way, if we can't influence people thoughts by working with Crystals, we can not control their actions neither.

Example: if you want to get back your boyfriends, try to deepest understand the reasons for separation.
Closing other people in our box forcing their actions is never a good idea.

You can't control anything excepts your thoughts, actions, and energies.

• Overcome your intentions

Crystals are healthy and wise creatures, they can help just if you really want to change.

They're not medicine, instead, they really boost your vitality and light when you open up to them ready to receive what that comes.

Example: if you wanna lose weight, you can keep an Eye Tiger Crystal on your pocket, but it will be activated just when you declare your goal to the Universe by eating clearer and choose stairs instead of the elevator.


Here is where Crystals can really help you to amplify your intentions and stay focused on your visions. 
If not we just have a sexy story, not results! 

• Overnight success

Crystals are not the way for overnight success, at the opposite they're the key to amplify your transformation making it faster and intense.

According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, 70 percent of lottery winners end up bankrupt because they're not ready to face that change.
In a healthy-transformation process abundance is a consequence, not an accident.

Example: If you keep a Citrine in your wallet and within two days you win a million dollar bucks, it's due to the fate. These external results have nothing to do with Crystal Healing Energy.

• Heal mental or physical pathologies

Crystals are not a replacement of medical care.

Rather used as a complementary therapy along with the treatment prescribed by your doctor, when it's necessary.

Example: if you suffer from conic back pain due to scoliosis or slipped disc, meditating with Ematite or Selenite it's a great complementary therapy to your exercises and it cannot substitute it.

Pop culture use to turn everything into something easy to digest, that get fast results with a very limited commitment, and so what is happening with Crystals.
I know that many people have a different perspective on Crystal Healing and that's why my mission is giving my best to address the "fast food approach" to Crystals.

The reality is that commitments, time and doubts are necessary to get what we want in life and become who you are <3 We have to honor all our struggles, doubts and difficulties instead avoiding them.


Thank you for spending your time on this page, I appreciate it because this is a crucial point to me in Crystal Healing.
As always this is my perspective, so don't hesitate to share your vision on how Crystal Healing Energy can change the way to live your life in the comment below ;)

All Love,


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  • Addison Atti: September 28, 2020

    Thanks for the article. I really appreciate it

  • Findingme: May 13, 2020


    First off, I just want to let you know how truly out of character it is for me to write a message in response to something I’ve read but today was something I could not let pass!

    I’ve been a huge fan of crystals for years but it’s only now with articles like this, that I’ve truly gained insight into how I can use them in addition to my transformation process instead of looking to them to be the star of the show when it comes to getting what I want. It’s so funny how the universe truly aligns you in the path of what you need when the timing is right. When I started looking to crystals again, I was using them just like how you see in all the movies. I would pick up a crystal based on what the sign was in front of it thinking, now, my dreams would be answered as though I’ve received some genie from a bottle that was tucked away in my pocket.

    You’re article gave me more perspective on how I can maximize their effect while trusting their process combine with the intention I set.

    I plan on looking back to this as the light if I lose my way along my journey.

  • Francesca Mancini: April 12, 2018

    Hi Tanya, I’m glad my perspective resonates with yours pretty well :) thank you so much for sharing your love <3

  • Tanya: April 10, 2018

    As a fellow Crystal Caretaker and energy worker, I wanted to congratulate you on a well-written and thoughtful article. We have a very similar perspective on crystal healing and working with our crystal friends and this is really great advice for people who are new to crystals or don’t yet understand their own energy connections.

  • Francesca: April 04, 2018

    Hi Edwige^^ thanks for sharing your love sweetheart ^^
    Oh yes absolutely, Crystal Jewels are much more than look or style! They can be one of the guides of your spiritual journey towards healing and growth. Hope to keep to inspire you with Crystals and wise creatures in future :)

  • Edwidge: April 03, 2018

    Love it !!! Thank you for your authenticity, to speak with heart ! Long life to your business. Thanks you to take time to share with us more than your beautiful jewels. Your generosity make them a deeper gift !

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